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Well, the Eva manga began publication several months before the TV series aired, but given that it was an adaptation of the forthcoming TV series, and not the other way around, I doubt that’s the reason.

However, this list is typical of what we’ve seen with such polls in the past: it consists almost entirely of shows which aired with the last two years (some even currently airing), with a couple of scattered shows from the past decade thrown in, but completely lacking in shows older than ten years. The Japanese fanbase (with the exception of the more hardcore otaku) has a notoriously short memory.

It’s not only Eva that’s conspicuously absent; other notable omissions include (but are not limited to):

-Science Ninja Team Gatchaman
-Space Battleship Yamato
-Mobile Suit Gundam (the original series)
-Space Runaway Ideon
-Utena (as with Eva, that the Utena manga was actually published before the simultaneously created – and separately developed – TV series was aired is a mere accident of history)
-Cowboy Bebop (though not held in nearly as high regard with the Japanese as with foreign – especially English-speaking – fans)
-Now and Then, Here and There

Not to mention that Macross F is up there, but not the original Macross.

And that’s only the TV series. I’m assuming OAVs were ineligible. Otherwise, where (among others) is Gunbuster?

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  • Top 10 Original Anime:
    Because S-cry-ed is a 100x better than Cancer girl 7

  • Top 10 Original Anime:
    i thought that s-cry-ed was based off the manga? Or was it that the manga was based off the anime>

  • Top 10 Original Anime:
    @Darkrockslizer I feel you on the “Wishmaster”‘s misheard lyrics.

  • Top 10 Original Anime:
    Burst Angel? Are you serious? That series was so bad and repetitive it was not funny.

  • Top 10 Original Anime:
    And where is Baccano! on this list? When was the last time anyone saw a show that was effectively a series of vignettes starring 1920’s New York mobsters, immortals (some of whom are also mobsters), homunculi and a Badass Normal gymnast who could kill anyone ever? Never before. No Japanese period piece has ever been this ‘fresh’ from a content standpoint and no juxtaposition by a Japanese author has been as ‘new’.

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    surprised hosei is not in the same CM, getting slapped (while a tank is shot in the background)

  • Girls Und Panzer Film CMs Grapple With Masahiro Chono:
    he’s gonna give you a goddamn slappin’

  • Highschool DxD NEW Eyecatchingly Sexy:
    Why can we not just love all the girls *gasper too* i think they are all great and each satisfies different tastes. Also akeno is not a slut she is merely straightforward about wanting the mc’s D wish there was a little more girls like her in anime. Asia satisfies timid shy girl lovers, rias is half akeno and half embarrased type, koneko is loli obviously, gasper is for girls and guys that like crossdressing cuties, i could go on but my thumb hurts bye

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    They get plenty in other animes let us rare guy fans of yaoi and shota/traps have this one thing you damned majority

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    Your name is yuriphoria please die your opinion is invalid the second you like yuri i think guro is less disgusting also gimme a break there are countless anime girls with giant tits they are not special the rarity of shotas and traps is one of their good points you human garbage


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