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Anon 2:35 I can read it too but I don’t understand

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  • Why You Should Never Trust a Webcam:
    It’s true there’s webcam and reality difference but she’s still pretty either ways. :l

  • Why You Should Never Trust a Webcam:
    Freaking Japanese TV with the stupid Picture in Picture nonsense. Lose that button, Japanesers. That crap should be made illegal. Oh, and the chubby chick? Looks hot enough to me. I’d hit it hard and often. She would look really good naked and tied up, like Nana. Stupid 2ch masturbators are body obsessed asshats with little real life experience. I bet they think P-in-P is cool.

  • Why You Should Never Trust a Webcam:
    Lawl its because that bitch opened her mouth and showed her messed up teeth.

  • Why You Should Never Trust a Webcam:
    Smiling face =/= Neutral face. Especially if it’s Smiling with Teeth =/= Neutral face. Some people just don’t realize that. Also, she really doesn’t look that different. She’s beautiful.

  • Why You Should Never Trust a Webcam:
    I kinda want the second picture to have that 1 guy screaming still ol

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  • Finally – Senran Kagura OVA Exposes Nipples At Last!:
    Dude, if I see a woman in skin tight yoga pants, and stare at her sexy ass, it’s the same thing. Regardless of not being naked lol

  • Hoshizora Rin Nekomimi Figure:
    She doesn’t have much curves, but I understand your sentiment. I don’t like her outfit though.

  • Cross Ange Finale Bares All:
    At least Tusk is not the useless gae princceso Rito wannabe.

  • Finally – Senran Kagura OVA Exposes Nipples At Last!:
    Okay… since your a guy answer this then. When you see a naked woman do look at her just like a normal clothed woman, or do you feel your man urges slowly growing just by looking at her body? Be honest, some can deal with it and some can’t. So Which do YOU feel about it? Because If your man or woman, and you see someone is nude and yet your getting somehow sexually aroused, then YEAH, IT IS THE SAME THING. You can’t lie your way out, we all know this WEBSITE WE’RE ON.

  • Lovely x Cation Succulent Schoolgirl Ero-Anime:
    Go away, you dumb broad. If you could get attention in real life you wouldn’t be whoring for it on the net. To any of you thirsty white knights out there, feel free to vote this comment down.


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