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Dude, this is 2ch, dominated by the lowest of the lowest of the internet. What do you expect?

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  • Americans Fall for Catherine:
    That’s somewhat unexpected I admit. With Catherine selling like that, maybe American game designers wake up and realise the changing trends.

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  • Top 10 Anime Recommended by Guys:
    Angel Beats, Clannad, Madoka and Chuu2 aren’t harem.

  • Ikinari Dousei Seikatsu?! Relentlessly Sexy:
    If that’s not a finger, then what is it? I doubt it’s her labia.

  • Ikinari Dousei Seikatsu?! Relentlessly Sexy:
    I’ll never understand why they insist to draw 6 fingers when hands are under panties. Is this some kind of internal joke they have? It seems to appear in every title they produce.

  • Top 10 Tastiest Anime Girls:
    Jacky delivers: Normal picture Looped: If someone wants to improve on it, be my guest.

  • Planet of The Cats Shiroi Neko Micro-Bikini Ero-Figure:
    I think the main problem to him (her?) is that a tail would make some sexual positions rather uncomfortable for the girl. We humans have (for example) the missionary position or any other position where we look at each other because we don’t have tails getting in the way. Counter-balance good and nice, but remember what’s more important.


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