Comment on Aya Hirano’s Friday Debut: “She Did 3 of 4 Band Members” by Anonymous:

Whats this clean image bullshit? If she wants to have sex, let her have sex. No one cared before the images were leaked, and now all of a sudden her career is over? Nobody gives a shit that their politicians and celebrities have sex lives. Why should anyone care about Aya Hirano any more than them? This should only be a big deal if she were cheating on a boyfriend, but she hasn’t wronged anybody (except the fragile virgin hearts of the Haruhi worshipers whose butthurt remarks just makes them look pitiful).

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  • KonoSuba 2 Luxuriously Comical:
    It’s getting a lot better than the first episode. Hell, anything is better than Berserk (2016)

  • Hanayome Super Sonico Wedding Figure:
    I love this figure but for the gold ring wedding version price I could find a girl, get married with a small ceremony, have a honey moon and probably have enough left to buy a small car! In case you’re wondering the gold ring version is an extravagant 481,111 JPY!

  • Winter Wonder Festival 2017 H-Figures Truly Lust-Inducing:
    that’s how their laws work. Go complain to the government. Useless to complain here. We can’t do anything about it.

  • Jeanne d’Arc Cosplay Highly Dominant:
    and which expression would be more fitting in that setting?

  • Sexily Slashed Blassreiter Snow Figure:
    She’s an acquaintance of Joseph, and appears in episode 18-19. She confronted him while he was in a super-powered but feral state and tried to turn him back to normal. She succeeded, but at the cost of her own life. T_T She’s the main character in the spinoff manga Blassreiter Genetic.


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