Comment on Aya Hirano’s Friday Debut: “She Did 3 of 4 Band Members” by Anonymous:

Whats this clean image bullshit? If she wants to have sex, let her have sex. No one cared before the images were leaked, and now all of a sudden her career is over? Nobody gives a shit that their politicians and celebrities have sex lives. Why should anyone care about Aya Hirano any more than them? This should only be a big deal if she were cheating on a boyfriend, but she hasn’t wronged anybody (except the fragile virgin hearts of the Haruhi worshipers whose butthurt remarks just makes them look pitiful).

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  • Top 10 Air-Headed Anime Girls:
    Ooo, so happy to see both Sofuteni and Anne Happy on the list. Both shows deserved far more love than they got.

  • Top 10 Air-Headed Anime Girls:
    All are moe standards…

  • Final Fantasy XV Prompto VR “Was All A Lie”:
    I’d rather have a PC port but really Square Enix is more than happy to just sink more time into Mobile App games than try to…well you know port a few games from consoles to PC. I mean I personally be happy with FF12 was finally ported to PC before 15. Even long before FF7…or the 40 billion parts that come after. People begged for a damn remake of the game. Suddenly bitch and whine after they get it. Yet I am passed it. I just want either 12 and/or 15 to be fucking brought to the PC market. …

  • Final Fantasy XV Prompto VR “Was All A Lie”:
    whole game was a lie…

  • Yunomi “Ultimate Plagiarist”:
    Oh my God.. a few months ago I drew Gumi from Coward Montblanc and used a picture of her to look at… and I drew Datsu-Kun from Dappo Rock and looked at a picture of him… I ALSO DREW RIN AND LOOKED AT HER ACT 2 BOX ART!! Oh my God I’m gonna go to jail!! NO!!! Who fucking cares if she drew the same bike or background (or balloon, because, you know, that’s something to worry about). Come on, her art is FANTASTIC! I absolutely love her art style, it’s so beautiful! She could have 1. Tried …


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