Chinese Apartments Explode En Masse


The better part of a Chinese apartment complex has been menaced by explosions, after a power surge caused most of the electronics at the site to explode at once.

The incident reportedly unfolded in the Chinese metropolis of Chongqing, where a mixed commercial apartment complex housing some 100 tenants saw scores of residents afflicted by exploding electronics.

One married couple reported they were peacefully watching TV only to see the TV explode with a crack and begin belching black smoke into their apartment. At the same time, smoke begane pouring forth from their fridge, AC and PC, causing them to hastily turn off the breaker and flee the building.

Apparently there were no serious injuries as a result of the incident.

According to one tenant, the incident was precipitated by low voltages, which caused some of the PCs in his Internet cafe in the same building to shut off.

He called in a pair of repairmen to deal with the problem, and they began work on the transformer in his cafe.

Not 10 minutes had passed before every PC, monitor and light in his cafe exploded, along with much of the electronics in the rest of the building.

He suspects a sudden spike in voltage caused the explosions, although for this to be possible rather suggests the site was not entirely up to code in the first place.

Japanese tempted to gloat over China’s explosive tendencies cannot help but note that, on the other hand, in Japan it is the nuclear power stations which tend to explode…


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