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For reals. Chinese are worth less than dogs.

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  • The Wonderful World of Chinese Trains:
    Lolz @ the last pict I tough indonesia was the worst until i see this

  • The Wonderful World of Chinese Trains:
    I’ve been in and out of NYC trains for a week during vacation and not once have I seen any chick strip down to their undergarments. You sir are a liar!

  • The Wonderful World of Chinese Trains:
    Have you even been to Hong Kong?

  • The Wonderful World of Chinese Trains:
    why do they take a crap in the train? they should go and die… We should just install more cams in trains and show the videos in TV as comedy without any blurring/censoring to put an end to these shameful acts… well,it didn’t really surprise me though, in china there are way more asocial people because they have 1,5 billion people that vandalize the public trains as they seem fit. Good thing I’ll never go there in my life, I don’t want to see how these wild beasts act while they think they …

  • The Wonderful World of Chinese Trains:
    For a lot of these pics (not all, but some), if they were taken in Japan you would all be saying “Haha, those wacky Japanese. So kawaii!” A half-hearted google search will net you entire websites of Japanese people sleeping on trains where it’s treated as the most adorably quirky thing ever. If a Japanese person brought a desk on a train (assuming it wasn’t insanely crowded) and sat down and wrote at it, you would be laughing at how fun he is. Half of the others are not even worth mentioning. …

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  • Vivid Strike! Vividly Striking:
    I don’t promote violence but it’s great to see justice being done.

  • Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku Relentlessly Murderous:
    Looks like another shit show like Puella. I hate these type of shows where they are tricked into a Death game. That is all this crap is. Stopped watching from episode that said there is too many magic girls. The plot I knew it than and it is shit.

  • Anastasia Cosplay by Usakichi Glamorously Beautiful:
    want to lick her armpit

  • Vivid Strike! Vividly Striking:
    – Fate gets tortured viciously by Precia in the first season. – Subaru loses her shit when they take Ginga and starts obliterating the Numbers around her. IIRC, Cinque’s arm is mangled. – And Triangle Heart 3, the series that spawned all this, has stabbings, femurs getting snapped with kodachis (gross sounds and all), faces getting smashed in, and loads of other violence. Two waitresses in the series are always fighting and young Nanoha stops them with a withering gaze.

  • Pro AMV For Western Composer:
    Song: Kumo no Mukou, Yakusoku no Basho – Kimi no Koe


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