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no, actually by posting here i simply voice my opinion about this matter which is a different thing than caring what 2ch thinks.

why so butthurt?

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  • “Let’s Moeify The Internet Right!”:
    @16:30 You really don’t seem to know what the hell you’re talking about. The Joumon people were around there way before the Ainu. Get your facts straight.

  • “Let’s Moeify The Internet Right!”:
    Yeah, it looks like 2ch just ripped off Bakemonogatari for its design. Nice job

  • “Let’s Moeify The Internet Right!”:
    The Japanese FOX News group?

  • “Let’s Moeify The Internet Right!”:
    Oh please. Socialism works perfectly well with democracy. Communism doesn’t because it will always be transformed into a one-party despotic system. There’s a VERY clear difference between ULTRA and normal tendencies. Ultras are exclusively communists and/or nationlists. whereas the more level-headed people are either socialists,liberals or conservatives with different priorities. If you take the posts of 2ch as an indicator, most of its denizens are ultra-nationalists. But thats mostly what you …

  • “Let’s Moeify The Internet Right!”:
    LOL The right-wingers are not the ones who keep the industry rolling. If you believe that, you’re hopeless.

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  • One Punch Man “A Punch in the Face!”:
    That’s an incorrect comparison because, by definition, Saitama could beat Superman with … one punch.

  • To Love-Ru Darkness 2nd BD Steam Dissipates:
    Of course I know this series to be commenting but my point is why are people being so personal towards a fictitious character as if the story took place in out real world, so what if the world within gets blow up? If you aren’t new to manga and anime, such scenario won’t ever happens unless there is magic involved to resurrect the dead. I’m one of those viewers that doesn’t mind the endless fan services this series provide, so what’s your problem, did anyone forces you to watch this show? And …

  • Disaster Report 4 Trailer Truly Disastrous:
    I see nothing controversial about this game depending on what the gameplay and plot is about. If it’s what I think it is, this will greatly improve peoples awareness,concerning such situations. If it’s going to have a non-survival/rescue plot of some weird mystery behind the disaster I’m gonna drink sake till I’m almost unconscious and play it. I appeal to all people against this, lets wait until we know more about it. This game, if it is about survival and rescue during such a disaster, should …

  • One Punch Man “A Punch in the Face!”:
    part of his life motivation is to find someone that can ‘assist’ him in finding the cap limit

  • Honoo no Haramase Motto Hatsuiku Milking it Hard:
    Well, ero-anime aka hentai need to be fast paced or they will lose out to conventional porn with can be easily accessed anytime, there were a handful of series with decent story-line back in the days but times has changed, nowadays nobody really cares about the plots if any.


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