The Fellatio Leak of Aya Hirano


A photograph alleged to be of scandal seiyuu Aya Hirano using her considerable oral talents on one of her many suitors has been leaked.

The purported leak, as presented by one of Japan’s at times horrendously unreliable weekly gossip rags:


Whilst the original images have been analysed in exhaustive detail and found to be almost certainly genuine (even her pillow has been matched to an image on her blog), the “fellatio” image above is widely considered a fake, possibly a barely concealed capture from one of the several Aya Hira** porno parodies circulating:

“Wasn’t there anyone who looked more like her available?”

“The leak is here!”

“They are underestimating us!”

[“to underestimate” in Japanese is the same word as “to lick,” which, coupled with the verb-only sentences common in Japanese, means “they are underestimating us” is actually the same one word sentence as “she is licking it”]

“What do they know! Don’t underestimate her!”

“Honestly, can’t she sue this horrible rag for libel?”

“The mosaic…”

“As if!”


“Who is this!”

“Well found!”

“It doesn’t even look like her!”

“It’s from some AV, isn’t it?”

“The mole…”

“What a trashy magazine – they just grabbed the image off 2ch in the first place, didn’t they?”

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