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The reason why I liked Eureka 7 myself was due to the fact that of course I was gonna initially comparing it to a Gundam show. But the reason I stuck with it was bhecause I realized “wow, there’s notr as many battles/mech action like a Gundam show… but what action is supposed to happen is instead replaced by more story ^ ^

And that my friends, is never a bad thing :D

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  • Top 10 Original Anime:
    Yeah S-cry-ed was pretty bad ass. The deviation from the manga completely made it one great story. Looking forward to the “movie” coming out, hope its not just a retelling of the entire season ><

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    Yeah bab¥, daddy like’s it like that. You like my scope? It’s long and hard.

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    Not really, Destiny was shit, this is actually watchable and dare I say, good.

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    FIrst season had almost virtually little to no fillers. Plus the manga is pretty far along. Plenty of material for another solid 12-13 episodes of all manga adaptation with virtually 0 filler again. Definitely worth the purchase for those looking for it here in the US ^ ^ (just gotta deal with them aniplex prices ><)

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    Yeah it’s kinda off :(

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    The superior girl from P4 is used as the main pic for the article. I approve of this :) *raises glass* Here’s to hoping we receive as awesome a cast as 4, and hopefully topping my fav character from the franchise. MNK-class girls are the best ^ ^


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