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no, actually by posting here i simply voice my opinion about this matter which is a different thing than caring what 2ch thinks.

why so butthurt?

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    @16:30 You really don’t seem to know what the hell you’re talking about. The Joumon people were around there way before the Ainu. Get your facts straight.

  • “Let’s Moeify The Internet Right!”:
    Yeah, it looks like 2ch just ripped off Bakemonogatari for its design. Nice job

  • “Let’s Moeify The Internet Right!”:
    The Japanese FOX News group?

  • “Let’s Moeify The Internet Right!”:
    Oh please. Socialism works perfectly well with democracy. Communism doesn’t because it will always be transformed into a one-party despotic system. There’s a VERY clear difference between ULTRA and normal tendencies. Ultras are exclusively communists and/or nationlists. whereas the more level-headed people are either socialists,liberals or conservatives with different priorities. If you take the posts of 2ch as an indicator, most of its denizens are ultra-nationalists. But thats mostly what you …

  • “Let’s Moeify The Internet Right!”:
    LOL The right-wingers are not the ones who keep the industry rolling. If you believe that, you’re hopeless.

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