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For more pics of the above Tanaka Mana cosplay of Hatsune Miku. They should really be added to the Sankaku Channel imo.

Beware the blasting music.

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  • Square Enix “Racist to Blacks”:
    Listen to similar sort talk on those crappy court TV shows. She sounds plenty female to me. Just not, imo, the attractive sort of female voice. She has the looks too…also not, imo, the attractive sort. But I tend to need to bleach my brain anytime I stumble across a TV playing that shit. Then again, I merely prefer Kawaii over Kowai.

  • So You Want To Have Sex With A Cute Kid…:
    It didn’t occur to me that Artefact would use that form of kid since it’s often been kittens but that’s a pretty cute kid. Also, am I mistaken or does that progress chart (the two links aside) seem to indicate a progression away from the Furry?

  • Top 10 Most Envied Anime Harem Masters:
    @Rainney. Itou, Makoto (School Days) in the Anime was not a happy camper but “before he dies” I suspect you were being sarcastic? ^^ I also gotta say that as much as I hated his behavior he was pretty damn realistic to how some people are in real life. I know someone who is (or at least was) a near perfect match in real life. Apparently Karma irl for these sort sometimes comes back to bite them in the arse in a similar fashion…though not as “permanent” as what happened to Makoto…at least …

  • Square Enix “Racist to Blacks”:
    “To be racist is to believe that one group is superior or inferior to another.” Interestingly enough this tends to make most people that practice a religion racist since religions often teach that their people are superior and that others are inferior. Please research the definition if you are unsatisfied the one given here. Unfortunately words are being corrupted all the time. Most people say Hack when they intend to mean Crack, for example. : /

  • Top 10 Games You Can’t Believe They Made Into Movies:
    Higurashi is not a game? Ever hear of Visual Novels? Also, the movie “Battleship” is around the corner. Saw a youtube trailer. Alien ship shooting the following. [___]– [___]– [___]– *pegs*


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