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Are you serious? If you want to stay even *remotely current* (as in, at least within several years), fansubs will let you do that. Also, the translations have improved. Some bad ones, some great ones. Dig around a bit.

Otherwise, it takes years, upon years, upon years for a show to come over. A rare few get brought over to US shores quickly (and I highly stress RARE). But in all likeliness, there’s a horrible turnaround time for an official domestic release.

Not to mention, if your taste in anime isn’t what’s considered “meainstream” in the industry, then you’re never going to see an official release.

There’s great shows that have never, and I expect, never will see official releases here in the USA.

Macross Zero? Macross Frontier? What about the immense awesomeness of Legend of Galactic Heroes?

Again, just like what I said in my post: Just exactly how much space can Dragonball Z and Naruto take on store shelves in the USA?

Fansubbers provide a service to the fans overseas because the industry won’t react fast enough, or worse, just won’t do anything.

God help you if you want to see a show that isn’t a “Flavor of the Month.”

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    This is nothing. If you think this is bad or really old stuff, you should see what’s on sale on the anime shelves and stores (online or not). There’s far more anime on sale officially these days compared to having to really hunt for them in the 90s and earlier. But someway, somehow, licensed anime selection is horrid. Really guys, how many shelf spots can Dragon Ball Z and Naruto really take?

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