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What part of [b]loli[/b]con don’t you understand?

[quote]…and find a real man.[/quote]
You don’t need any qualification to be a “real man”, other than being born with a dick. It’s almost as guessing heads or tails.

[quote]This woman is sick. She insults ALL men and then tells women to stay with the actual inferior men who want sex with kids. WTF?[/quote]
Attraction and desire to have sex are very different things, despite what your simple mind may be telling you. Many married men are attracted to women other than their wife but they don’t want to have sex with them. It’s the same thing.

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  • “What To Do If Your Boyfriend is a Lolicon”:
    There has been some backing regarding the part of… “Men unconsciously select lively young things who look as if they can bear them healthy offspring with minimal risk.” …which is entirely within the realms of natural nature as a whole. Many other animals practice this, and isolate the younger ones for reproductive purposes, as they do statistically in many cases provide the best chance of healthy offspring. However, society says it should not be this way, and that is why we acquire lolicons …

  • “What To Do If Your Boyfriend is a Lolicon”:
    What do alto-saxophones have to do with the fapability of lolis?

  • “What To Do If Your Boyfriend is a Lolicon”:
    Lol first you really need to type English next time. S is quite far away from N :P Anyway then she is a worthy girl XD

  • “What To Do If Your Boyfriend is a Lolicon”:
    Lolicons are 2D, idiot. Why should we be locked up? You are the sick fuck here who thinks people not like yourself need to be punished (typical American person, sadly. Why does our country have no justice?)

  • “What To Do If Your Boyfriend is a Lolicon”:
    Why do women need to be in the kitchen? They can have a life just like everyone else, like my otaku Gf… Oh wait, an otaku that has a life? PARADOX! (Lol my gf gonna kill me)

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  • The Tentacle Vagina Girl Parody Onahole:
    those things on the inside would rip so fast it’s not even worth it

  • Horrific Calne Ca Miku Figure:
    I think that thing would be rather afiliated with nurgle or slaneesh, maybe tzeentch.

  • Triage X “Tri-X” Depraved:
    I think that attraction, of any orientation, especially for those that immediately labels the opposite side as “someone I want to die for” is either: 1) A behavior that develops over time. 2) Bullshit writing used by the likes of Stephanie Meyer. In which case, this falls flat under number 2.

  • Shoujo Kyouiku Sexy Hadaka Apron Ero-Anime:
    Opinions? This is sloppy work, there is no way around it. Look at that naked-apron kissing part, the two characters are layered differently in 2D and parts of them just can’t be seen, it’s like being made by child who cut out something from paper and plays with it.


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