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seriously why bitch about anime you hate?

i mean really your just being an attention whore for hating it blah blah blah

if you really hate it then dont freaking watch and dont make anymore bitching and gloating and attention grabbing moves because it show your just an immature spoiled brat who likes to take his own way and never accepts the truth

as for me yeah light watch atleast its better than watching some repeated TV drama who have nothing but romance drama and more drama

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  • Highschool DxD Oppai Book Cover Rather Innovative:
    The only book this should protect is “Mein Kampf” lol Just think about it… the book’s on the index, oppai book cover are weird… combine them… and you get something really dangerous

  • Final Fantasy XV: “Is It Really Final Fantasy Anymore?”:
    @13:27 – no, they don’t. People do this with Free too, people just see what they want to see… they aren’t drawn in a Yaoi style!

  • Highschool DxD Oppai Book Cover Rather Innovative:
    Somehow this looks pretty crappy on a book… as if it’s damaging the book. Well, I wouldn’t get one of these ever, I like my books RAW lol IMHO book covers/sleeves get annoying while reading -_- Just a thought… no book cover = pettanko cover lol

  • Final Fantasy XV: “Is It Really Final Fantasy Anymore?”:
    Vann and Ashe were bland, and especially Penelo, but I’d love to see more characters like Fran and Balthier. Why can’t SE ever take a chance and make characters with crazy designs like those as the leads and give them deeper stories? FFXIII took a nose dive as far as characters go compared to any other FF… I just wish they had made the MC someone more like Fang. Sazh was as much of a black stereotype as Barret was, wheres the person who designed Kiros or Raijin?

  • Onechanbara Z2: “Quite Eccentric”:
    The first Oneechanbara for the PS2 was released in the West under the title “Zombie Zone.”


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