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An individual will have several different outlooks on what is and what isn’t normal.

And as implied by the “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” saying, attractiveness is completely subjective to the individual. So according to what you’ve said, it’d be somewhat of a taboo for adult men to not be attracted to adolescent girls, or may categorize them as being [mentally] unhealthy.

In most societies, however, it’s thought to be the exact opposite. As in, it obviously isn’t seen as “normal” to them in what I assume to be your definition of the word.

Logically, man’s attraction to the “physically developed” bodies possessed by some adolescent girls would result in the exact opposite of pedo/hebephillia; the developed bodies possessed by some adolescent girls and the developed bodies possessed by most adult women.

In general, I still fail to see the point you’re to make by giving your “explanation.”

All of SanCom’s naivety aside, the most genuine psychological theory for the men of Japan’s lust of children is social ineptitude: these men aren’t capable of holding relationships with women of their own age, rather unintentionally exploiting the unstable psyche of youths for whatever purpose instead.

Artefact is just a master at yellow journaling and you tools are taking it seriously.

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