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“What makes you think young girls feels naturally attracted to old guys?”

Not much, the argument was not about consent but possible reproduction.
But whereas males only look for physical attractiveness. A large percentage of women are highly attracted to status, security and physical health, a young boy will lack the first two. Males 25 to 40 are more likely to provide all.
(remember sankaku news about what woman want in a husband… f^^; )

“No it doesn’t cause the old man’s seed is way over expiration date…”

I’s past it’s best before date, but still capable of reproduction, even with a much lower success rate.

“14 year old guy with 13 year old girl would make perfect sense, since they would be both at their peak of fertility.”

Females reach peak fertility aged 22 to 26 years. (correlating with what is considered most attractive and “hot” by the general public)
It’s five to ten years higher for males and decreases more slowly.

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  • “What To Do If Your Boyfriend is a Lolicon”:
    There has been some backing regarding the part of… “Men unconsciously select lively young things who look as if they can bear them healthy offspring with minimal risk.” …which is entirely within the realms of natural nature as a whole. Many other animals practice this, and isolate the younger ones for reproductive purposes, as they do statistically in many cases provide the best chance of healthy offspring. However, society says it should not be this way, and that is why we acquire lolicons …

  • “What To Do If Your Boyfriend is a Lolicon”:
    What do alto-saxophones have to do with the fapability of lolis?

  • “What To Do If Your Boyfriend is a Lolicon”:
    Lol first you really need to type English next time. S is quite far away from N :P Anyway then she is a worthy girl XD

  • “What To Do If Your Boyfriend is a Lolicon”:
    Lolicons are 2D, idiot. Why should we be locked up? You are the sick fuck here who thinks people not like yourself need to be punished (typical American person, sadly. Why does our country have no justice?)

  • “What To Do If Your Boyfriend is a Lolicon”:
    Why do women need to be in the kitchen? They can have a life just like everyone else, like my otaku Gf… Oh wait, an otaku that has a life? PARADOX! (Lol my gf gonna kill me)

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