Musical Instruments Fair Japan “Taken Over By K-ON!”


Japan’s biannual “Musical Instruments Fair” has been accused of succumbing to moefication, thanks to the influence of K-ON! – though not many seem to be actually complaining.

The evolution of their livery over the last decade illustrates the phenomenon, with total moeblob infiltration achieved by 2011:


Considering the success of K-ON! and almost every event related to it, they can perhaps be forgiven for this (although giving in and making the girls of K-ON! their official mascots might have been the shrewder move – potentially doubling their attendance at the expense of being swamped by creepy otaku with no interest in buying instruments).

The event itself runs from the 3rd of November to the 6th and is held in the Pacifico Yokohama convention centre, and, as might have been hinted at by its name, is Japan’s largest (and possibly only) musical instrument showcase event.


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