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Yo Dawg, I heard you like Piracy. So I put pirates on your pirated vessel so you can pirate while you pirate

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  • China Pirates Aircraft Carrier:
    that plane will asplode. mark my words. just look at its spectacular engineered exteriors. what high levels of detail it has.

  • China Pirates Aircraft Carrier:
    You’re overgeneralizing though, Russia is plenty mad at China for reverse engineering shopped tech and building it’s own copies of much of the technology in it’s indigenous arms industry.

  • China Pirates Aircraft Carrier:
    Made in China.

  • China Pirates Aircraft Carrier:
    After seeing all those comments saying how muck china is stupid, how muck china is a land of piracy and exploding stuff, and that they even “pirated” their military equipment, I can’t stop thinking…”I doesn’t matter if you won a war (or can protect your land’s sovereignty) with “pirated”, “stolen” (or whatever else you may want to call it) equipment because YOU WON THE DAMN WAR…it doesn’t matter if the gun or the whatever is russian, chinese or american it can still turn the tides of war …

  • China Pirates Aircraft Carrier:
    wtf ever show me your atomic jet fighter.. lmfao

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    What’s the story of this anime again?

  • Honoo no Haramase Paidol Scandalous Idol Ero-Anime:
    Thks god for this, and thsk to dont let to the fucking queen bee ruined this hentai.

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    Because the social outcasts and herbivores using these aren’t the ones who are doing the raping on campuses. Despite the social awkwardness, they tend to value and respect others personal boundaries far more than those who are socially included. That aside, there’s been more and more rape allegations lately who have been proven false. Not saying it doesn’t happen, because I know it does, but it seems that those lacking in personal responsibility, morality, or being ethically corrupt are …

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    Have you paused to consider that this may be for liberal arts and the like? Sure, there are various bullshit humanities in universities (like “women’s studies/gender studies” and “black studies”), but it’s not like every major is “cure for cancer”-worthy.

  • Kendo Club Onahole Promotes Sword Skills:
    Lol wut? Y pay for a toy when you canz rape for free and get away w/it in college campuses! <@;)


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