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Yea…a very hard to imagine a girl that cute doesn’t have/had a BF. But to tell you the truth, because of Ayana being heavily into male otaku orientated stuffs (i.e. Dragonballs, galgame, Love-Plus etc), I was really kinda hoping that she was into girls instead of guys…lol…

Not really got anything against having BF, as long as she’s a whoring herself at random guys like a certain someone else.

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  • Ayana Taketatsu Boyfriend Snaps Leak “Azunyan is Ruined!”:
    Well-said! I never expect my favorite female seiyuus to be a virgin, but I DO expect them to ONLY have sex with someone who they are in a serious relationship with! Don’t lump her together with the slut that bang multiple random guys for fun.

  • Ayana Taketatsu Boyfriend Snaps Leak “Azunyan is Ruined!”:
    Was meant to type NOT whoring herself at random guys. Yes I am envy of the lucky bastard BF of hers…I would love to have a GF like Ayachi who I can talk with for ages on anime, manga, play games together etc, instead of listening to talks about handbagss, shoes, someone else’s BF all day.

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    Yep. He used to be gay-porn star, but due to his videos being made into MAD by the Japanese and uploaded onto nico nico, it led to him became well-known and popular among otaku, and he has now been established as a net-idol status of a sort XD Nico nico even invited and paid for him to go Japan for a live event which centered around him :P In person, he is a very nice guy.

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    typo…”anime as a media” I mean.

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