Comment on Aya Hirano’s Friday Debut: “She Did 3 of 4 Band Members” by Anonymous:

Whats this clean image bullshit? If she wants to have sex, let her have sex. No one cared before the images were leaked, and now all of a sudden her career is over? Nobody gives a shit that their politicians and celebrities have sex lives. Why should anyone care about Aya Hirano any more than them? This should only be a big deal if she were cheating on a boyfriend, but she hasn’t wronged anybody (except the fragile virgin hearts of the Haruhi worshipers whose butthurt remarks just makes them look pitiful).

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  • First 5 Min of Hollywood GitS: “What Have They Done…”:
    And during the slow motion the bad guys of course didn’t even try to shoot even a single bullet at her. There’s also inconsistencies like the robot with the guy in a choke hold getting shot, dropping the guy, a few seconds later getting shot again and dropping to the floor and the guys body isn’t to be found anywhere.

  • Youjo Senki An Absolute Rush:
    right, who the fuck watches anime for an interesting story, right? Kill yourself

  • Youjo Senki An Absolute Rush:
    I take it you either haven’t watched this or have some deep seeded, repressed need to fuck a child. The show itself does nothing, absolutely nothing, to sexualize Tanya. If anything, it goes out of its way to make her unappealing, at least physically. Pull your head out and take a look around once in a while.

  • First 5 Min of Hollywood GitS: “What Have They Done…”:
    Because Makoto’s cyber-body doesn’t look Japanese.

  • Netflix Live Action Death Note “Blasphemy”:
    You are so retarded you have no idea how retarded you are. I’ve been watching anime and reading manga probably longer then you’ve been alive. Speed Racer? Kimba? do you remember when they first hit American TV? I do, Channel 52 out of LA, CA back in the early 70’s. Giant Robo? I have probably deleted more anime then you have even watched. So quit with your racist rants about white privilege and learn that the world does not revolve around you. I apologize to no one for seeing the world as it is …


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