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Word of God states that:

Japan > America > Russia > S.Korea > N. Korea > China

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  • China Pirates Aircraft Carrier:
    that plane will asplode. mark my words. just look at its spectacular engineered exteriors. what high levels of detail it has.

  • China Pirates Aircraft Carrier:
    You’re overgeneralizing though, Russia is plenty mad at China for reverse engineering shopped tech and building it’s own copies of much of the technology in it’s indigenous arms industry.

  • China Pirates Aircraft Carrier:
    Made in China.

  • China Pirates Aircraft Carrier:
    After seeing all those comments saying how muck china is stupid, how muck china is a land of piracy and exploding stuff, and that they even “pirated” their military equipment, I can’t stop thinking…”I doesn’t matter if you won a war (or can protect your land’s sovereignty) with “pirated”, “stolen” (or whatever else you may want to call it) equipment because YOU WON THE DAMN WAR…it doesn’t matter if the gun or the whatever is russian, chinese or american it can still turn the tides of war …

  • China Pirates Aircraft Carrier:
    wtf ever show me your atomic jet fighter.. lmfao

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  • To Love-Ru Darkness Sucks Hard:
    As you had said it, flipping through pages just for viewing the arts is what readers into this genre do, frankly speaking who really cares about the plot? Alright, maybe just a selected few actually is into the story but lets be honest with our real intention.

  • Pure Shironeko Figure:
    They probably realize what their father is like anyway.

  • Pink Pineapple Oppai Mousepad “Most Realistic Ever”:
    Why is losing virginity so important? The only reason might be bragging about it in the webz.

  • Koukou Rettousei Bares All:
    Nope. This pairing has been set for thousands of years. It’s GOING to happen.

  • Koukou Rettousei Bares All:
    Me and my friend are reading the manga and the Novel, and that Imouto is actually devilishly cunning. I think she is his only real threat, and if he loses, god bless Japan for their wicked ideas and my entertainment :)


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