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I didn’t really think of it that way at all. If that’s true then, I guess she’s not as awful as I thought.

Then again, why butt in in the first place? Well, I guess it’s better for Kirino fans since it’s finally made Kyousuke realize, so whatever lol

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  • Kuroneko Haters More Dangerous Than Ever:
    Exactly. 100% exactly.

  • Kuroneko Haters More Dangerous Than Ever:
    But he didn’t dump her, she dumped him..

  • Kuroneko Haters More Dangerous Than Ever:
    She really does have a lot of background ‘dere’ though, but people don’t notice it if they don’t pay attention, or just completely deny it’s there in the first place. First of all, the only reason she’s so popular is because she wanted to impress Kyousuke. That in itself is super dere. She’s just not showing it physically. Second is the fact the only people she’s a bitch to are Kyousuke, Kuroneko (since she was her rival from the beginning), and Manami (rival in love. at first anyway). The two …

  • Kuroneko Haters More Dangerous Than Ever:
    The fact she dumped him doesn’t change the fact that her intention was to fuck over her best friend. And getting back at Kyousuke by telling everyone in school he’s a siscon.. I sometimes wonder how people that have read the novels can stand her.. Probably because of her DFC lol

  • Kuroneko Haters More Dangerous Than Ever:
    Kusoneko is a pretty bad friend to Kirino. Knowing that her best friend is in love with Kyousuke (incest or not) yet she still butts in? That’s not being a very nice friend. And I love flat chested lolis as much as the next guy, but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna prefer her just because of that. :p To be unbiased though, Manami really is his best choice, as much as I like Kirino.

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    So in your shitty analogy, virgins are safe food and non-virgins are poison? Well I guess you’ll be safe food for the rest of your life then, huh..

  • Aki Toyosaki “Can’t Sing At All” “Insulted All Beatles Fans”:
    I like how everyone forgets the fact that she’s singing in a language she doesn’t know and sucks at pronouncing, and a completely different genre of music than what she usually sings. Give the girl a break, all she wanted to do was sing a song she liked. And in my opinion, it came out pretty moe. In the end, most of the people bashing and down voting are just jealous otaku or creepy Beetles fans.

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    Dolls are great because they’re customizable and usually bigger, but a lot of character themed dollfie faces don’t look like the character’s actual face at all. For example, I wouldn’t have known that doll was Louise if it wasn’t for the outfit. Of course there’s some exceptions, but I think non-character themed dolls are great, just leave the characters to figures.

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    Don’t compare a cruel human that tortured an animal for pleasure to an innocent animal that never hurt anyone.

  • Cat Lovers Make Police Re-Arrest Serial Kitten Torturer:
    Another prime example of why some people shouldn’t be allowed to live.


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