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What pisses me of is he lost her number dude what up with that? How do you not know how to get in touch with some fine young ass?

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  • Police Hunt Woman for Talking to Girls:
    Sound like Japan is becoming a Police State. Oh well unarmed as they are it would not be hard.

  • Kennedy “Worst Ambassador in Japanese History”:
    First understand why they are killing them, and its not for food, its retarded superstitious garbage. Dolphins where going there long before there was even a japan, and you would think japan is not some barbaric stuck in time country of people. The issue is that because Japanese have problems criticizing others the majority of Japanese don’t have the testicles to tell a very small minority enough is enough.

  • Kennedy “Worst Ambassador in Japanese History”:
    That is all fine, but except for the whale dolphins are not been cultivated for food, they are just been slaughtered with impunity. The west you mean EU I guess did do some cruel and stupid things as well as killing but just because they did does not mean they still do. Time for Japan to grow up and have the balls to tell a minority of the population enough is enough.

  • Kennedy “Worst Ambassador in Japanese History”:
    So first Ambassador to say, WTF are you people thinking, makes her a bad ambassador. Then she gets my two thumbs up. I bet most of the male ambassador that went there before where there to get some Asian pussy and could care less about who was doing way.

  • USA Orders Planes To Kowtow To China:
    What do you expect with the amount of propaganda feed since junior high in the states.


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