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I agree with you Shippoyasha, I really love the whole Personna franchise too! I still like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest just not as much as I used to.

I just look at the remakes as a marketing thing to keep interest high and generate some cash so we can have a Persona 5.

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  • Harmonious Kaori Miyazono Figure:
    I was just re-watching Shigatsu last bight and her face looks nothing like Kaori.

  • Stalker Stabs J-Pop Idol Mayu Tomita:
    It’s the same thing in the US. The cops really can’t do anything until something bad happens. All they can do is talk. It’s up to the victim to get an order of protection from the court and that’s not really worth the paper it’s printed on. Just ask all the wives and kids that have been killed by pissed off ex husbands and boyfriends after one was issued. Sucks.

  • Stalker Stabs J-Pop Idol Mayu Tomita:
    @ 10:49 Hopefully they wiped that smirk off his face when they got him to the police station. Preferably by running his face into a concrete wall at a run. Hopefully they hang him with her songs as background music so he remembers in hell.

  • Macross Delta Grows Ever Cuter:
    I can’t even watch this shit. I still occasionally pull out my Macross Plus OVA’s with Yoko Kanno’s great score. Perfection!

  • Top 20 Anime Mothers:
    How about Ryuuji’s mom Yasuko Takasu from ToraDora. Single mother breaking her ass in a hostess club to make ends meet.


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