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Not so much “forgot,” as purposefully limited my list of possible omissions to a dozen entries, so as to avoid typing all night (hence why I said, “not limited to”). Believe me, I had quite a few others in mind that I didn’t mention. For instance, I’d have thrown RahXephon out there, too, except it would have seemed like I was mostly just pushing mecha series.

As it was, my list was longer than the poll list. Obviously all of these shows can’t be top-ten all time. Some of them might deserve that honor ahead of some of those on the poll list, though. I have to believe that, if nothing else, Utena and Gundam deserve to be on there more than, say Angel Beats and Dog Days.

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  • Top 10 Original Anime:
    Because S-cry-ed is a 100x better than Cancer girl 7

  • Top 10 Original Anime:
    i thought that s-cry-ed was based off the manga? Or was it that the manga was based off the anime>

  • Top 10 Original Anime:
    @Darkrockslizer I feel you on the “Wishmaster”‘s misheard lyrics.

  • Top 10 Original Anime:
    Burst Angel? Are you serious? That series was so bad and repetitive it was not funny.

  • Top 10 Original Anime:
    And where is Baccano! on this list? When was the last time anyone saw a show that was effectively a series of vignettes starring 1920’s New York mobsters, immortals (some of whom are also mobsters), homunculi and a Badass Normal gymnast who could kill anyone ever? Never before. No Japanese period piece has ever been this ‘fresh’ from a content standpoint and no juxtaposition by a Japanese author has been as ‘new’.

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