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I think sink is the proper term.

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  • Bombergirl Announced “Bomberman’s Gender Swap!”:
    I’m more annoyed that the game is too lenient.. if your hit by your own bombs, you should lose a life. That’s the beloved frustration of the original game.

  • Namco Founder Masaya Nakamura Passes Away:
    I wonder how this’ll affect 765 Production in the Im@s series. After all it is named after Namco.

  • Rondo Duo Translation Patch Fully Erect:
    If it’s true that Tinkle Bell is providing an english translation along with their product. I will not only happily purchase. But I will have tremendous love and respect for the company. So much I’d want to (and possibly will) purchase all their past productions.

  • Godzilla Resurgence Trailer Unsurprisingly Monstrous:
    シン•ゴジラ.. Shin Gogira.. Death Godzilla? In my honest opinion.. that name is kinda fitting. Especially with that design with the arms and way oversized tail. This movie just might be indeed, the death of the Godzilla franchise. Well.. it had a good run.

  • Netoge no Yome MMORPG Romance Anime:
    This anime made my cheeks hurt from smiling too much.. I think i’m hooked on this series. I mean, heck. This series is a keeper. And i’ll buy the DVDs.


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