“Let’s Moeify The Internet Right!”


Concerned about the massive image problems it suffers from being a noisy cesspit of far-right racists, 2ch’s VIP board has decided to design a loveable moe mascot for the Internet right – and so Netuyo-chan was born…

For those not entirely au fait with 2ch’s politics, a brief explanation: 2ch is notorious for harbouring an Internet-only strain of extreme right wing nationalist known as the “Netuyo” (from “net uyoku” – Internet right wing), usually to be seen making racist remarks about Chinese and Koreans whilst denouncing anyone else as being a traitor.

Offline (or even by the rest of 2ch) they are generally regarded as creepy NEETs and hikikomori attempting to compensate for their miserable condition by denigrating others – needless to say, if anyone could benefit from a cutesy moeblob mascot, it is likely they.

The fruits of the “Make Netuyo-chan Moe Project” are visible below; the general consensus appears to be that she should be a one-winged angel wearing either a military uniform or traditional Japanese clothing:


Netuyo-chan being roughed up by evil slant-eyed ascii-art Koreans (less politically correct Japanese depictions of other East Asians usually depict them with narrow eyes, demonstrating that an absent sense of irony is a quality shared by nationalists the world over):


Sayoku-chan (“Leftwing-chan”) dressed in a Korean dress and indignantly proclaiming she is not engaged in any anti-Japanese plotting at all:


None of this seems likely to approach the serendipitous glory of Hinomoto Oniko (whose creators were apparently not all great fans of the Internet right, whatever their scepticism of Chinese attitudes to Japanese)…


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