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I’ve grown so accustomed to her turquoise pantsu…
But pure white is fine too. Lotte-samaaa~!

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  • Lotte no Omocha! Lotte Lolipan Figure:
    But I thought her panties were usually turquoise instead of white? D: I think I’ve been staring too much at the pictures I have of her on my wall lol. Either way as long as she’s sticking her panties out I’m all good.

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  • I Want My Hat Back:
    The source is askpervyhomu on tumblr. I love this artist~

  • Something For The Ladies – Kotetsu Oshiri Pad:
    If it didn’t make him look like he had lady bits and… it wasn’t a character I don’t care for I’d want this. There needs to be more oshiri mouse pads with guy characters. Though the ones with girls are cuter ngl.

  • Lotte no Omocha Hot Shota Action OVA:
    Who cares about the shota! It’s all about the panties and fundoshi!! Asuha is my hero. Thank you oh panty god <3 I have to watch this. The samurai glasses guy is hot too.

  • Censors Convicted: “Your Mosaics Were Too Thin!”:
    They’re right. Every time I see uncensored porn I feel so dirty and ashamed. Forget the fact that I’m watching some girl getting tied up while wearing a maid’s outfit and bunny ears. It’s because I see her dirty bits!!!

  • Beautiful Touwa Erio Figure:
    Thank god for Erio and her sloppy clothing ;ww; I need this figure.


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