China Menaced by Exploding Monitor


China’s world-beating manufacturing standards are once again under scrutiny after an exploding monitor incident, with the maker claiming that this is the first exploding monitor it has encountered “but there have been cases of the PCs themselves exploding.”

The PC, made in China, was owned by a 22-year-old woman, a resident of China’s Zhejiang province.

According to her report, she had just started up the PC and left her seat when she heard a loud bang, turned around and discovered the PC’s monitor to be crackling and spewing flaming fragments and smoke “like a volcano.”

She was unharmed by the explosion, but flames soon began to spread to her desk, curtains and wallpaper. Fortunately, her screams summoned a neighbour, who assisted her in extinguishing the flames.

Both computer and monitor are said to have been the products of the same manufacturer, bought in 2008. The monitor had apparently been defective from the start, but she used anyway, until May of 2011 when it became unusable and she had the maker replace it. The monitor was serviced with “official” parts and returned.

The manufacturer’s response is less than reassuring:

“This is the first time one of our monitors has exploded, although there have been cases of the PC itself exploding.”

Using a PC in China appears to be a rather fraught experience indeed.


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