Comment on “What To Do If Your Boyfriend is a Lolicon” by soyokaze:

“If your boyfriend is a lolicon it means you are a little girl.”

And the paradox is hereby solved.

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  • Facebook Buys Oculus Rift: “The Ultimate Sellout”:
    That’s a lot of salary for them, true, but for a company that is shit compared what they’d earn had they patiently become the market starter leader and owner of Oculus. There are people out there who’d sell their own children for 100$ and still say it was a good deal.

  • Facebook Buys Oculus Rift: “The Ultimate Sellout”:
    They didn’t get 2B$. They got 400-500 millions plus 1,5B$ in Facebook shares – values of which is constantly dropping. It’s one giant speculative bobble filled with hydrogen. When it bursts, all hell will go loose – together with Oculu… sorry, Facebook Rift. There is no Oculus anymore, Facebook has total control no matter what Palmer Luckey says or promises. Besides, they not really needed 0,5B$ to release superior, innovative Consumer Version of OR. Not for the price of EVERYTHING.

  • Facebook Buys Oculus Rift: “The Ultimate Sellout”:
    Road to VR, another great news site has also chocked on Zucks cock. They asked themselves what other company could buy Oculus and they got spasms when one of them mentioned Myspace. They don’t fucking realise Facebook will soon follow its demise. All in all, shit hit the jet engine.

  • Facebook Buys Oculus Rift: “The Ultimate Sellout”:
    NO, for fucks sake, delete your account and use your damn phone if you have someone you care about to talk to. If you don’t, there is no point in being in a social network anyway.

  • SEGA’s Matsuri Da Diva: “Seiyuu vs Miku!?”:
    I think you missed the point a bit. Miku is not treated as a product anymore – to fans she’s an idol, a person, albeit one without a physical body. Otaku noticed that most of the real idols are as much of a “product” of the industry as Miku herself, so why shouldn’t they worship her too/instead? Also, she will be virgin forever. Win-win.


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