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London Gets First Holy Place: “Eight Over Eight”


No longer merely a city of filthy old buildings and rampaging hordes of looters, finally London has been granted its own holy place, courtesy of none other than K-ON!


The spot comes from the first London-centric K-ON! movie promotional image – somehow 2ch managed to pinpoint it down the very bench the girls are seen sitting on, near a pub/restaurant known as “Eight Over Eight” (however, this being a Japanese production it seems unlikely the girls will be going inside for a booze up…).


If the experience of past anime holy places (“seichi,” a phenomenon which has created substantial local tourist industries in a number of Japanese localities) is anything to go by, London can expect at least a trickle of moeblob fans braving the mobs to make their pilgrimages to the sites set to feature in the anime.


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