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Feminism law No 1: “women and men are not equal at all, men are retarded and inferior beings”

And for some random sad reason they still think they are in a more advanced mental age than us after stating that. I wonder what would happen to them if they ever bite their tongues…

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  • Top 10 Most Heartwarming Anime:
    Nobody cares about those rankings anymore since they just made them all up… It’s like seing the same permuted anime list over an over

  • Manyuu Hikenchou Inflatable Oppai Anime:
    I’ll write that down for the next time a girl complains about my fourth size…

  • Tales of Xillia Sells 525,000 in First Week:
    Whatever, There probably won’t be an european neither american version of this game as well… Selling the beta versions abroad but keeping the actual game for themselves, how would you call that? strategy? selfishness? stupidity? xenophobia?…

  • “How To Snag An Otaku Gamer Boyfriend”:
    The music from Chrono Trigger?! Of all the good things this game has and they have to choose the field music… Hot players playing RPGs for the cute characters rather than some other trivial things like storyline or gameplay. I think I’m starting to see why the quality of JRPGs started to drop…

  • Manyuu Hikenchou BDSM Ero-Anime:
    some main character and his barely useful sidekick, run around the world fighting some evil empire using some unique tecnic which only the main character can use. That’s a downgraded version of generic 80’s shonen plot but nobody cares…


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