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Looks like K-ONM@STER

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  • Behold China’s Cutest Cat:
    It hurts me to think about it. When is this cat scheduled to explode?

  • Ishihara: “Western Judo = Animals Fighting”:
    Ishihara = Eastern Hitler.

  • Woman Teacher Gets Off on Pool Peeping: “I Like Breasts”:
    It’s offending but… come on, tell me someone who DOESN’T adore cute chests. I approve to some extent.

  • Prof: “Men Without Girlfriends Are Sick Because of Games!”:
    As a not so happy fellow Swede, I can’t agree more. Men here are trash and women are loose sluts. Since I hate alcohol and hate the people drinking, it’d be hard to find a girl that is the same as me. Non-alcoholic, non-partying (at pubs or other alcohol related places) girl. The world has become the embodiment of netorare. Where virgins are sluts and modest girls are whores for money and alcohol. Wanna find a girl that hasn’t used her vagina as a road tunnel for hundred other guys? Tough luck, …

  • Top 10 Sad Yet Beautiful Anime Endings:
    Good to see someone listing Chrno Crusade in their comment and also using the right name (hate when people say Chrono Crusade). IT’s simply a must since it’s quite pale and sad even though you see action you know it’s not something to stirred up about since the outcome usually end less happy. Oh we beat a demon, oh well at least my chains of time doesn’t burden me when I fight oh wait, it does… :(


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