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these were definitely taken by a local…

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  • The Wonderful World of Chinese Trains:
    Lolz @ the last pict I tough indonesia was the worst until i see this

  • The Wonderful World of Chinese Trains:
    I’ve been in and out of NYC trains for a week during vacation and not once have I seen any chick strip down to their undergarments. You sir are a liar!

  • The Wonderful World of Chinese Trains:
    Have you even been to Hong Kong?

  • The Wonderful World of Chinese Trains:
    why do they take a crap in the train? they should go and die… We should just install more cams in trains and show the videos in TV as comedy without any blurring/censoring to put an end to these shameful acts… well,it didn’t really surprise me though, in china there are way more asocial people because they have 1,5 billion people that vandalize the public trains as they seem fit. Good thing I’ll never go there in my life, I don’t want to see how these wild beasts act while they think they …

  • The Wonderful World of Chinese Trains:
    For a lot of these pics (not all, but some), if they were taken in Japan you would all be saying “Haha, those wacky Japanese. So kawaii!” A half-hearted google search will net you entire websites of Japanese people sleeping on trains where it’s treated as the most adorably quirky thing ever. If a Japanese person brought a desk on a train (assuming it wasn’t insanely crowded) and sat down and wrote at it, you would be laughing at how fun he is. Half of the others are not even worth mentioning. …

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  • MonMusu Moist In All The Right Places:
    Also, US still had a very strong presence in Japan in the 60′s, even though the actual occupation had ended in 1952. Is it really surprising some american soldiers, or ex-soldiers who remained there, brought american cars to Japan? I’m sure they’re rare though.

  • Yuriko Bikini Figure:
    I’m pretty sure her hair is and always has been blue.

  • Boruto -Naruto The Movie- CMs Family-Centric:
    They already did that, it was called like two full seasons of the anime.

  • Boruto -Naruto The Movie- CMs Family-Centric:
    I seem to recall Kenshin Himura’s son hating his guts for always being off saving people instead of being around to be his dad. The anime version at least.

  • Sakura Kinomoto Seifuku Figure:
    I got news for you. In the English dub he sounded like some 30 year old California surfer bum. Although it should be pointed out that in the Japanese version he had an Osaka accent, which the Japanese associate with being loud, rude and unrefined. So there you go.


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