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@ 大和魂
03:23/07:10 here,

You might have noticed that I argued that neither a homosexual relationship nor sex with an infertile woman is biologically sound, but I never stated that it should be illegal, or that a 13year old should be.

大和魂: “How does this justify child fucking?”

It doesn’t, it only explains why it’s odd to consider it a mental illness to even be slightly attracted to bodys of this age.

But in contrast to your implied and slightly arbitrary reasoning, it would be illogical to use history as an example which argues in favour of “child fucking” and needs to be overcome.

Prior to the recent deterioration of morals and advanced contraception, parents actually protected their children.
And most North-Eurasian societies independent of religion endorsed sexual abstinence before marriage.
Which interestingly happened mostly at an age after full personality development (21+) or with parental consent.

But what we’re facing at the moment is that it’s considered increasingly normal for children at an age of early psychological development engaging in “child fucking” (which might even condition them to consider sex partners of this age the most desirable, even in later stages of life), while in contrast, adults taking part in it is a crime.

I’m not fond of ether of it happening, but believe that the treatment might be illogical.

In contrast I don’t consider the existence of virtual material and toys of any kind, supplying fantasies to a fully developed personality (~21 years of age) a problem, as unlike with children, the existing behaviour patterns and preference won’t change with consumption.
A fucked up pervert of this age will stay a pervert, and keeping material from it might only create an urge to “produce” such material on its own.
In this respect a liberal and honest handling of urges might be the most effective prevention of acts.

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    There has been some backing regarding the part of… “Men unconsciously select lively young things who look as if they can bear them healthy offspring with minimal risk.” …which is entirely within the realms of natural nature as a whole. Many other animals practice this, and isolate the younger ones for reproductive purposes, as they do statistically in many cases provide the best chance of healthy offspring. However, society says it should not be this way, and that is why we acquire lolicons …

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    What do alto-saxophones have to do with the fapability of lolis?

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    Lol first you really need to type English next time. S is quite far away from N :P Anyway then she is a worthy girl XD

  • “What To Do If Your Boyfriend is a Lolicon”:
    Lolicons are 2D, idiot. Why should we be locked up? You are the sick fuck here who thinks people not like yourself need to be punished (typical American person, sadly. Why does our country have no justice?)

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    Why do women need to be in the kitchen? They can have a life just like everyone else, like my otaku Gf… Oh wait, an otaku that has a life? PARADOX! (Lol my gf gonna kill me)

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