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What pisses me of is he lost her number dude what up with that? How do you not know how to get in touch with some fine young ass?

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  • Kuroneko Cosplay by Mikehouse Full of Life:
    prrrrr fection

  • Japanese “Sexless Because of Anime & Manga”:
    So to you as a married guy are against women issues when it comes to: 1. Gender Violence 2. Reproductive Rights 3. Women denigrated with derogatory terms 4. Rape 5. Transgender and gay rights. Because that is mostly what 3rd Wave Feminism is about. There is more to it but I don’t see how equal rights is a bad thing. Sound like you have been sucking what Fox News has been selling.

  • Japanese “Sexless Because of Anime & Manga”:
    So as a weak man you just don’t know how to say NO to your kid(s). Its really not that hard to explain to them. Kids unlike what you hear in media are not that dumb you just have to make sense when your talking to them rather than just keep saying NO, NO…

  • Japanese “Sexless Because of Anime & Manga”:
    ROFL we don’t save the world we just want to see the world burn. Big difference.

  • Japanese “Sexless Because of Anime & Manga”:
    Your misogyny is showing. For me women and men are basically no different they both want a fantasy that does not exist. That said plenty of women are still available and up to the task. STD by the way is mostly found in christians in the States because they are to stupid to use protection. Men and women tend to have them in spade; but women will tend to get it diagnosed and deal with it. Christian men tend to be to embarrassed to see the doctor so its under reported. Nothing puts religious men …


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