Manbe-kun Infuriates Right: “Japan Murdered 20,000,000”


The mascot for an obscure Japanese town has caused a scandal after daring to say that Japan killed 20 million in a war of aggression, with 2ch and Japan’s online right banding together in a successful effort to silence him.

Manbe-kun is the image character created by the Hokkaido township of Oshamanbe (population: 6,354) in 2003 for PR purposes (in Japan these awful local government mascots are so common they have come to be known as “yuru-chara” – “lame mascot characters”).


The character’s design is derived from local produce (crabs, scallops and the Siberian iris) and the character found itself pressed into the usual half-baked efforts to market an insignificant fishing port as a place of interest.

All this changed in late 2010, when Manbe-kun opened an official Twitter account.

Manbe-kun soon became notorious for his wicked tongue and provocative remarks, largely ignoring his duty to promote local scallop sales (although his mere existence is promotion itself) and instead becoming a minor Internet celebrity with almost 100,000 followers.

This all culminated in his remarks on the 14th of August (the day before Victory over Japan Day, which is celebrated as a national holiday in Japan as “End of the War Day”):

“Well, tomorrow is End of the War Memorial Day, so Manbe-kun is going to study!”

“I watched a documentary – back then Japan was just like North Korea is now!”

“However you look at it, everything started with Japan’s war of aggression. Thank you!”

“3,100,000 Japanese were sacrificed. Japan’s victims were 20,000,000 of the people of various Asian nations.”


As might be expected of any public comment which fails to portray Japan as an innocent victim of American aggression and the liberator of Asia, this immediately provoked an enormous storm of criticism online:

“They’ve all been brainwashed to think this stuff in Hokkaido.”

“He crossed the line!”

“Filthy leftist!”

“Of course, it had nothing to do with not having any resources!”

“He’s gone too far, someone needs to reign him in!”

“He’s crazy!”

“Stop this fabrication. Apart from China it was all in the Pacific, and the armies were all whites anyway.”

“He must be a Korean!”

“The person writing all this stuff is definitely one of you lot…”

It appears all this went according to Manbe-kun’s keikaku, however:

“Today I trolled all the net right-wingers!”

This annoyed 2ch even more:

“Isn’t he some Korean monkey?”

“His views are so prejudiced and one-sided!”

“His hobby is fishing.” [“trolling” = “fishing” in Japanese]

“Is it OK for him to be doing this stuff?”

manbe-kun-4“Doesn’t he know his history? Dirty leftist.”

“This must be a new PR tactic. Making fun of war is the lowest!”

“I’m jealous of anyone who can get paid for saying such crazy things.”

“He’s pouring oil onto the fire by saying he might expose the names of complainers…”

“As expected of the great idiot detector.”

“He’s gone too far!”

“Inciting a thousands of rightists to protest there would bring in quite a bit of revenue…”

“What is with the suppression of free speech in our society?”

“This is the image character for a town though…”

“With over 80,000 followers he must have the most followers of any purely obnoxious Twitter user.”

“Nobody ever goes there so they think they can say what they want!”

Oshamanbe’s mayor (an independent) eventually issued an official apology for his remarks after receiving hundreds of complaints (and the usual death threats), saying “Manbe-kun’s Twitter remarks about the war have caused much worry and bother to everyone, so I must offer my apologies.”


He went on to blame the PR firm running the account for the remarks, stressing that the remarks are not the views of the town, and to say Manbe-kun’s Twitter account is to be closed.

Manbe-kun’s site bears a similar apology from the PR firm, although it should be noted that both apologies avoid disputing the factual accuracy of his remarks – in fact, the PR firm’s boss gives says to a newspaper that “personally, I don’t think the remarks were in error, but it was inexcusable.”

The account has since reopened, although it is not clear if the irreverent remarks which have projected him to fame will continue.

This in turn prompted the expected triumphalism:

“A great victory!”

“So we won again!”

“Make him into the communist party’s mascot.”

“They took their damn time!”

“Serves him right!”

“It’s not a victory until the person behind the costume is exposed!”

“These threads keep going on and on, but nobody’s been able to deny that a Japanese dictatorship started wars of aggression.”

“What part of his ‘3 million sacrifices and 20 million victims’ statement is leftist propaganda anyway? As usual, the net right is a pack of idiots…”

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  • It’s too bad Manbe-kun forgot to mention the widespread systematic cannibalism of live allied prisoners orchestrated by Imperial officers that occurred throughout the south Pacific and other places. Yamato sophistication at it’s finest, and every Japanese down to the smallest children deserve to be informed of their ancestors commendable deeds. *look under WWII

  • This reveals the really ugly side of Japan. Old war criminals leading much of population, which are not guilty for war crimes themselves, to live in perennial lie.
    There is no bright future for Japan before it admits the truth of what happened during militarism in 1900-1945.
    Comparison of Japan back then and North Korea now is well found.

  • I find it hilariously ironic how one of the comments is “Doesn’t he know his history?…” and makes reference to a Japanese-produced map, *obviously* one of the more objective and historically accurate sources of WWII events in the Pacific

  • it’s great everytime japan’s related war stories always brought up WW2 , iraq , jew holocaust and anger from ppl who actually never experience it by firsthand

    the only thing i see here is that 2ch & sankaku are successfully trolled by manbe-kun.

    good work guys!!

  • Ah, there they go with the “Korean” remarks again. It’s easy to tell what sort of political leanings someone in Japan has just by seeing whether they call you “Korean” or not. Pathetic.

  • “Of course, it had nothing to do with not having any resources!”

    Wow, that’s pretty hilarious. Because Japan doesn’t have the raw stuff for an industrialized country, wars with millions of victims are ok.

    Not to mention they had already industrialized by trade and re-industrialized by trade after the war.

  • Hm, someone should get 2chan some history books to help explain them what happened, their own government has been brainwashing them about it, are they so blind they can’t see that? I guess it’s just because they think that it’s a great american conspiracy, however it’s not just the american people who can verify this, lol.

    It’s funny too how they think he’s Korean, but he says that “japan was just like how north korean is now”. How very ‘korean’ of him to say so.

    That being said, that doesn’t mean that the japanese who are there now are to be blamed for what happened so long ago, it just means they might’ve been manipulated into believing their government was totally innocent of conducting the war. Maybe they should also review the history of Unit 731, I hope someone sends them a link of that to see what their great innocent army was up to at that time

  • Okay, quick count off for attrocities during WW2.

    Germany – Murdered millions of innocent people, owned up to it with exception of some psychotic Neo-Nazis. Began war to stabilise economy after decline following WW1.

    America – Dropped two nukes and illegally imprisoned every Asian-American they could find. Couldn’t deny it. Joined War to retaliate for Japanese agression.

    Japan – Slaughters millions on their invasions of Mainland Asia in an attempt to expand and make up for resources America was stiffing them on. Right Wing still refusing to admit fault or agression.

    See the major pattern here isn’t denying other countries attrocities, or justifying their actions it’s the fact that after all this, the Right Wing of Japan, the people running the country unlike the Nazis who have been ousted from positions of power, still refuse to own up to their actions during the war.

  • Its just a matter of tiem until someone with a little bit of talent, will start making spoofs of Manbe-kun.

    In the same short video/animated gags of mr. bill – who always got maimed, mangled, killed, or mutilated at the end of the video.

    This would be sweet revenge – would it not?

  • Here’s some logic that the scapegoat-loving Japan can understand:

    Think of it this way: the imperialistic leaders of Japan “stole” Japan and made it do evil things. Just like Ishihara. Your obsession with obeying the elite was exploited by evil people who twisted you into evil monsters.

    Because your culture drove you to approve the evil things your leaders did, and since you all were forced to defend your evil leaders, some innocents had to suffer, because in their blind approval they were corrupted.

  • Here we go again … This is just so stupid. Why can’t the Japanese stand up for their past even after more than 60 years? It’s a FACT that THEY started WW2 in Asia. EVERYONE knows that. Well, everyone except for some fools who’ve either successfully wanked their brains away or whose brains are already rotting apparently … THOSE fools ara a disgrace for the nation, not someone who’s simply stating the facts!

  • The fact that Japan refuses to except any responsibility for the war crimes committed in WWII is what upsets me the most. Some politicians went so far as to say the Rape of Nanking never happened.

    Germany accepted AND apologized for the atrocities of WWII. They have my respect.

  • Meh 2ch is just butthurt ’cause they don’t know their own history. I’m not saying that the western powers didn’t do bad things before, during, and after the war; I’m saying that we’ve owned up to the wrongs we’ve done. What have they done? Deny, deny, deny.

  • Well, this is the problem: how to tell a non-Christian nation that murder is murder and it doesn’t matter if it is done by “us” on “them” or by “them” on “us”. Japanese until today seem to live in conviction that we in Poland call “Kali’s morality”. It is taken from the novel by Sienkiewicz in which he depicts the black friend (named Kali) of the main hero (caucasian boy) in Africa in XIX century. And Kali said something like this (in broken English, I can’t properly break English intentionally, so I will translate it my way): “If someone to steal cow from Kali, it bad. If Kali to steal cow from someone – it good”. A time after this on the pages of the novel Kali became a Christian after teachings of his white friend and changed his morality on the right one.
    So, Japanese seem to live in Kali’s morality. At least on the official level. What to say… Pagans. It does’n t mean they are inferior as humans, but have inferior morality.

  • Well, I for one am surprised any japanese is willing to admit that Japan was wrong in its aggression.

    Do you know what Chinese tourist say when they visit Hiroshima? that they deserve it.

    It’s not a pretty history, but the Japanese should accept it and stop being defensive. A lot of Asians still harbor resentment to the Japanese people and if they want to improve Asian relations, the Japanese government should publicly apologize for the war, if not the emperor himself. Germany apologized, and no one has brought it up since.

    • In all fairness, the Chinese probably deserved it. They invaded and cannibalized Formosa (renamed to Taiwan) and cannibalized it’s indigenous population. There are historical accounts of open markets trading in human flesh as recently as around 1900.

    • “Germany apologized, and no one has brought it up since.”


      Japan needs to learn from Germany. If you accept your faults and own up to your history, people aren’t going to keep throwing it at you.

      • Germany was forced to apologize and take full responsibility at the end of the war because it was part of dismantling the ‘German identity’, an important part to deprogramming the Nazi out of the hun.

        The Americans were less interested in forcing Japan to apologize because with surrender they had the potential to be a strategic ally against the Soviets and Mao.

        Therefore, they turned a blind eye to Japan denying the Rape of Nanking, and excusing the savage conquests of the 1930s as entering into alliances with willing partners

      • The problem here isn’t just that Japan needs to make a meaningful apology. They need to rid itself of the textbooks that completely overlook their war crimes and portrays the Japanese as heroes of “liberation”. You think Germany would ever get away of doing the same?

        Another is to do away with Hirohito in the shrine. This is equivelant of Germany glorifying Hitler in a grave for “heroes”.

        But I don’t see that ever happening. The Japanese in general are closet Right Wingers. It all means nothing if the majority of Japanese still acts so nonchalant about it’s past and continues to blame all problems on foreigners generally. How many times can they keep using “Bet he/it/they is or are Korean”. Past is in the past, we all know. But forgetting the past and treating it like it was nothing only bring it’s repeat in the future.

      • It might not be brought up on an international political level, but is very well brought up on a personal level.

        And to be honest, it is not like everyone in Germany thinks that the post-war governments handled everything properly. Even today some people on the right wing despise Adenauer for going down on his knees in the Warsaw ghetto in 1970 (he received the Nobel Peace Prize for his reconciliatory politics regarding the victims of Germany in Easter Europe in 1971, btw).

    • Anyone stupid enough to say that the nuking were deserved needs to pull their head out of their ass. The nukes were weapons of mass destruction used to slaughter CIVILIANS who had absolutely no control over the military. Early 20th century Japanese civilians had only one “right” – to do what their feudal lords tell them or die.
      Such ignorant tribalism from both sides is sickening.

      • Anon 16:06 is right, most civilians were victims, as always, on any side. Japan was led by aggressive minority, most people had nothing to do but obey.
        Drivel notion is by no means deserved for that anon, you can give a million minus for me for this, but i am still right.

        • Most of the US military at Pearl Harbor were also victims. I don’t see why people don’t understand this.

          Just because you join the military it doesn’t make you less human. People join the military to train to defend their country. But for some reason, because these men and women decided to join the military to save and defend others, people think it’s okay to say they deserved to be killed or bombed more than civilians. IT’S NOT OKAY. They are still human beings.

          And another thing people don’t seem to understand is that the soldiers in Pearl Harbor were not at war. Just because you are trained to do something doesn’t mean you deserved to be painted with a target for your entire life. The men and women at that base were innocent. They hadn’t done anything to Japan. So why do people act as though it was okay to attack them, and somehow less okay to attack civilians? It’s pretty disgusting.

          So again, I don’t understand why people go on and on about those civilians as though it was wrong to kill them, but okay to bomb a military base with human beings.

        • [quote]There is a big difference between Jews killing Germans to compete in insanity, and the allies trying to stop Japan from raping, slaughtering, and conquering other nations.[/quote]
          The US were trying to prevent Japan from becoming a huge military presence in Asia. Everything else is an unintended side effect.
          When the nukes went out, Japan was not in position of invading anything. If they were really trying to stop Japan, they already had.

          [quote]People also forget that Japan was heavily indoctrinated with nationalism and outrages propaganda (even more so then now).[/quote]
          And so was the US. You can easily dig up US pro war propaganda from that time.

          [quote]Think how strongly the Japanese defended pointless islands in the pacific, now apply that to their homeland![/quote]
          They were defending important strategic locations. Islands are useful resupply and maintenance points for a navy. An army is worth nothing without it’s supply lines.

          [quote]Every man, women, and child would be handed a gun or at the very least a grenade to defend to the last or die with the enemy.[/quote]
          The Japanese had a strong, if twisted sense of honor at the time. Making women and children fight would be an intolerable embarrassment to them.

          [quote]Thousands of live were saved by not invading the mainland. [/quote]
          They didn’t really have to do that either way. The US held all the cards, they could have ended the war in more than one ways. The point of the bombs was to end the war in a capitulation, not just end the war.

        • People also forget that Japan was heavily indoctrinated with nationalism and outrages propaganda (even more so then now). Think how strongly the Japanese defended pointless islands in the pacific, now apply that to their homeland! Every man, women, and child would be handed a gun or at the very least a grenade to defend to the last or die with the enemy. Yes the bombs were the better option. Thousands of live were saved by not invading the mainland.

          p.s. I am an American, deal with it.

        • So, does this make it ok for jews to exterminate German people? Just because your enemy is a psychopath doesn’t make it alright for you to be such. The Japanese military is responsible for their crimes, but that is not an excuse for the US.

        • The US were bombing Japan under Chinese colors as early as 1940. They were also preparing for a mainland invasion.
          Japan may have started the war, but the US gave them a casus beli on it.

          [quote]Exactly. It’s pretty stupid to attack the US’s morality while dragging most of the world into a war with you.[/quote]
          No it’s not. One warcrime does not excuse the other.

          [quote]Also, the US teaches all of this in their history.[/quote]
          The US education system is known to be rather… unreliable.

          [quote]What people are pissed about here is the fact that Japan denies it’s faults in its history while talking about the morality of other countries.[/quote]
          The US tries very heavily to justify their own warcrimes themselves. Both sides made a lot of mistakes they don’t want to admit. And what’s even more stupid is that everyone keeps arguing over it instead of owning up to the faults of their grandparents and leaving it all behind.

        • Exactly. It’s pretty stupid to attack the US’s morality while dragging most of the world into a war with you.

          Also, the US teaches all of this in their history. What people are pissed about here is the fact that Japan denies it’s faults in its history while talking about the morality of other countries.

      • Military men who aren’t actively in a war and who only seek to defend their country don’t deserve a surprise attack that drags an entire country into a world war, which leads to more people getting killed and families losing loved ones.

        To say that the people in the US military weren’t innocent as well in this scenario is faulty. They are people too.

        And while any deaths are tragic, if you look at this strategically, the bombs were the best answer to a quick end to this war. If a ground invasion had occurred there would be very few Japanese people around to even talk about this. And keep in mind this bomb was also in response to Japan slaughtering and raping people throughout all of Asia.

        So the nuke wasn’t necessarily deserved, and it wasn’t necessarily right, but it wasn’t wrong either.

        • To quite many here who’re white-washing US actions in WW2:

          There’s the little spicy bit that US intelligence had significant evidence that Japan was probably getting ready to offer surrender. Only unconditional surrender wasn’t really expected right away. Just negotiating a ‘lesser’ surrender would have been… too much work or something?

          But even if they had not known that, it wouldn’t really matter. Nuking of two cities full of civilians is a despicable crime against humanity, and on top of that such an atrocity that it stands out with a handful the very worst atrocities in WW2, even in spite that war having so many atrocities.
          All claims about some alleged military need are just hollow and could be similarly given for just about any atrocity ever, in the past during that war, or in the future. Really, the next person -even on your side- who attempts or orders something like it should be tried for crimes against humanity immediately.

          Now, aside from that really ugly bit, the old “the USA won the war in Europe” myth is not really that true either. The USA surely was involved and contributing to the victory, and it can be said that it probably saved the people of the UK -a nice achievement too. But really, for the largest part, the Soviet Union did the bleeding and winning. The western front during the US invasion

          As a closing side-note, guess who looted most of Germany’s technology after the war and refused to share much of it with their eastern “allies” in particular, ending up as probably one of the very few nations that maybe had a net benefit from the war in Europe?

        • @Anon of 18:12 19/08/2011

          *Nice to know the US had their priorities straight. Kill the other fuckers to win the election. US high command was secretly helping the Chinese way back in 1940 and they were already planning to invade Japan at that time. The preemptive attack on PH was far from unprovoked.*

          Not so much election as a Civil uprising.
          Keep in mind the political situation back then, decent percentage of the US population didn’t like FDR at the time, they considered him a Socialist.

          And Truman had only inherited the whole mess after FDR’s death as the VP, so he had no real standing with which to make such a political gamble and not have things blow up in his face.

          (Also FDR was the only one with the political capital in general to pull it off. If he deemed it undoable and not even worth the attempt, then that says a lot. Considering some of the other longshots he was willing to pull off)

          As for the China help, you’re talking about the Flying Tigers who were essentially a PMC or mercs, as opposed to an official US detachment. There’s a legal difference here.

          In addition, there was the small issue that the KMT were allies of the US, hence the advisory role the US played in the Second Sino-Japanese war. This was no different really from China/USSR providing material support to the NVA/VC during the Vietnam War. Also note the economic help given to China during the Second Sino-Japanese war by Germany. (Yes, Japan’s allies helped fund the Chinese war effort till about 1941, with the most intense help being from 1933 to 1937.)

          As for the Invasion of Japan pre-WW2, got some sources for that? Can’t find any reference beyond Operation Downfall myself.

          *Which brings us to the point that invading a fanatic island nation probably wasn’t the best plan to begin with.
          You always end up coming back to this false dilemma where the US had to invade or nuke. They had the option to stop shooting and open diplomatic channels. The Japanese military had it’s teeth pulled out by the middle of 1945, they had no means to target US assets on a meaningful scale anymore.*

          And you keep on neglecting the fact, that the civvies weren’t in control of the Japanese government. Due to Japanese law the entire cabinet had to be in agreement, before something could be done. If the relevant military minister resigned, than no decision could be made.

          And it was the military block with all its rivalries which was calling all the shots. And had been doing so since the ’30s, best shown by the rewritten mperial Defense Policy of 1936.

          Just leaving them be, would simply have lead to a similar situation as with WW1/Versailled/WW2 with regards to Japan.

          *Strategically? Yes. The Japanese military would cease to be a military threat for as long as the US would occupy the mainland. If you can justify the casualties and sleep soundly with the results, then nothing I say would convince you.*

          And one if one from a moral pov rejects the Bombing, then no matter what anyone else says, would convince you otherwise either.

          On a personal level, I find the targeting of the cities deplorable, as I do not approve of the purposeful targeting of civilians at all, by either side.

          Having said that, personal feelings and historical overview or even strategic necessity are completely different things.

          I can see why they thought it the “best” solution. And they may be right, but I still find it unfortunate that it had to go that far. Still, if I had been in their shoes, weighing all the factors, I probably would’ve come to the same conclusion as well.

          Look at it from a medical pov, you’ve got a patient infected with gangrene. Do you amputate? Or do you just pump them full of antibiotics?

          Amputating is regrettable and deplorable, but if it saves the patient’s life, what else is there to do.

        • [quote]A negotiated peace treaty wasn’t possible, there would’ve been too much political backwash in the States as well considering Pearl Harbour.[/quote]
          Nice to know the US had their priorities straight. Kill the other fuckers to win the election.
          US high command was secretly helping the Chinese way back in 1940 and they were already planning to invade Japan at that time. The preemptive attack on PH was far from unprovoked.

          [quote]The orders for Civvies to kill themselves didn’t help matters either.[/quote]
          Which brings us to the point that invading a fanatic island nation probably wasn’t the best plan to begin with.
          You always end up coming back to this false dilemma where the US had to invade or nuke. They had the option to stop shooting and open diplomatic channels. The Japanese military had it’s teeth pulled out by the middle of 1945, they had no means to target US assets on a meaningful scale anymore.

          [quote]Hindsight is 20/20, but purely considering the relevant factors at the time, this was the “best” option available to them.[/quote]
          Strategically? Yes. The Japanese military would cease to be a military threat for as long as the US would occupy the mainland. If you can justify the casualties and sleep soundly with the results, then nothing I say would convince you.

        • The bombs were horrific but it was deemed better then the alternatives.

          An Allied invasion of Japan would have resulted in as many as 10 million casualties and a million allied casualties.

          The people who made the decision also were very much aware of the use of biological and chemical weapons in China.
          These weapons were every bit as bad as the atomic bombs maybe in some ways worse.

        • @Anon of 03:12 19/08/2011

          The bomb was considered the best solution at the time. My own personal opinion in that regard is irrelevant. I’m merely conveying the historical background to the decision.

          Psych evaluations of the then Japanese honcho’s made it clear, that just blowing up a rock wouldn’t suffice.

          Blowing up the ships as you mentioned wasn’t tactically feasible.

          Hence the decision to hit two cities instead.
          (They predicted that dropping the bomb on Hiroshima would lead to the Hardliners to try and downplay the event, which they did, hence why Nagasaki got hit as well.)

          This and the guarantee that the Emperor would not be held accountable or punished, was deemed enough material to get a total capitulation.

          A negotiated peace treaty wasn’t possible, there would’ve been too much political backwash in the States as well considering Pearl Harbour.

          (Plus there was the issue of that the civvie politicians may have wanted to negotiate, but the military hardliners preferred fighting to the death, and without their approval there could be no negotiations, due to a quirk of Japanese law at the time. Also note the 3 coup attempts after the Bombs were dropped and the decision to surrender had been made.)

          The orders for Civvies to kill themselves didn’t help matters either. See the incidents at Saipan and Okinawa. Also the lawsuit against Kenzaburo Oe in 2007/2008 with regards to the Suicide Order in Okinawa, with the verdict coming in 2008, and the court in Osaka ruling in his favour.

          Hindsight is 20/20, but purely considering the relevant factors at the time, this was the “best” option available to them.

          Especially in light that Truman had inherited the entire project. He hadn’t been informed as the VP, only the President and a few select military bigwigs had knowledge of it (not counting the staff/guards working on the project).

        • “The war in Europe was over already (and the Bomb had originally been made to deal with Nazi Germany who was also working on one),”

          Exactly. And the reason the war was over was because America joined in and dealt with Germany BEFORE going to deal with Japan.

          Japan dragged the yanks into the war, and then when they were already in they dealt with Hilter before going to Japan.

          In the time between the Pearl Harbor bombing and the Allied forces taking down the Nazi’s, Japan had more than enough time to agree to a peaceful surrender. And believe me, the allies were trying.

          Japan did not surrender, so the bomb was used on them as a last resort.

        • There is some sources that say nukes were not absolutely necessary, they believe Japan had already prepared to surrend in short time thereafter anyway.
          Some also say USA was in hurry to test nukes against some cities, to see what destruction they would cause in real situation.
          I can`t say this is true, but after thinking for awhile it doesn`t feel entirely impossible.

        • @3:12
          You have to keep in mind that the internet wasn’t around back then. Messages didn’t reach the other side of the world at lightning speed the way they do now, particularly during a stressful war situation.

          We NOW know way after the fact what was going on for both sides and who had planned to do what. But you have to understand that back then, when you are in the middle of a war, you can’t waste time figuring out what the other side is trying to do.

          All the US knew was that they got no direct communication that the Japanese were going to end the war and stop killing and raping civilians or attacking other countries. You can go on all you want about what Japan planned to do, but frankly, it’s foolish to even think about it that way. Japan didn’t make it clear that they planned to give up, and the US had no reason to believe that they would since Japan wasn’t responding to warnings or questions about their stance. The allies made several attempts to get through to Japan receiving pretty much nothing but a middle finger in response.

          So the response to end the war was to continue attacking Japan, who was the aggressor. And then Japan finally did was they should have done in the first place: Make a clear declaration that they were surrendering.

        • @21:06
          The life of dangerous radiation in that area wasn’t that long. Due to the nature of the bomb (and the fact that it is actually detonated in the air) the fallout was very short-lived. This should be apparent from the fact that people are living in Hiroshima and Nagasaki now. There are other examples of radiation (Chernobyl for example) in which the radiation will continue to be a problem for a long time to come.

          So bringing up radiation doesn’t really help make a valid point. A ground invasion still would have killed millions more Japanese.

        • Are you seriously suggesting that weapons of mass destruction were the best possible solution? The bombs were dropped on civilian population and are no less of a genocide than the Nazi death chambers. The US could have bombed military installations, it could have destroyed some huge natural rock and it could have dropped it on a large concentration of Japanese warships. But no, they had to kill a bunch of innocent families whose only crime is that they were powerless against their government.

          The US didn’t even try to reach a reasonable diplomatic solution. The Japanese leaders were not idiots, they were well aware they cannot win a war against the entire allied force and USSR. Hell, at this point, Japan was preparing to make their last stand and had absolutely no aspirations to win the war.
          A lot of lives could have been said if the US military didn’t want to flex their muscles and win a total capitulation instead of a peace treaty. The Japanese may have been too proud to surrender, but I’m sure they would have been more than happy to end the war on equal terms. That, or they were too royally stupid to command a band of boyscouts, let alone an army. We would never know, because the allies never fucking tried.

        • Don’t forget the geopolitical reasons why the Bomb was used.

          The war in Europe was over already (and the Bomb had originally been made to deal with Nazi Germany who was also working on one), and a conflict with the USSR was looming over the horizon already.

          Something was needed to help keep things from escalating further in that regard.

          Toss in the other arguments you made and there were few reasons [b]not[/b] to use it.

  • “They’ve all been brainwashed to think this stuff in Hokkaido”
    And guess who has been brainwashed by school?:D Everybody knows that japanese history book reflects truth at 100%(Irony inside)

  • Everybody who was responsible for the Japanese atrocities of the WWII and pre-WWII era are dead. Can you blame people who had nothing to do with it for being annoyed with having their faces rubbed in it?
    I know I get _really_ fucking annoyed whenever someone preaches about how evil colonists were to the Natives and African slaves while lecturing me on my whiteness — one side of my family didn’t come to America until just before the 20th century, and the other side fought for the Union in the American Civil War (my great grandfather was even named after U. S. Grant), and has a squirt of First Nations blood in them as well.
    I know American history just fine, assholes. Go fuck yourselves.

    I empthasize.

    • “Everybody who was responsible for the Japanese atrocities of the WWII and pre-WWII era are dead. Can you blame people who had nothing to do with it for being annoyed with having their faces rubbed in it?”

      If they repeatedly ignore the scope and the consequences of their ancestor’s actions while still preaching about how much better they are than everyone else…………………… FUCK YES we can blame them.

    • People aren’t preaching because of your whiteness. They are annoyed that, like most white Americans dealing with the issue of racism, brush it off because it doesn’t affect YOU negatively.

      White people in the US assume that they shouldn’t have to learn about racism at all, and they act as though they should be able to ignore the racism that goes on today just because they aren’t the ones directly being racist. They know nothing about how racism from the not-so-distant past still affects people today, and they do nothing to help stop the racism that still goes on now.

      No they just want to ignore it. And they have the nerve to tell people to “get over racism” because “it’s in the past” or because “I didn’t do it!” Anything so they don’t have to personally deal with the ugly issue.

      And people are probably pissed with you, because like so many white Americans, you make the issue ALL ABOUT YOU. We’ve got people from all other races dealing with genuine racism, and here you are bitching that they have a problem with being treated as less than human while you shrug it off.


    • No, no one blames present Japanese for atrocities of their grandfathers. The same way, that no one blames present-day Germans for Auschwitz.
      But many present-day Japaneses actually worship their grandfathers as heroes, contrary to Germans, which fully understood, that SS – troops were not heroes and they deserved what they got after war.
      It is not a problem of personal or even national responsibility, but a problem of attitiude. Even a child punished after intentional breaking a window can understand, that the punishment was justice. Some modern-day Japanese have problem with understanding, that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were consequences of war, that was caused by their own governement. We may discuss, if these bombings were adequate to the situation, but they were just consequences.

  • The Japanese just prefer to ignore everything that doesn’t appeal to them. Of course, when China comes knock-knock-knocking on their door, they’ll turn to America and Korea as the closest war powers.

    • Japan is forced to rely on the United States due at least in some small part to the Japanese constitution and the treatise between the two countries which prevents Japan from having an effective defense.

    • Whoever believes China and North Korea have any intention of attacking Japan is eating the doublethink.

      Everyone knows that China is Japan’s major trading partner, heck all the Japanese electronics are manufactured in, you guessed it, China. Japan is just as much tied to China as the US. No conflict will happen between them. As for North Korea doesn’t even have a working Nuclear plant and no one is sure if it’s for a bomb.

      The conflict between them is propaganda driven by politics to distract people from the problems at home – which people should be concentrating on.

    • As an ASIAN, I do not hate CURRENT JAPANESE for their ancestor’s sin.
      Srsly, 2 atom bombs and shits are enough atonements(Except that ISHITHARA). Well, some Chinese and Korean government people and some brainless idiots are assholes….
      Overall people are nice in person.That includes Sankaku netizons.

      • You have to see it in such a way that, the dropping of the atomic bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima were not atonement, they were simply acts of aggression.If you were to put it in a bad manner, it would be called tit for tat, or worse, revenge.Atonement, in my views, should never cause more sufferings to the people.Atonement should be actions aimed to makeup for mistakes, to improve the condition of the victims.

        Now, Japan’s past atrocities are pretty clear to the rest of the world.For us, hating them is pointless, as it was all in the past.For them, it is important to accept these hard facts and move on.As people say, to acknowledge and learn from the mistakes are the only paths to improvement.I am from Singapore, and incase you do not know what the Japanese did here in the past, you can go wiki it.We hid in drains so flooded that you could go diving in them to avoid the Japanese soldiers, so I do understand the sufferings due to war.However, I know how to get my thoughts straight and not hate those who do not truly deserve it.

        • The projected loss of lives of an American invasion of Japanese mainland would be on the upside of 40 times as much as victims of the nuclear bombs, majority Japanese. That’s not including the war of attrition that would be prolonged in China.

          The dropping of the bombs were neither acts of aggression nor revenge, but rather acts of necessary evil that saved lives, including Japanese ones.

          Ishihara and his supporters already want to acquire nuclear weapons and create the conditions where such acts of necessary evil may again occur.

          This has nothing to do with “hating” Japanese people as a whole, but rather make sure they remember their history, so that people like Ishihara don’t lead them to repeat it.

        • Don’t even talk about the bombings as atonement, or worse. It was war, shit happens. The only other option to the bombs was invasion, which would have been worse in terms of loss of life on both sides.

          Operation Downfall; look it up.

      • In a way, the Japanese occupation led to one singular affirmative action, the withdrawal of western powers in Asia. Some of us might still be under British, Dutch or Spanish rule etc otherwise.

        • The idea that Japan somehow freed Asia from colonialism, and did them a favor by invading, is BS. Learn your history.

          Philippines freed itself from America in a bloody independence war half a century before ww2. Japan invaded an independent country.

          China had already freed itself from fractured European proxy-colonialism decades before WW2 in nationalist revolution. Japan saw an opportunity to pillage a newly weakened country, and took it.

          South eastern Asian countries were already simmering with revolt by WW2. If anything, Japanese invasion delayed that progress.

          The delusional alternative history where Japanese were liberators only existed in Ishihara’s head.

        • Yes, but there hasn’t been a single armed revolution that wasn’t aided by a stronger country. One thing is fighting for independence, another completely different is actually achieving it

      • First off, the low end estimate of the number of Jews killed during the Holocaust stands around 6 million, and the low-end estimate of non-jews killed during the Holocaust stands at about 5 million (11 million people total), though estimates range as high as 17 million of the combined group were systematically murdered during the Holocaust.

        The western powers on the whole with the exception of the Axis powers before and since those wars have always put a high value on human life, just look at the pow camps run by the allies for a good, clear comparison.

        Just like many dictatorships today, the Axis powers and their modern-day successors put no value to human life, and kill people that oppose their views as if they were swine or cattle.

        This isn’t merely done with bullets, like so many despots in the Middle-East, Asia, and Africa. Sometimes whipping people into a frenzy just to silence opposition to radical views, creating an ‘other’ for the people to hate, to revile, to turn their energy against…in the end, it can have a just as horrible, just as vile, just as cruel an impact.

        Hitler painted Jews and his ‘undesirables’ as the ones to blame for all the people’s problems, and taught them to lash out at them, and destroy them to realize his vision. So, I ask of you, who are you trying to paint as the villain? Who are you trying rile up, and for what end? Does that really help anyone, or does it just hurt everyone?

    • Clearly for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, someone like Ishihara would certainly have a polar opposite, the Anti-Ishihara, who is… some guy(?) in a lame costume…

  • But they did massacre a lot of people. But saying all Japanese people are bad people back then is stereotyping.

    What more proof do I want when there’s basically factual accounts that Japanese soldiers killed a lot of people in our town during WW2. Mostly were civilians. So I wouldn’t discount the Japanese for doing something barbaric and cruel back then.

    When you’re in a field and someone wants to kill you and is armed that’s totally understandable. But unarmed people? What the fuck am I reading…

    • BTW past is the past and they gotta accept that their ancestors have done a lot of shit back then. Something not very commendable. I guess same goes for everyone even my own race.

      Still we gotta accept and just learn what our foolish ancestors have done back then and never do it again.

      • Yep. The problems occur when people don’t acknowledge what their ancestors did and how it affects people today.

        It’s the same with white Americans. They brush off their ancestor’s racism and refuse to acknowledge how it still affects people today. Some of them go as far as to ignore the fact that racism exists entirely. That’s not the way to go about it. People should be fighting against it and seeking to get rid of it instead of whining, “But I’m not racist! That’s all in the past! I didn’t do anything wrong!”

        If white Americans are this behind I don’t see why everyone is bitching about Japan.

        • The American whites have gone way over the top to discuss their racism. I was just in dc. On the national mall there are a few museums. They cover art, air/space, American history, natural history, and African American history (under construction). I didn’t spend much time with art, but the other three all have exhibits about racism against blacks in America. Not even WWII gets as much museum coverage as racism does. In schools, slavery and the civil rights movement usually each get more class time than WWII.

      • Marine-RX179 says:

        Doesn’t look like those 2ch trolls have evolved much over the years since the war though, as their solution to things is still death threats and violence…

        It’s so ironic it like they are saying “Japan was right to have massacred all those people as it was ‘for the good of the Asia’, as they were ridding of the world of evils (evils…aka anyone that doesn’t agree with them). Anyone that says otherwise and doesn’t bend over and take it from us, we shall find them, rape their mother, sister ,wife and daughter right in front of them before killing them, and it would make this world a better place.”

        That’s like the same mindset as ishithara…

    • And the US were the good guys, right?
      History is written by the victor. It’s only natural that the loosers end up being the “bad guys”. Yes, Japan was an aggressor in WW2, but so were all the other major powers.

      • Get your facts straight, the US wasn’t even planning on joining the damn war until Japan attacked. They attacked us first so we retaliated with full force. Because the US threw in their weight so long after the war started (about 10 years for the European side) we were able to send in fresh troops in what was a battle of attrition. It’s really no miracle we won when we had a thirst for revenge and the troops to back it up.

        • They weren’t planning what? You get your facts straight:

          Moving most of the US fleet in the direction of Japan was an obvious provocation. The US practically pushed Japan into the Axis by placing a pseudo-embargo on them. They covertly provided direct support to China and were actively planning to invade Japan way before the attack. Not only that, but they were demanding that Japan must abandon the Axis, even through they were responsible Japan joined in the first place.

          If there was a step to escalate the conflict, the US took it. They asked for the war.

        • FDR wanted to join the war, but even though he had enough power to brush the constitution aside, the American people were so against the war that he couldn’t get us to join. Since 1900, there were only two wars that had strong public support at their start: Vietnam and Iraq. (Ironic, huh?)

        • America never wanted in the war? The economy was in shambles the New Deal wasn’t even helping the economy in the 40’s. Not that we did not need the New Deal and a lot of its incenatives. There were many Americans who wanted to go to war with Japan for the atrocities in China. In fact most Americans didn’t want another Europeon War, however many more wanted war with Japan because Americans at this time were racist as fuck.

        • @18:17
          You mean aside from not being able to financially support another colony? The US would have been facing endless resistance from the local populace if they tried. Just look at the how Ottoman empire in Eastern Europe fared. Subjugating foreign culture never works.

          And capitulation is not a peace treaty.

        • @ Garcia “Fucking” Hotspur

          You’re retarded. The Vietnam Conflict was a US strategic victory, but a political loss. How?

          The US won every major battle, but the deciding factor was the political battle back home that caused the withdrawal.

          58,000+ US troops, and 300,000+ South Vietnamese, died for the freedom of the S. Vietnam; all of which were in vain because of the anti-war liberals.

          It could be called a War of Attrition. It wasn’t unwinnable, just required a commitment.

          If we had at least kept a military presence and the North at bay, S. Vietnam could have become a growing economic power like S. Korea.

        • They only reason they are getting “assfucked” is they are not fighting wars like wars used to be fought. They have weapons you can only dream of, and are not even using them.

          Think Iraq and Afghanistan would be the same, if even little village and town was getting bombed before the troops even searched it for Insurgents?

          Think about it.

          If it weren’t for those two nukes and the following surrender of Japan, there wouldn’t be Japan or Japanese for that matter.

        • ^ anon @17:47
          Don’t understand what is your point about peace treaty(only shows US wishes to stop the war). US didn’t invade any countries in wwII, so why then would you consider them an aggressor country like Japan?

        • I don’t understand. If US is an aggressor like an axis power, then when japan surrendered why didn’t they get invaded and assimilated like what the axis power did to other countries? Isn’t making the peace treaty showing they wanted nothing more then to stop the axis power and are therefore not an aggressor?

          Anyways I’m not saying your wrong, I’m not an expert in history as you make yourself sound, just a Highschool kid so enlighten me then how US is aggressor like japan like you say?

        • You know Japan is still partially occupied, yeah?
          I don’t want to take sides on this, but Japan doesn’t have the right to kick America out of it’s affair. America wrote the Japanese constitution (for the first time in it’s history banning a female ruler, no less. Just a bit of interesting history for ya) and has, as I’m sure you know, plenty of bases in Japan which Japan doesn’t have any final say in.

      • No one said anything about the US, so you can take your obvious butthurt somewhere else.

        The entire point is that Japan is whining about how people view them when what is being said is the obvious truth.

        It’s like someone getting pissed off when we tell them a red light isn’t purple.

    • “2ch need to grow the fuck up and stop being trolled by such stupid things.”

      When your only source of 2ch comments is from the selectively translated pieces here on sankaku, I think you should be able to figure out who’s the trolled one here.

      • “These threads keep going on and on, but nobody’s been able to deny that a Japanese dictatorship started wars of aggression.”

        Yeah this guy is pretty much correct. I don’t see what the problem is. They were slaughtering and raping people left and right. That’s pretty much just history. And not just oral history… we have pictures! xD FFS Japan!

        • @22:48
          You are an idiot with no concept of basic Eugenics. Humans may be animals but they have incredible intellectual potential which could, with proper education, lead into many useful technologies for everyone to benefit from. For all we know, the Nazi may have killed the next Einstein.

          [quote]I mean at the time. All those nations that could have easily prevented this from going on[/quote]
          Your familiarity with military science and history is underwhelming. The allies barely won WW2 and they did so only because the German supreme commander was an egocentric idiot.

        • The germans had their really bad (nazis) but also their good.

          My grandfather (eastern front) observed first hand the difference betweent the wehrmacht and the SS. Very different organizations and I know some (very) localized fighting broke out between the two in some places over what the SS was doing. There still is no excuse that so many germans turned a blind eye to the atrocities happening in their own concentration camps.

          The japanese? Brutal to those they defeated, no mercy to the defeated, extermination and experimentation on POWs. Mass suicide by the japanese troops and even citizens when they faced defeat.

          I know (or knew) US vets from Europe and vets from the pacific. The european vets I know hold no hard feelings towards the germans. I have a hard time finding pacific vets who don’t just plain hate japanese.

        • So killing POW and brainwashing the civilians of Iwojima into commiting mass suicide is what they had to do?
          Just like the Nazis absolutely HAD to kill all Jews, gays, gypsies and pretty much everyone who was not worthy on their eyes or opposed them (yeah newsflash, it wasn’t just jews)?

          I suggest you haul you big hairy ass back to school and pay close attention to those history classes.

        • Read your Darwin, Anon from 17:21. I mean “Origin of Species”. The Nazis actually had some really cool thing going on. They just treated people like animals and who would allow obstinate animals to breed? No one would, you pick the best animals to get even better ones in the next generation. Sounds fucked up to apply this to humans? Maybe, but no one cared. I mean at the time. All those nations that could have easily prevented this from going on patiently waited till the germans nearly finished building the atomic bomb. (Guess where the americans and russians got it in the first place to wage that cold war.)

          It’s not even that hard to dig all this stuff up, but still, no one cares. History was already written by the winners, why rewrite it to reflect the truth? Besides, no one likes the truth. The japanese don’t, I don’t, you don’t. So just fuck it and tell some convenient lies. God’s in his heaven, everything’s alright with the world.

      • I would kind of think it’s no coincidence this kind of sharp comedy comes from Hokkaido, whose native Ainu population has been either killed off or forcibly subjugated by putting in a Japanese population there to ‘water down’ the native blood and essentially wipe out the Ainu.

        Japan was and still is pretty imperialistic and it seems to play on the idea that it is Japan versus the world (or the western world) and that they need to take over other Asian nations to do it. And the ironic thing is that they look at many European and American conquests and they think it’s okay to do so. Eons after the colonialism went out of style and it became a modern era.

        I don’t feel any anger towards that comedy. Because it is the sharp, honest truth.

        • to be perfectly fair the anti-colonial movement has claimed a lot of lives as well… especially the decolonization of the overseas Portuguese territories (in particular Angola), which were wealthy, peaceful territories where the government was fairly popular (the US stopped trying once it realized that, but the USSR kept going, kept failing then decided to attack at home instead, starting the Carnation Revolution by influencing junior officers in the army).

          This is just stuff I’ve read on Wikipedia, which leans to the left, so I was quite surprised.

          Not sure how civil rights were in the area, but once again I note the government was fairly popular in Angola and Mozambique and that those places have been hellholes since and Portugal’s economy has never recovered completely to its growth rate before the revolutions.

        • What you say is very thoughtful and well put.

          However please understand that Japan awoke from 250 years of self imposed isolation to find themselves under armed coercion by the West. Sort of like waking up in the middle of the night and finding someone standing over your bed with a gun in your face. Because of that Japan saw Western technology as something to be desired and imitated. So goodbye Tokugawa Shogunate, hello Meiji Emperor.

          The Japanese don’t have a patent on colonial savagery. The US, UK, France, Germany,Spain and Netherlands could show them a few things. Hell, The King of Belgium once had the native mine workers hands cut off if they missed their quota in the Congo! Talk about work incentives!

          Colonialism was still in full swing until after WWII and the struggles of independence started up through the 1960s.India, French Indochina, Malaya, Indonesia, Rhodesia, Belgium Congo etc. Colonialism is still around, just more subtle since it’s economic (the velvet whip) and not the sword so much.

        • Only the vikings could have taught the japanese “a few things.” The bubbling pile of shit that occupied Japan in the 40’s was one of the most barbaric civilizations in history. Such a parasitic race that offered only torment to the world probably should have been completely destroyed, the japanese should thank the world for not exterminating them like some jungle tribe. If the war was in 1840 they would not have been shown mercy.

      • who could accept being a bunch of losers. only thing worthy of praise in them was the different attitude they took after the war. but now they are
        talking pure garbage, and from the source it comes from i bet the must be a bunch of ugly fat hikimoris who blame everyone else except themselves for being a bunch of losers. to prove my point just look at Ishihara, and think of who put him there.

        • @07:57
          They had slave labor to do all the heavy dirty work of looting the bodies then carting them off to the crematoriums while they could sit around in their offices drinking schnapps.
          They probably thought it was effective enough.

          There are plentiful firsthand accounts by former prisoners and nazis who were there.

        • Actually, there are some facilities(?) that you can still visit in germany. While the gas chamber story sounds pretty far fetched to me, as it is ineffective because you still had to carry the bodies, the crematoriums most surely did exist and some of them are still around. The device I saw was a body height meter that hat an opening for a bullet, aimed at the neck of the person that was to be measured. The crematorium was right next to that room. Now that’s what I call effective. Why kill in some gas chamber and carry the bodies all the way, if you can make them walk right besides the damn crematorium and somewhere in the process get their data? Gas chambers wouldn’t even save time, but only make things (killing off people) more difficult and time consuming.

        • “official version is that no proof exist”

          Utter bullshit. If you’re truly just ignorant then do your own homework, it only takes a few seconds to find all the evidence you need. If you’re a denier then just go fap to your picture of Hitler and fuck off.

        • I do have a fucking clue.
          I’m sure you can take it to the next level and beat some sense in poor me.
          For starters, how about explaining what science can’t explain about the so called nazi gaz chambers and crematoriums.
          I’ll also be happy with any undeniable proof it happened. See, I’m not such a villain.
          (Good luck with that as the official version is that no proof exist as the nazi destroyed them “all” as they were defeated, leaving no single trace of such a planified massacre).

      • Speaking of truth, I would like to see Manbe-kun strikes on you guys again someday later, revealing how double standard the people in Sankaku Complex can be. All these love-dovey reaction towards Japan and all of sudden you guys show your bipolar sides once WW2 is mentioned.

        Also K-pop rocks! Both of you double standard Japan lover-haters here need to stop worshiping that country and come embrace the power of the Korean wave!

        • No double-standard. The truth is the truth. And anyone with common sense would never deny Japan’s atrocities even if they loved many things Japanese. It would sicken me if someone who loved some aspect of Japan was Pro-Japanese about every issue. It’s reassuring there are plenty of sensible people here when it comes to this issue.

        • LOL that’s where you are wrong.
          Music is ALL about preference. It’s 99.99% of the time SUBJECTIVE.

          What you really are saying is “I don’t like POP music” “I think it sucks, but that does not mean it actually DOES.”

          You can’t objectively prove in anyway that a genre sucks because you don’t like certain aspects or side effects/people who like it/because it’s mainstream/etc.

        • K-pop is pretty terrible most of the time, actually. Its cutesy lyrics are contradicted by provocative dancing (for girl groups) or blatant homosexuality (for guys)
          Occasionally catchy but more often blunt. And they have way too much American charts influences. I don’t listen to the radio here for a reason.

        • How that fuck is that a double standard? Is called ethics you idiot.
          If you are saying that loving Japan also means that one must turn a blind eye on Japanese warcrimes then I suggest that you grow the fuck up. That’s like saying that if you are going on vacation in Germany or Austria, than you need to like Hitler. It’s bullshit.

          And fyi: Pop Music sucks big hairy balls in general, no matter where it comes from.

        • Well, they’re all just people like you and me, and we all have our imperfections. We just have to learn from them.

          And K-Pop is rather nice, but I’d like to see punk and metal go more mainstream in Korea, like in Japan. Pop dominates the market in Korea.

  • Essentially this proves that Japan’s education history is way off track, however with that being said most of 2ch are basically high school kids with no self esteem. History education in most countries, but especially in America, Japan, and Germany high school level and lower history books are just propaganda to brain wash everyone of that level into mindless slaves of the state. Its basically nationalism pinned at the lowest levels of education.

    I think if you look at the educated masses of adults in Japan they probably do not think this way though there might be some baby boomers, and war survivors who would believe the same lies, but that is because of their background and their own education. The common japanese college student and the japanese history major probably knows actual history and sees the problem with Japanese Imperialism of the Meiji Restortion Era- End of Japanese Imperialism after the Pacific War.

    All Japanese probably don’t believe this and most those people on 2ch probably would agree with Ishihara on the going to pray for war criminals (which is judgemental because America’s fire bombings, and atomic bombs killed more germans/french,northern europeon, and japanese than Japan raped/slayed in Asia) and if Ishihara was smart and the real evil sith lord that we all know he is the guy might try to use this anti-korean racism that has always been present in Japanese to gain even more power. He still is a complete ass hole and needs to open his eyes to Japan’s real problems: Environmentalism, the decline of the yen, forign relations (particulary with him visiting the shrine of “as you all have put it” molesters and murdurers.) and Japan’s racism towards all of Asia.

  • So, some Japanese would like to forget 17 530 000 Chinese civilians murdered by them, as they would like to forget Nanking Massacre and the price of Hiroshima/Nagasaki. I have a friend who’s ainu, and he know lot’s of stories about genocide Japanese were fond of but were never punished for. Everybody knows about jews and Holocaust, few know about how many ethnic groups were massacred by Japanese through the history.
    I did some research on history and now I’m not surprised to know, why Chinese, Koreans and some other Asian people hate Japanese. Their hate is totally justified. So, damn those fascist right-wingers.
    Yet, I love anime.

  • see?
    even japan is a melting pot.
    there are many people, mainly korean and chinese, masquerading as japanese who commits for dismantling japan.
    in one korean TV show (you can find it on youtube), TV host said that “when you do something bad in foreign countries, let’s pretend to be Japanese.” then every guest started to laugh.