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LDP Push National Loli Ban: “Anime Harms Children”


Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party is set on passing a bill which would ban all loli material as child pornography, saying it promotes crimes against children.

The law as it stands strictly prohibits making and distributing (photographic) child pornography, but “simple possession” is not criminalised (except in Kyoto, which recently passed its own local ban).

Various legislative efforts to pass national bans on possession of child pornography have in recent years been made, but all have have been abandoned due to the inability of the LDP and DPJ to agree on anything.

The latest effort to pass a ban is encountering difficulties because the LDP (authoritarian mock-capitalists who ran Japan for almost the entire post-war period) and their Komeito stooges (a minority political party controlled and supported by the Soka Gakkai, a Buddhist cult) want to explicitly include anime and manga in the definition of what can constitute “child pornography,” whilst the ruling DPJ (incompetent leftists) opposes this.

The LDP and Komeito both assert that such anime and manga promote victimisation of children and so should be banned, whilst the DPJ oppose any inclusion of 2D material, saying it should be protected on free speech grounds and instead considered culture.

It is the LDP to which arch-manga hater Shintaro Ishihara formerly belonged (he left to form his own party as it was insufficiently crazy for him); his son is in fact the LDP chief secretary (a large proportion of LDP seats are in practice hereditary in nature).

The Democrats have generally been sceptical of efforts to more heavily criminalise child pornography, arguing that such laws would be ripe for abuse by police – a not unreasonable concern considering Japanese police are practically a law unto themselves, and a corrupt and capricious one at that.

There is thought to be almost no chance of the two sides agreeing, and the DPJ still control the Diet – although when the Tokyo manga ban was initially proposed, the Tokyo DPJ initially opposed it, only to decide to support it when a reworded and even more extreme draft was submitted a second time.

2ch possesses an almost schizophrenic blend of crazy right-wingers and lovers of 2D culture (frequently the same people), and so is in some trouble when its most hated party is also its only saviour:

“Otaku vote-grubbing!”

“If the LDP get this past it will be a storm of censorship, no doubt…”

“By all means crack down on the sellers and buyers of that stuff. But crackiing down on people who are just immersed in fantasy is sheer madness.”

“Banning all romantic scenes involving under 18s… Infinite Stratos and so on will be done for in a stroke.”

“All the arguments for these laws are based on pure emotion, not reason.”

“There is absolutely no evidence which suggests manga promotes victimisation of children. On the contrary, it probably has the opposite effect. Do they watch rape ero-anime in South Africa? My only concern is the effect of 2D on people’s interest in real women, and on the birth rate.”

“And with even the panchira censored in recent anime…”

“The LDP is a religion now.”

“The LDP has my vote!”

“The LDP and Komeito are just going to keep on about this. Eventually it’ll pass. And the DPJ will probably be massacred in the next general election.”

“I voted for the DPJ only because of this. But when they get kicked out the next lot will pass it anyway.”

“The touch of religious hysteria which the LDP and Komeito have in relation to this issue is pretty scary.”

“It’s because the cults lurking in the LDP/Komeito’s background will never accept child sexuality, whether real or imagined.”

“The LDP and Komeito are desperate to ban this stuff, they’ll just do it later anyway.”

“This is nothing less than re-establishing our thought police.”

“This is the only reason I support the DPJ!”

“People don’t understand freedom. You may be free to think of this stuff, but you should not be free to publish it to other people. You can’t just say anything to other people.”

“Because it’s fiction we should allow anything? I’m ashamed of Japan…”

“All the foreign countries ban this stuff so why shouldn’t we?”

“If what they are doing is right, why haven’t we got rid of the mosaics in our porn? Just because foreigners do it doesn’t mean it is right. Saying that is a bad habit of the Japanese.”

“Japan’s rape and youth crimes are a twentieth of what they were at the start of the post-war period. Yet AV and ero-manga are more available than ever – strange isn’t it?”

“The censorship crowd just want to eliminate everything they disagree with. They keep attacking on a near permanent basis, it’s troubling.”

“How many people would they falsely arrest if they got this law?”

“The LDP and Komeito are just too dangerous now… and you damn Democrats, you voted for the Tokyo manga ban!”

“The LDP and Komeito don’t give a damn about the children – they just want to take anime away from anime otaku and make them make babies.”

“They’ll push this through and just revise it later to include the 2D stuff.”

“It’s over. The DPJ will be done for next election and this lot will get in and ban everything.”

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  • As you can see, despite all restrictions in US there are more “sexual predators” than anywhere else.
    I hope Japan will remain free of this ideological shit forever.
    P.S. I trust that loli manga decreases the number of crimes against children.
    P.P.S. I’m happy living in Ukraine cuz here nobody realy cares even about CP on Internet.

  • So why hasn’t someone from Sankaku sent strong “wake-up calls” to our friends over at 2ch? Call them out for their inability to defend what they love.

    Not only will that elicit humourous reactions from those there who are for the ban, but it will also create another thread of reactions and responses so that I may enjoy Sankaku posts even more.

  • So long as we are giving rights to fictional characters, let’s arrest Stephen King for allowing a pandemic to kill over 90% of the worlds population in The Stand. That man is a monster.

  • I almost want this to happen tbh.

    Would finnally force them to stop making crappy Loli animes just for the sake of a quick buck, and we could get back to the days where animes had character development and actual storylines.

  • “The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people. As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation.” – Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

  • If this passes, I will have lost absolutely all faith in Japan. It’s time that these censorship nuts realized that NOTHING is bad in fantasy (even children having sex, no matter what the situation) and moved on.

    They are just trying to ban ANYTHING that they disagree with and absolutely refuse to admit that since we are born with fully functional genitalia outside of reproduction…. do the math here people, I think you can.

    The ONLY thing we need to protect children from sex wise is adults and even other children, older and younger than them, forcing them (PHYSICALLY forcing them) into sexual things against their will.

    Easiest way to do that is to tell children what sex is VERY EARLY IN THEIR LIVES and tell them that if anyone tries to touch them on their genitalia more than once without their permission and after they tell them not to do that? Go tell a damned adult or other authority figure.

    Fact is that when it comes to adult/child sexual relationships, the CHILDREN have all the power because one word to adults and the adult or older child in question will have to be watching out for people killing them.

  • So, a whole lot has been posted…
    Considering myself a 2D-er, i’d like to point out a few things, that i’ve already seen on previous pages (if by any chance someone from the jap gov-t is reading this, read precisely).

    Firstly, LDP says, that loli (or whatever ero-manga) pushes ppl to do crimes, as seen in this ero-manga. Well, that’s a lie obviously. I’m a 2D-er myself and i like to watch doujins about girls with big hooters, but i never hunted women with an evil intent to perform everything i’ve seen in some doujin. Ero-manga pushes to rape crimes only ppl, that have some kinda funky shit in their heads, it doesn’t affect mentally normal and stable ppl.

    Secondly, if this law becomes legitimate, think about how many possible pedos are out there. They’ll lose the option to satisfy themselves and what’ll they do? They’ll start hunting REAL kids, cause they don’t have their favorite loli manga anymore, that they were fapping to. Japan right now has one of the lowest crime rates in the world, now think about it once again, how much could it grow and how much innocent kids’ll get their mentality completely crushed for the rest of their lives. Cause i watched a program somewhere on TV at night, there were interviewed adults, who were raped in childhood. And they said, that no matter how hard psychologists tried to “heal” them, they still remember and feel it, and they sometimes have nightmares. If you remember Jonathan Davis’s biography, you’ll understand what i’m talking about…

    Third moment, this ban, most likely, is meant to rise up the birth lvl, so that the retired old ppl would get more pensions. That’s another stupidity, cause if a person is a true 2D-er, there’s no way you can make him go out with a real chick. I can say that, cause i’m like that myself. I just haven’t seen ANY girl in real life, who is that cute and has this kind of a size, like in anime. And BTW, robot industry evolutes every day, so by the time this law is set, japs’ll develop humanoid robots, that’ll be able to act like your favorite anime characters, have its appearance and ability to satisfy its owner mentally and physically. We shouldn’t forget about that as well 😀

    Number four. I’ve seen some comments before, that were saying things like “All other countries ban this stuff, so should we”.
    That’s bullshit, let me tell you. Western culture (USA, Europe, Russia) right now is slowly fading into the darkness (sorry if i insult someone), it’s not the same idillistic and human-friendly “West”, that we all think about. Laws in these countries are now so completely retarded, police is able to arrest you for no reason, keep you in the cage, without even respecting your rights of the human (or how are they called in english?)
    So you want Japan and other asian countries to follow this road to nowhere?

    Dear people in J-Dovernment, throw emotions and unlogical blabbering away, and think about it. It may turn out, that your own kid will be abused by a person, from who you took away his/her ero-manga…

  • The idea that hentai can make someone go out and rape children is ridiculous. If someone who wasn’t a lolicon at all, who had absolutely no interest in children, read a loli manga, would they suddenly say “Oh, I’m going to go and rape kids now because I read it in a manga?” No. That’s fucking ridiculous.

    If anything, loli manga help keep the paedos off the streets, since they have an outlet for their desires. They can fap to drawings, and no one is hurt. If loli gets banned, they might search for other outlets, and harm children for real.

    Logic, LDP. Please try and use it.

  • 57% of Bluray sales are anime. Meaning its good for the economy, somehow I wonder just how senile politicians are when they continually attempt to drop kick one of Japan’s biggest industries PERIOD.

  • I actually want to know how far these people are willing to go… I mean, if this is trying to crush the NEETs, it’s not going to work. If they WANT to raise the marriage rate, so that whatever Social Security equivalent in Japan will get fed so that these old farts will get retirement money, it’s also going to fail.

    I am against real child porn, since it is immoral. But how far are they going to go is the real question. R-18 hardcore child porn anime? H loli anime? What about just plain loli anime? Does this mean the end to all Mahou Shoujo genre? Does this mean no summer pool/swimsuit/yukata?

  • As A 2d-er, I have to say, these arguments always piss me off. They have no place in reality, and tend to be either the condensed beliefs of the legislation writer or worse, something they are using to pander to the group whose condensed beliefs this is in order to claim that “they were in fact doing their jobs. Claims like this are illogical because they don’t work, are based around false logic, are made by people who just don’t know what they are talking about, and is done in the wrong way.

    first, no matter WHAT any idiot says, you cannot become a pedophile from Anime. It’s just impossible. You can make a person more open to pedophilia, and more accepting of the people who are pedos, but if aren’t interested in young children already, then you have no chance of being made into a pedophile with written or drawn materials, because you won’t search out said materials, and they will never appeal to you enough to warrant further searching.

    Second, A 2D loli does not equal a 3d one. A 2D loli does not even enter the radar of a person, and rather stays at “an image” level. That argument has far too many counter arguments to even name, like “If you tear up a piece of porn, are you now a murderer?”, “does that mean that every horror flick that includes copious amounts of violence should end in prison sentences for all viewers involved? After all, they did just watch REAL, ACTUAL people have horrible things done to them. This isn’t a matter of “pandering to Otaku” it’s a matter of “This law is purely emotional, meaning that they have no basis in logic, reason, or even ethics (here’s the thing, if your ethics law is breaking several laws in the code of ethics, you might be doing something wrong!)”

    third. “Because it’s fiction, we should allow anything? I’m ashamed of Japan…” YES. I BELIEVE THAT THAT IS THE VERY POINT OF FICTION. THINGS THAT COULDN’T BE DONE IN REAL LIFE. IF WE DIDN’T ALLOW EVERYTHING IN FICTION, WE WOULDN’T BE ABLE TO CALL OURSELVES A FREE SOCIETY. IT IS IN FACT UP TO THE PEOPLE TO DECIDE WHAT TO BUY AND NOT TO BUY, NOT THE GOVERNMENTS TO CONTROL WHAT IS SOLD. Also, your ashamed of Japan for that, really? not the fact that you have an anti-everyone pseudo-rapist as mayor for your countries capital? Not for the fact that your voting majority comes from an age whose culture was over 90% different from yours? Not from the fact that your country has one of the highest suicide rates (which this ban would NOT help btw) of any country ever?

    FOURTH, this issue isn’t one that can be solved through legislation. Generate this law, and you’ll just be feeding the black market, an act that leads to an increase in crime. Honestly, if you were any level of intelligent, instead of dumb and congressy, you probably would have thought up one of the many subtle ways to solve this problem. (I.E. Slowly phase out of “Kawaisa” culture, Fund more seinen manga, create a relatively big tax on Lolicon materials, ETC). Is it lightly underhanded, yes, will it get the job done better than fanning the flames of crime, YES.

    Do I realize that I just wrote a light essay about this subject in a Sankaku article, where nobody who has anything to do with this subject or decision reads? yes. Do I care? No, this was worth getting off my chest.

  • I watch anime that involves supernatural themes.

    I don’t think moe is great for anime. I don’t think high-school settings are great for anime.

    For that matter, I can do without most romance stories, although a lot of good anime get better when the characters get some romance because it adds depth to the characters.

    Here’s a hypothetical: suppose that they made romance anime, but they were all set in college instead of high school. It would be just as good in my book.

    Here’s a shocking thought: maybe most anime characters should be adults like Vash the Stampede and Irresponsible Captain Tylor and Rune Soldier Louie, not teenagers like Rei Ayanami.

  • Pathetic…

    When they were in power they did nothing and probably were heavy consumers of 2d porn.

    Now that they are out of power, they latch on to this ‘issue’ to try and get more votes from the mindless masses who want to ban anything they don’t like.

    As I’ve said many times before… the anime/manga industry has to really standup and take this seriously or there won’t be a anime/manga industry for long.

    Because they won’t just stop at loli anime/manga. They always go to the easiest item to demonize first, then slowly chip away at our freedoms until we suddenly have no more freedoms to lose. 🙁

    And the talent this will cost the industry will also hurt it. A lot of manga/anime creators get their start doing dojins that feature young characters. Ban them and you loose the training ground for new talent.

  • Japanese have the government they deserve. They like being told what to do and think; no such thing as individualism there. Nobody is going to stand up for CP of any kind publicly.

    Might as well kiss loli and the like goodbye, since they are going to pass such law sooner or later. 2D-ero fans may be annoyed at first, but they’ll get over it.

  • “assert that such anime and manga promote victimisation of children”

    Everybody believes this but where is the proof?
    What I see is that the more porn there is, the less perverts bother with real people => low birth rate, low rape rate, low pedo rate as Japan has.

    It makes sense – after flapping to your favourite pedo h-manga are you getting going to go out and rape a pre-schooler??? Your satisfied already.
    Without porn you don’t stop wanting sex, it is just more difficult to find satisfaction.

  • So do we have to go though this shit AGAIN ? how many fucking times does it take for this shit to stop my good, did no one realize that the banning of loli is bullshit ? its the same fucking wasted arguement like how video games create murders my god -_______-

    Japanese otakus are pussies and don’t do jack shit, so you know what fuck it AGAIN.

  • its not like i like lolis its just that i like small girls with flat chest
    i just happen to rape them on site and forgot to ask about their age first who always happen to be a child you do know it is rude to ask a lady about her age right?

  • I think if this really happens, they will handle lolicon like in other countries. Just slap a ‘all displayed characters are 18 or older’ in the manga and done, this is how most adult stuff including loli gets sold overseas while not being official loli.

  • “If what they are doing is right, why haven’t we got rid of the mosaics in our porn? Just because foreigners do it doesn’t mean it is right. Saying that is a bad habit of the Japanese.”

    Yeah, because the mosaics in your porn are a *good* thing… Jesus.

  • Well… it does help me imagine child porn. It’s supposed to do that. As for acting upon it, no. I molested children and got away with it when I was in my young 20s before I even knew about or watched anime. Now I would never risk that again. So either I am getting older and wiser or I am satisfied with naked animated children.

  • I find it ironic they call themselves the liberal democratic party when they are more conservative then the Tea party in the US.

    Really why would anyone vote for them?
    I did some research and they have not done anything even remotely resembling competent decision making since the mid 80s.

    BTW is it normal to want to lock Beako in a room full of goat men,xenomorphs,honey badgers or any other sufficiently aggressive creature and let them have their way with her?

    Might as well include every member of the LDP too.

    Few things get me as angry as the erosion of free speech.

    • The customers, hosts and sellers are all in Japan so it makes no difference whether it is online or off. The average Japanese has no understanding of just how limited their anonymity is when using the web or unencrypted P2P in any case.

      The only system which would work is fully encrypted distribution and payment (i.e. Freenet and Bitcoin), technically possible but not very easy.

  • I’ll never understand japan. I got no problems with Loli anime images and I am in canada, I find them cute. But you know.. insted of them worrying about images of anime/cartoon characters. You think they’d worried aout the 13-15 yr olds that whore themselves to men insted. They usually get away with it too. Since the cops will arrest the man but do nothing to the girl so she just does it again. I have to admit though Japan is pretty fucked up, and its not for the loli images either.

    I think all countries TBH are blowing the loli anime pictures way out of proportion. Its art, sure some people get off on it but really who cares? Hell some messed up people can get off to watching a woman take a shit on the floor, in this case I think the loli pics are less offensive. I really think japan should look at its Porn with real actors and regulate that before they worry about cartoons. I have had the displeasure of seeing some of the fucked up porn they produce over there, yet its allowed and sold in stores, yet Loli images, are illegial? it makes no sense.

  • Do they even know what loli is? I thought we don’t have a perfect definition. So how would they differentiate loli and not loli? Just by age is stupid, just by appearance is even more stupid.
    I just run into some kind of discussion about tera Elin race on youtube. Some said they were children, and he would never let them make a game like this. But I asked why are they children. They are a different race who looks like as they do, but they are grown ups and not children.
    Is small woman considered loli??
    Is flatchested woman considered loli?
    Is it because of their cute faces?
    I think none of these attributes alone make them children when they are adults in age. Its rather a composition of attributes. But its a rather thick border between the loli and not loli. Even age cannot make them for sure. For example if somebody is 17 years and 11 mounth old is too young but 18 years and 0 mounth is fine??? WTF? Whats the difference? 1 mounth?
    Stupid politicians could find their idiot reasons for sure. But still there is no easy way to tell what goes in what category. Maybe they will ask for the help of otaku …. XD

  • I love Artefact’s political analysis. It’s so…refreshing…

    ““All the foreign countries ban this stuff so why shouldn’t we?””
    This is not true, anonymous 2ch-san. In America, the 1st amendment protects drawn loli images, although selling or transmitting such images can still be ruled as obscene and punishable.

    “2ch possesses an almost schizophrenic blend of crazy right-wingers and lovers of 2D culture”
    This is very true. I’m sure you could set 2ch and Free Republic together, and they would agree on nearly everything, which is another reason why I hate 2ch.

    “It is the LDP to which arch-manga hater Shintaro Ishihara formerly belonged (he left to form his own party as it was insufficiently crazy for him)”
    And this is why I read this site.

  • well, thats how you know you live in an advanced nation
    people have too little to worry about, yet politicians still need some agenda to push while going about their own corrupt business, so even far fetched and/or fictional threats will do
    you just need to make a fuss and the media, who also have nothing proper to report, will gladly lend you a hand
    over here we have enough actual problems so not one party thinks they need to revise perfectly fine moral standards
    which country type you prefer is a matter of taste…

  • A very stupid question, can anyone hand me an instruction on how to identify a 2D minor? I mean how silly doesn’t it sound if I go down to the doctor and ask “Hey! how old do you think my cat eared alien trap is?”.

    • Like what Americans say, this is your tax money at work. Anyone would be pissed if they’re money is used to protect imaginary children. Face it, they don’t have rights. I don’t care if they are depicted being gagged,fucked,gang-raped,choked,killed because they don’t exist.

      This like the FBI spending millions of dollars to find DB Cooper who jumped out of a plane and he only stole 500 grand.

      I don’t care if these stuff are harmful to kids around, these days they don’t seem like children at all anymore.

  • I WANT them to ban it. In fact, I want them to ban all sorts of ridiculous things now. Maybe that way, those pussies in Japan will actually stand up for themselves and vote against people like Ishihara.

    Is it wishful thinking for me to think they might grow some balls? Probably.

    • I wouldn’t call the fans in Japan ‘pussies’ based on this issue; we in North America aren’t any better (we haven’t as a generation [Generations X & Y] even been able to stop both wars in the Middle East despite all of the advanced communications tech we have at our disposal!) Do young Generation X & Y Japanese otaku need to get into it and get involved, as James Brown once said? Yes they do, but calling them ‘pussies’ isn’t anything but sexist and misogynist.

  • It is amazing how ignorant people can make such stupid claims and still be believed.

    Just like that ex attorney ( he got sacked cause he did things like that ) claiming he got proof that video game turn teens into murderers in real life

    • Very true but at least in case of sweden the people who support this are hompohobes and transophobes who run a “child” protextion organization that claims transexual children don’t exist. I think the swedish public are fed up with these idiots.

    • I Can’t read Japanese; could you tell us what the kanji on the page mean, or at least give us instructions on how to leave our message (like click the third buttom from the top and type your message in the second block or something like that)

      • Entry fields are, top to bottom:

        Name (or nickname)
        (male) (female)
        Age (dropdown self explanatory)
        Location (bottom option is for overseas)
        Email address
        Email address confirmation
        Regarding (First radio button is for party policy)
        Rep. name (Not necessary anyways)
        Message text

      • Hope this helps. Basically anything with a red marker means that it’s required.

        first block is the name

        Second block is the male (男性)and female (女性).

        third is the age range (they have numbers)

        fourth is location (i assume they’re all in Japan). select whatever

        fourth is the e-mail block. you have to write an email address and confirm it in the second box.

        first part of the last block is the contents of the feedback
        button 1. Party policy
        button 2. operation of the party
        button 3. Addressed to members (dunno)
        button 4. other

        second part of last block isn’t requried Translates to “If the name ※ addressed members said, “to lawmakers ○ ○” stated above, please enter.”

        third part of last block is title

        last part (large text box) is your message

        bottom button to confirm message

        *new page*

        first link goes back, the second link sends message

        I don’t understand kanji either. I had to use a translator.

  • Like I posted in a earlier article related to the manga ban in Tokyo, the constitutionality of this ban if it passes is absolutely non-legitimate.
    The language in their constitution is absolute and frank- the rights to free speech and expression, and thought cannot be abridged or criminalized.

    The evidence for lolicon imagery being a violence to children is a lie. Time and time again it’s always the people who were already troubled that create this trouble.
    What is a violence to children is the suppression of wrongs done by those in higher positions and authority.

    The reason that the national ban is proposed from a foreign eye is not simply a ploy to institutionalize a flawed sense of morality- but what smells of a larger ploy to place power in the wrong places, and suppress the younger generation so that a lineage of oppression can be assured to progress- instead of Japan itself.

    • So where is Japan’s supreme court on this? Alas I suspect from the test case of the mangaka and publisher who sold uncensored manga and whose convictions were subsequently upheld, and no one attempting a test case to get the Tokyo ban overturned, the LDP has already ensured that they have enough people in the right places to make sure their ban sticks.

      We’re simply seeing in Japan a mirror image of ourselves–it’s happening all over the world. The older generation–the Baby Boom generation–takes advantage of everything their forefathers bequeathed to them, then pulls the ladder up after them and says “screw you” to the youth. Grants for graduate students? NO! Less taxes for ME! Clean water and air? NO! Less taxes for ME! Protected freedom of expression? NO! Easy reelection for ME! So I can continue to get more money for ME!

      • Add to this the usurping of the radio and recording industries to make/play nothing but the same 50’s and 60’s rock/pop all of the time, the attack on any kind of youth culture (banning raves, trying to ban rap music, getting pissy about raver/dance culture, destroying skater & graffiti culture, being nasty and dismissive about punk rock/DIY culture)-yes I can see what you mean. Moga

      • From my research, the constitutionality of a loli-ban is a different subject than where Japan’s supreme court is on this matter.
        Light web-searching so far indicates that they try to avoid ruling on controversial events- which makes the fact that they have actually not ruled many things as unconstitutional, make sense. It seems that they like to defer to the government more than actually getting involved. I’d like to emphasize the possibility of my assessment being wrong or at best over-generalization of a complex topic.
        Either way, due to the court’s reputation, you can guarantee that people in Japan that care will need to prematurely act to counter this most heinous of intellectual crimes being suggested by the LDP.

  • The gov’t shouldn’t tell whats healthy for others or not, and put false info to trick the public, while making laws limiting our freedom. It’s like the world is falling into a dark place….

    • Representative democracy is a form of government which requires explicit interaction between the governing institutions and the people. If you think your civil responsibilities are limited to putting a piece of paper in an envelope once every 4 years, you are missing the entire point.

    • worse

      It will mean that:

      Infinite Stratos
      Rosario To Vampire
      Dance in the Vampire Bund
      Fairy Tail
      Yuru Yuri
      Hidan No Aria
      Zero No Tsukaima
      Ore No Imouto
      Astalotte no Omocha
      Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro Chan
      Dororon Enma Kun Meeramera
      Highschool of the Dead
      Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou
      Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt
      Sora no Otonashimo

      and many more anime with scenes in them that involve sexual-like behaviour from girls under 18 will be banned forever, and no anime’s like that are allowed to be made ever after that.

      • worse

        It will mean that:

        Infinite Stratos
        Rosario To Vampire
        Dance in the Vampire Bund
        Fairy Tail
        Yuru Yuri
        Hidan No Aria
        Zero No Tsukaima
        Ore No Imouto
        Astalotte no Omocha
        Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro Chan
        Dororon Enma Kun Meeramera
        Highschool of the Dead
        Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou
        Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt
        Sora no Otonashimo

        and many more anime with scenes in them that involve sexual-like behaviour from girls under 18 will be banned forever, and no anime’s like that are allowed to be made ever after that.

        And then, all that the Japanese studios will produce is the same animation that they have in North America: desexualized, boring crap that will do nothing but be for kids to convey them ‘lessons’ or at best, be just as ‘adult’ as what comes out of Pixar/Dreamworks PDI/Sony Animation.

    • In a way, then, censorship can be good.

      When people get punished for having done what society told them to do, those people lose trust in society.

      Undeserved punishment tends to radicalize people.

      Suppose that 2D ero gets banned. Suppose that a wildly radicalized generation of artists emerges.

      It could be like “Barefoot Gen,” except instead of being born into a world of fires lit by bombing, they would be born into a world of burning books.

  • “a large proportion of LDP seats are in practice hereditary in nature”

    Listen to Yuina! (from hanasaku iroha, she is meant to inherit her mum’s inn and be the manager but instead wants to do something that she likes.)

  • “All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

    It just seems that Japan like so many other countries needs to wake up and take the reins of their leadership. Too many places are managed by stubborn, youth-hating, freedom-hating old men who threaten those who question with one form of death or another…

    Reality isn’t simply ‘what is’, it’s what we make of it. If someone really wants to escape reality, they need to overthrow these fools and make the country what it can be, instead of blindly accepting the way things are.

    • I don’t know exactly how they do things over there, but don’t the people vote for their officials in Japan too? If so, why the fuck do they keep voting in people who oppose their way of life? I mean, there are probably more pervs who get off on this stuff than old farts who want to censor it. They should be able to do something about it. Maybe protests or anything. For God’s sake, these people seem to love to complain about shit and then lay down and take it.

      • Then they aren’t good men, are they? They’re simply blind, crazed sycophants thumping their specific book of choice.

        Good men see past deceptions, appearances, and prejudice to see the truth that lies beyond it. Unfortunately, it seems to do so is too much effort for many.

    • That’s why I’m such an advocate of mandatory term limits. Two terms max! Get them out before creeping decrepitude sets in.

      More of these clowns, in any country should look to Cincinnatus as an example. If you feel you have a civic duty to perform, do it and then go home!

  • Otaku has no right to bitch and moan. Much like how Ishihara got re-elected. It’s proven that otakus prefer to sit at home and bitch on the internet instead of voting. They deserve the censorship shitstrom they’re having now.

  • Anyone who supports censorship is likely lacking in the head. I think it likely that it comes from the inability to see the consequences of ones own actions. This may stem from childhood trauma caused by unwanted sexual advances from an undesired sex. I think it likely that this in combination with (for an unknown reason) getting locked into closets an incalculable number of times seals off an area of the brain necessary for predictive and empathetic ability. Luckily, this planet will soon belong to much smarter apes so if you think about it. Nothing we’ve done really mattered. I hope the apes spare my life, because I happen to enjoy toast. I can’t eat toast if I’m dead.

    • Japanese politics and social culture typically revolve around compromise and group consensus. Having dissenting opinions even if you’re a completely different political party is looked down upon.

      • When the LDP had their undisputed 50+ year rule and the opposition was the Socialist Party, often any disagreements would get ironed out through a series of compromises that would eventually result in an almost universal agreement in the lower house to pass the law.

        The elite old people running the LDP are used to having the opposition parties supporting all their laws sometimes with a few compromises. For example the old Socialist Party was the one responsible for stuff like National Health Insurance scheme they have in Japan.

        It seems the LDP still think they rule the country even from the opposition bench.

  • “There is absolutely no evidence which suggests manga promotes victimisation of children. On the contrary, it probably has the opposite effect. Do they watch rape ero-anime in South Africa? My only concern is the effect of 2D on people’s interest in real women, and on the birth rate.”

    ^ This guy.

  • I’m not a fan of loli (with rare exceptions, like Nagi from Hayate no Gotoku) but despite my own distate with a lot of the loli stuff, freedom of expression laws exist for a reason, and it’s not to protect the easy safe stuff. If this passes it essentially means freedom of expression doesn’t exist in Japan, because if they can ban something because it’s “potentially dangerous to young people” that includes almost anything.

    Unfortunately, just like in the US, the Japanese democratic party seems to like rolling over for wacko conservatives even when they control the government. It’s the price of trying to use reason against people who know none.

    • I’m neither a lawyer, nor have read the Japanese constitution, but “freedom of expression” is not as universal right as you may think. Only a handful places in the world have explicit constitutional right to it.
      I imagine the exact text may lack in the constitution, even if it’s implied by other regulations.

      Personally, if I were a mangaka in the business I’d be all up in arms trying to get supporters of this law to show proof that my work harms children and never miss an opportunity to criticize them on pushing laws on baseless accusations. One thing politicians cannot stand is being make fools of, and the right media attention can cripple this law in the cradle, at least until someone buys some fake whitepapers.

  • Oh, they should really consider a name-change.

    They are neither liberal nor democratic. And by the way they operate, i’d place them safely on the ultra-right wing.

    It’s a shame, really. Japanese people suck at politics.
    I mean, they used to be useless rabble under the tenno and the shogun but this amount of complete fail…

    I used to hold a certain amount of respect for Japan. But that’s long gone. Nowadays, i can only respect a few individual Japanese. The majority of them is beyond help.

  • The problem with the loli ban is that it didn’t passed the last time, because lots of people were bitching that they cannot banned characters that look “underage” in fictional world. The romance between the underage of 18 in the fictional world would be affect if this law passes. Not only Anime is for adults, but it’s also for kids as well. Though, not all Anime is for kids because 80% of animation has different ratings.

  • Why is it that we get the SAME damn shit every fucking year? There have been legal decisions in the past, yet, for some reason, it seems like those shits don’t take those regulations seriously.

    I mean, normal people have to abide by laws, so why can they simply trample on them every year? There really should be a binding clause that guarantees something like a law becoming untouchable for a considerable amount of time, so that groups of asshats stop trying to overthrow them every new season.

    Last time they were told to fuck off because this “loli ban” is braindead and they just keep coming back. They should really be fined for contempt of court-decisions.

  • this will just promote rape, as pedophiles won’t have anything to fap to and the only way will be the real stuff.

    I would love to see anyone of the LDP after 8 mounths without fucking. I bet most of them would be rapists or throw themselves in front of a car.

    Furthermore, they say this promotes victimisation of children….but to victimizate anyone, first he/she should have had passed throught something “bad”, but seens when consentual sex is something bad?
    Most loli mangas are about a couple who enjoy the pleasure of sex.
    ie. Kodomo no jikan will surely be banned, but what in a girl who’s in love with her teacher promotes “victimisation of children”
    other where there’s a siste in love with ther brother, it might be incest and moraly bad. But it’s their problem not your’s. If they like each other, it’s their problem. Why do the goverment have to decide this stuff for the people instead of the people deciding for themselves….
    Fucking dictators…..

      • Don’t mix the two. Lolicons are absolutely not rapists, but we are pedophiles. “Lolicon” is a Japanese word (albeit derived from English), and it means “pedophile”. End of story.

        • ‘And on a side note, whenever I see comments like: Loli material = CP and it promotes crimes against children, or that such material promotes the victimization of children.

          Well, my response is: Ok, name the studies in which this is proven, and which have been peer reviewed. And name the professional literature in which it has been published.

          And I’m talking about such material as say the American Journal of Psychiatry, JAMA or AAPDP (to name one of the most well known medical journals would be the Lancet, although I’m not quite sure that it deals with this topic).

          And if you can’t name those studies’

          You’ve named the wrong journals. You should be reading criminology journals.

          JAMA and Lancet have some useful info, but the psych journals are pseudo-science, absolutely more harmful than tarot cards and similar superstitions.

        • In addition, a pedophile is interested in prepubescent children (generally age 13 years or younger, though onset of puberty may vary).

          Taiga from Toradora, Louise from Zero no Tsukaima, Shana from Shakugan no Shana, Alice from Kamisama no Memochou, Victorique from Gosick are lolis (one could argue about Attia Simmons from Freezing as well), yet they’d fall into the category of Ephebophilia, as they’re in the 14-19 age range.

          Now don’t get me wrong, I got nothing with pedophilia, it rather disturbs me, as these chaps and lasses know very well that what they’re doing is illegal and unethical, considering the whole Age of Consent thing, and what with most kids having the emotional maturity and intellectual foresight of a rock, so no they’re not ready to be engaging in stuff like that yet.

          Having said that, I do believe in using the correct terminology for an issue. And Lolicon and Pedophilia do not overlap in a 1 to 1 state like that. There may be some overlap, but the two terms cannot be considered synonyms, considering that both hebephilia and ephebophilia can also fall into the loli category.

          And on a side note, whenever I see comments like: Loli material = CP and it promotes crimes against children, or that such material promotes the victimization of children.

          Well, my response is: Ok, name the studies in which this is proven, and which have been peer reviewed. And name the professional literature in which it has been published.

          And I’m talking about such material as say the American Journal of Psychiatry, JAMA or AAPDP (to name one of the most well known medical journals would be the Lancet, although I’m not quite sure that it deals with this topic).

          And if you can’t name those studies, then would you kindly have a nice cup of STFU, because I have no time for “the world is flat and the sun circles around it” purveyors.

        • @ Anon 5:54
          excuse me, i may be a pedophile, but i’m not a rapist.
          i don’t like kids suffering, and much less would i force a kid to do something she doesn’t want.

          Lolicon or Pedophile doesn’t mean rapist
          rapist can or not be pedophiles,
          Don’t mix us all in the same bag.

          this shit about pedophilia being evil is more moral shit. It has happened since the beginings of times and just now they are traumatized?…..that just shit they brainwash them with so they have “victims” as to acuse as of being criminals.
          How is it there isn’t loli mangas in other countries and they have way higher raping rates than japan?

        • No.

          Being a lolicon simply means that you’re into 2D characters of petite stature. There is NO automatic link to pedophilia. Heck, i know peopke you probabably could describe as lolicon, yet, they are completely oblivious to real life lolis and they are very vocal when it comes to fighting real life CP.

          You simply can’t mix everything up so easy. There are no automatic links.

          And even if you’re bullheaded about it, we’re still only talking about unreal drawings.

  • Why is the LDP putting shame to all liberals out there? The answer is quite simple.
    THEY ARE NOT LIBERALS. They are acting a lot like the conservatives over in the states trying to censor everything and what have you. If they are not liberals they should treat them as such and change their name so it will be less confusing.

  • “let’s focalise on stupid lawmaking passing it as “for the children’s good” to ensure interest of main electoral population, so people forget they gave us power to rule more serious stuff… like building sturdy powerplants, protect the country against intrusions…”

  • Guys on 2ch need to go out and vote during elections. I know there’s a larger portion of eldarly people but many young people just don’t bother with elections. I realise the candidates are all mostly crap but I would go and vote in the DPJ. They don’t seem nearly as bad really as the LDP

      • Must protect lolis! *bags figures* don’t worry were just going on a long vacations!

        Damn it! why don’t these old people die already!?
        But wow 2D promotes child rape, hey hey ban every single action related material, it promotes violence. On another note if you take away violence in American movies and games how much would be left?

        • I doubt something like this could pass without any /proving/ that (loli) anime would actually provoke watchers (as in, be the /real/ trigger) to become criminals.

          Since it has always been impossible to prove that same thing but then for violence in video games, I can’t see how they will solve this.

        • Both parties suck. The DPJ have already been ruling since 2009. And only managed to get the majority because of their promise to move Futenma air base out of Okinawa. They failed to fulfill that, then mishandled the Chinese Trawler incident, now Fukushima. They will likely lose in the next election because people will vote against them, but LDP isn’t any different. Both parties have sold out Japan by paling around with the corporations like TEPCO and serving foreign interests over the people, so tt is suggested they go for a third party, like Genzei Nippon, or form a new party.

        • well, hikis are hikis, if it was easy to stop being a hiki, it wouldnt be a problem now… ive considered the idea of getting all the intelligent people that move to Japan to lend a hand by banding together for a unified political voice that might help, but it doesnt really work that well either… remember that Japan is still by far a very xenophobic society, especially when it comes to immigration. so, even though many intelligent people move to japan, they never get a voice in politics. I hear you will never be able to vote ever, even if you are a naturalized japanese citizen, unless you were born as a Japanese citizen in japan (maybe if you marry a japan born japanese citizen, i dunno), you dont have a voice. so the political and social system has allot to catch up on when it comes to the new trends and cultures that appear, not only in japan but around the world.
          remember that it tends to only be old douchebags with money that get into politics pretty much no matter where you are these days… which the old people of today have a particularly bad record when it comes to not understanding subjects before passing judgement upon them.

  • These old people are ignorant. As bad as their economy is as of now, banning more stuff would even be more dangerous. Manga and Anime is a large source of economic revenue and if they ban more stuff then they’re just losing money. Japan has low crime rates, so why would they need to ban things that might “influence crime”? Hell I don’t see supporting evidence on how this is going to work out. I see the anime and manga a way to keep criminals at bay, let them be immersed in their fantasy, not destroy it and let them rage it out on real children. I swear, the old people don’t know what the hell they’re doing. The world is becoming screwed up now. I should get into world politics and at least support the people’s will and not the governments assumptions.

    • I think it will happen, I don’t want it to since I like loli but look at the Us and the debt bs, the rich still don’t have to give anything up and those kkk fucks succeeded in making Obama look terrible and everyone who wanted him in office may have to choose whatever racist candidate that runs against him and these jap loli haters have tried this ban shit 2-5 times already.

        • The right-wingers would never acknowledge him anyway. And the leftists are mostly miffed because he’s not the pressiah they wanted.

          Truth is, he’s too much of a good guy to kick those fuckers asses.

        • No he’s not, he’s been good for America and has also accomplished much for America that both the right and left-wing can’t seem to see. I’m tired of hearing this bullshit from people about him-they need to see the truth, and I will post it here right now:

          There is a rising chorus of impatient progressive bloggers, some on these pages, calling
          Obama a failure and a do-nothing president only nine months into his first of four years as president. SNL’s “do-nothing skit” on Obama may well have empowered some on our side to start playing on the fringes of the Limbaugh sandbox. While the charges and name-calling are not as vicious as the Limbaugh Lemmings, it has started nonetheless.
          So what has our newly-minted asshole president been doing for nine months?
          Let’s start with what he has not done. He has not found a cure for cancer, reversed climate
          change, ended poverty, brought peace to the Middle East, ended all wars, created enough
          new jobs, or created a single-payer health care system. These are big ticket items that no
          president will ever accomplish, so it is a little disingenuous to suggest a standard for Obama
          that does not apply to all past presidents or to future presidents. As Princeton economics
          professor Alan Blinder says in assessing what Obama has accomplished so far, “If he seems to
          have achieved little, it’s partly because he set out to do too much.” To which I would add, and
          we created an unrealistic agenda for what we wanted him to accomplish.
          Let’s continue with what he has done. First and foremost, none other than the Wall Street
          Journal, in an assessment titled, “Democrats Quiet Changes Pile Up”, says he has
          accomplished more in nine months than George Bush did in his first nine months.
          Let’s be specific:

          1. Significantly, he buried the Imperial Presidency of George Bush and restored the Constitutional balance of government by respecting the equal standing of the legislative branch of government. As a former constitutional law professor, this is a major matter of change of tone and style that he promised during the campaign, and he has delivered. (Not pretty or necessarily effective given the Reid-less leadership in the Senate, but we are a
          constitutional democracy.)

          2. Passed and signed the stimulus package, the biggest piece of legislation–ever–in blinding
          speed, thus being able to start to stabilize the economy, with GDP now projected to grow at
          the rate of 3 percent by the end of the year. Check the comeback of your 401K since Obama has taken over.

          3. Stabilized the top 20 banks without federalizing them.

          4. Reduced the rate of foreclosures inherited from the Bush administration.

          5. Signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act that makes it easier to sue for wage discrimination,
          a dramatic reversal of the bill’s fortunes under Bush.

          6. Granted regulatory power to the FDA to control tobacco products, another dramatic reversal of the Bush years that industry has lobbied hard to prevent.

          7. Signed the Matthew Shepard Hate Act that expanded federal hate crime protection to categories of sexual orientation and gender, to the major consternation of the Religious Right.

          8. Killed the F-22 fighter jet program, a popular program with Congress, saving billions of

          9. With a stroke of a pen, enacted, by executive order, (see correction below in comments, it
          was a bill signing) the largest conservation measure in 15 years, spanning the Bush and Clinton records.

          10. Implement an electronic medical record system before any health care legislation was introduced. This new technology will be singularly responsible for saving lives and reducing the high administrative costs of health care, a key element of reform.

          11. Extended a $2500 tax credit to 5 million families to help with college tuition.

          12. Cooperated with Japan in bringing a $5 billion stabilization package for Pakistan.

          13. Engaged the Muslim world in a dialogue, beginning with his unprecedented speech in
          Cairo, followed by an interview with Al Arabiya, and face-to-face discussions with Iran, a
          total reversal of the Bush years of Muslim baiting and hate.

          14. Dramatically reversed the reputation of the United States around the world, with now
          most nations looking favorably on the US, and receiving the Nobel Peace Prize as one

          15. Agreed to plan for bringing the troops home from Iraq, at a slower pace than what he
          promised, but based on knowledge that commanders-in-chief, not candidates, have.

          16. Brought the White House online, doing for the White House what he had done for political
          campaigning. There are now online Q&A’s with the administration, and a White House blog.

          17. Released the names of all visitors to the White House, a total reversal of the secret Bush

          18. Told Mexico that the US is responsible for some of their drug problems, a not small, but truthful admission.

          19. Restored the rights of states to regulate the medical use of marijuana without fear of federal law enforcement intrusion.

          20. Banned the use of torture, and he has begun a complete review of the torture policies under Bush.

          21. Appointed the first Latina to the Supremes: Imagine what would have happened to the Supreme Court under four more years of radical Republicans. Obama has thus averted a long-term dramatic swing to the extreme right on the court, and appointed a progressive to keep matters in check.

          In summary, and to those on these pages and elsewhere who see things differently, I say this
          feels a little like Waiting for Godot. Let’s recall one thing that Samuel Beckett said in the
          mischievous play:

          “The tears of the world are a constant quantity. For each one who begins to weep somewhere else another stops. The same is true of the laugh. Let us not then speak ill of our generation, it is not any unhappier than its predecessors. Let us not speak well of it either. Let us not speak of it at all. It is true the population has increased.”

          What The “Do Nothing” Obama Has Accomplished That We Choose To Ignore Or Fail To

    • “such anime and manga promote victimisation of children and so should be banned”

      Toothbrushes promote victimization of children and so should be banned. <–A statement that is just as reasonable given the lack of information that anime and manga of any sort promote victimization of children.

      The world honestly needs to get off of the "think of the children!" high-horse.

    • I wish this idiotic trend of banning 2D works would end. Categorising imaginary depictions, which cannot suffer harm and have no rights, as real child porn only serves to trivialise actual child abuse.

      There is also no evidence at all that fictional material causes actual increases in real crime. In any case, 2D is pure fantasy and doesn’t correlate with actual sexual preferences- the vast majority of consumers are not pedophiles in reality.

      The entire basis of such laws is just scapegoating and prejudice.

      • I like the UK Law on this;
        fictional ‘child porn’ is criminalised based on how -real- it is, which goes for bestiality and other illegal sexual activities.

        Meaning that a loli eroge manga or anime would not be criminalised because it’s obviously not real, and so would not promote the crime.

        The Japanese government should stop worrying about harmless fiction and worry more about the real articles of child porn out there.

        • You seem to be misinformed. As Anon 03:32 points out the bill in the UK covers “Anything that looks under 18” or seen as “distasteful”. Doesn’t matter if say it was characters of known franchises like Etna or Flonne from Disgaea who’s age is known to be way over 100.

          This covers everything from vampires, demons, angels, anthropomorphism or any other fictional creature. As long as the drawing looks underage.

          I think you’re confusing the DPA (Dangerous Pictures Act) and DDA (Dangerous Drawings Act). Thus covering what the DPA misses which are drawings.

        • You are mistaken. Relevant English law (Coroners and Justice Act 2009) does not take realisticness into account. The criteria are:
          -The image portrays minors
          -it is pornographic
          -it portrays sex acts with a child (the text of the law gives an exhaustive list of examples)
          -it is grossly offensive/obscene

          You may be confused since there is prior law against ‘pseudo-photographs’ depicting child sex abuse. This covers photoshop-constructed and otherwise photorealistic images.

      • What would it matter Megidola ?

        I didn’t know there would be so many Anti-Lolicons on 2ch.
        This is Japans business though and I would not interfere in any way, even if I could.

        Still, I am sick of those people.
        Video games are evil … lolicon is evil …
        People like to control others and bann things ~ ONLY as long as they don’t consume it themselves.

        Never heard about people screaming for a ban of alcoholic drinks and beer.
        Not even after some drunk people beat someone to death. And if it’s about alcohol, suddenly there are no ‘suffering children’ anymore either.
        That’s how it goes.

        There ain’t anything to argue about. Because it wouldn’t even matter if lolicon increases ‘child abuse’ or video games serial killers.
        You don’t hear such discussions about things that are socially accepted in our society. At least not in my country.
        And no sane person can say that alcohol doesn’t increases homicide/violence and rape (and vandalism and other crimes of course).
        Talking about double-standards.

        Breivik showed us where to go. And what a single person is capable too.
        If they want to take all the things I love away, they will pay !

        • Alcohol being banned at least makes an iota of sense.

          Because the high it gives people and the impairment that happens is extremely intense for a legal option. But apparently, it’s mostly that people hasn’t wised up to the dangers of being addicted to it to the point where it can be medically diagnosed as an ‘addiction’ sometime in the mid last century. Same is happening with cigarettes where people are more aware of its dangers and naturally, more people would become wary of it.

          Total bans are not necessary. Just better information.

        • @Tex_Arcana: Need I remind you, that alcohol WAS banned in US? In ~1920 a law for that was passed. The intention was pure. To reduce alcohol-caused crime. But it backfired. And badly at that. Not only alcohol was in fact accessible in “special” clubs, but it also promoted one prominent and famous name. Al Capone. There is one more effect of that law. The US budget was loosing $500 mln. every year. It ended in 1933 with Rossevelt saying “I think this would be a good time for a beer” on Sunday and in Tuesday the 21st Amendment was ratified.

      • Actually, circumstantial evidence points to the opposite. The existence of such material seems to act as a kind of buffer… unfortunately, even though it’s been noted as such, no organization seems willing to actually FUND a study specifically targeting said material.

        The funny part for me: I remember going over this as circumspect information from several Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Practice Textbooks back in college. I know these Textbooks are still in use as well, because my nephew is now taking the same course and they’re still using the same textbooks.

        • ‘We have to ask ourselves if we, as humans, want a society that executes people long before there’s even a case.’

          That sounds pretty good. Laws always seem to make everything worse, so if people get killed before the law gets involved, there should be less human suffering.

          Following this theory to its natural conclusion, if we kill everybody as soon as possible, we won’t be troubled by a society at all.

        • If you ask me the loli anime pictures might just be enough for some pedophiles to stop them from doing anything to a real kid, which IMO they should leave them alone, its a drawing, no one was hurt, maimed or otherwise abused by its drawing. I mean just cuz they think the pictures is hot or sexy does not mean they are a rapist. I myself like loli pictures alot, but real life kids do not interest me at all. IMO what people have in their own home to get their rocks off too is really no ones business.

          I think the law in general is making too big a fuss over cartoon loli pictures and such. They should be worried about other things tbh.

        • “circumstantial evidence”, if it even really exists, is always a “what-if” scenario.

          We have to ask ourselves if we, as humans, want a society that executes people long before there’s even a case.
          Pedophilia is a naturally occuring predisposition that can be found throughout the animal kingdom. However, when people hear pedo, they think rapist. And that’s just wrong.

          Lolicon doesn’t even affect reality.

          And i don’t even want to mince words here. If people fap to drawings, then let them. There is no harm in that. Repression will always have the adverse effect.
          Uninformed, ignorant people need scapegoats.

      • Arguments like “anime hurts children” are easily picked up by moms because of their natural fear of their children being hurt. This is just a way to gather parents’ vote. The politicians don’t necessarily hate anime, they just want to win elections.

    • @ 03:04
      Hot damn. if that isn’t a perfect example pro-pedophilia logic, i don’t what know is.

      So you’re implying that regardless of the fact the content in question could potentially invoke mental trauma if by viewed minors (like all “modern day” pornography), sexualizes adolescents, preadolescences; and school children, potentially influence readers to commit the acts portrayed in the content on said targets of sexualization (all of this having been SCIENTIFICALLY proven and supported by sociologists and mental health specialists alike)

      It should still be permitted to be publicly displayed just like any regular poster or street advertisement, simply on the bases that it’s drawn and thus subject to some “Freedom of Speech” loophole?

      That makes as much sense as saying that health harming germs should be permitted to reproduce via the general public because it’s naturally reoccurring, and absolutely nothing should be done to stop/curb its influences because it’ll be environmentally damaging.

      You guys are fucking shallow/idiots/pedophiles, and lack common sense

      But do you want me to tell you a few who do have common sense? The LDP.

      • Ok your pissing me off, then again thats the whole point of trolling no ?

        1) their is NO scientifically evidence proving that pack of bullshit you posted, your just trying to make excuses because a) you do not like lolicon and b) because you are ignorant.

        2) Your argument sounds just like the same bullshit that people uses to condemn violent video games.

        3) you have no logical base other then “they are children” so what ? freedom of speech or expression, I have the right to say or draw what the fuck I want as long as am not violating another’s right, so I can careless if you call it whatever the fuck you want however it is in my right to produce it and no matter what crap you spill, it will not change.

        4) this does NOTHING for the crime rate infact there has no need to even go thought with this because japan has the lowest crime rate in the world “yes they may not report everything” however they have less missing children.

        5) What is your problem with pedophiles ? did someone molest or rape you or someone close to you ? if so you need therapy not venting.

        6) Lolicon has a more chance of making someone a actually pedophile like video games has a chance of making someone into a murderer, it CANNOT happen just so, it in fact is IMPOSSIBLE to happen unless someone is already twisted in the head, you don’t just look at something and just go out and do it unless you don’t have all your cards or screws right, so you and everyone else who thinks ” he likes lolicon, hes a pedophile” no, pedophiles like children actually children, lolicon is a 2D preference, 2D does not equal 3D and whoever says different needs to see a doctor.

        What you are basing your pathetic argument on is emotion not actually facts or reasoning but I guess I can’t blame you its human nature to only see past their own nose.

  • 1.”anime harms children” my ass. the next chapter of (insert anime here) is the ONLY thing keeping me from jumping infront of a bus.

    2.the only reason this is happening is because old dudes that cant have a good night with themselves like shintaro, so they prey on children.

    3.laws like this will result in a massive economic downfall of japan….

    • 1. Agreed, anime only hurts adults, the adults that have to ruin it for the rest of us who watch it because they seem to have a coronary over the lovable lolis

      2. Agreed, it seems 1st world countries all fall for the “save the children” lecture … as if what politicians could do saves anyone >.>

      3. When do political decisions banning unharmful things ever not…

  • Here’s a link that will show you the true face of Japan’s “government”.

    I urge everyone to copy-paste this link and show people what those bastards really are. Incompetent, good-for-nothings. They can’t handle real-life issues and they certainly can’t handle “issues” outside of real-life.
    In fact, i’d go so far to say that it’s the responsibility of every human being to make sure that people like that get chased out of their seats of power.

  • “People don’t understand freedom. You may be free to think of this stuff, but you should not be free to publish it to other people. You can’t just say anything to other people.”

    yes you can

    • But if they really want to ban anything that portrays someone that hasn’t hit puberty yet, why are they leaving porn which also portrays someone that hasn’t hit puberty alone? because in case you didn’t know, people that haven’t hit puberty are portrayed in certain japanese porn titles.

    • ok, first:

      There are people who can’t help it. Just Like people who are gay can’t choose to become hetero, pedophiles can’t change the fact that they get horny from children, and saying that that is bad is like saying gay people are bad. What’s bad is the people who go out and molest children to meet their desires, which is already illegal.


      If you don’t like something, don’t watch it. I don’t give a damn. But don’t spoil the fun for others by banning it just because you don’t like it.

  • if im not mistaken i think this will ban content of material clearly loli(under-aged sexual content). call me weird but pedophilia is pedophilia no matter what name u tag it as. The only difficult thing they’ll have is diffrentiating between what constitutes loli and what is simply a cute girl in a miniskirt.

    • On Dec 21st 2012, North Korea will invoke the power of Skynet to bring about WWIII and America, South Korea, China and Russia will be destroyed in the carnage. Soon after, Osama Bin Laden will rise from his grave with his own army of Zombie Nazis. Hence begin what will be recorded in history as The Great War.

      30 years after the The Great War, Japan will emerge victorious as new ruler of the world due to the now unified Legion of 4ch and 2ch known as the Moe and Loli Resistance (MLR)

      – Source: The Great War – Anonymous

  • I’m torn. I like loli, though I also think it promotes the sexualization of underage girls, which is wrong. I’m able to enjoy loli as a purely 2D phenomena, but many others in the world desire the ‘real thing’. That being the case, if lolicon in any way encourages people to indulge in pedophilia, then despite my own enjoyment of it, I agree with the LDP.