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Hirano “Ruins” Haruhi: “We Can’t Stand To Watch Her!”


Haruhi fans are angrily complaining that they can no longer imagine the eponymous egomaniac as being a virginal maiden with the knowledge of scandal seiyuu Aya Hirano’s slatternly antics.

They explain their objections to a “carnivorous” seiyuu with a relaxed attitude to hiding this fact from fans:

“Well, if Kadokawa do a third season of Haruhi I hope they announce a new Haruhi or this seiyuu scandal will ruin it.

Honestly, I really did like Aya Hirano, but now I can’t watch Haruhi any more with her image being what it is…”

“Then don’t watch it.”

“Even if you hate the seiyuu, there’s no need to hate the work or the character.”

“This will definitely affect Haruhi. We may not see any more movies or a new series thanks to it.”

“It won’t affect it. KyoAni have their hands full for some time with Nichijou and K-ON! When they get to Haruhi everyone will have forgotten this stuff.”

“The idiots saying there will be no effect – just look at all the announcers sacked for far more trivial reasons. I hope they change Haruhi’s seiyuu soon. The effect on her image is terrible. I can’t stand watching her whilst recalling that face.”

“With this incident, there is no more Aya Hirano. Her effect on the image of anime she appears in will be too bad.”

“You can’t deny she has ruined Haruhi’s image. She’s ruined the whole anime!”

“It’s time to change the seiyuu. Even if there is a third season, nobody will be able to enjoy it listening to her voice.”

“Haruhi is not Aya Hirano. Who cares if she voices her. Stop making a fuss about it.”

“If they change Haruhi they had better change the whole cast.”

“Aya Hirano is finished, it’s impossible. This has wrecked the image of all her anime roles.”

“If they dump her, the ones who can’t stand her and left will come back, and the new seiyuu will bring her own fans – wonderful.”

“They can’t change the seiyuu now! What the hell do you retarded seiyuu fans expect from a seiyuu anyway…”

“I like Haruhi and her voice. Who cares who plays her. I don’t know anything about any Aya Hirano.”

“Who cares about this scandal anyway.”

“I’d rather they find a new producer…”

“It’s not like she committed a crime. If they change her, it’d be like negating all her characters – I wouldn’t wish to see that.”

This is of course not the first time fans have sought to have her removed, although it does rather seem she has now crossed every line of seiyuu image management.

For those wondering about the Hirano response to all this, there has been nothing but deafening silence – since the 27th her Twitter has lain silent, and though she made no less than 7 blog updates on the 31st, as usual they only detailed the particulars of her diet and fashion choices.

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  • What a bunch if fucking morons. Who gives a shit what an adult woman does with her sex life? It has nothing to do with the character. It doesn’t effect how she plays her role. A person’s sexual habits are not anyone’s fucking business. You shouldn’t hold an actor or a politician to higher standards than any other human being with physical needs. All these fucking virgins are just pissed off that a woman who enjoys sex with whoever she chooses is somehow unfit to continue working hard as an actor. Fuck you Japanese and/or foreigner otaku. Losers.

  • Hmmm…I think a lot of people are confused. Although I certainly won’t deny that some are simply hating on her out of sheer jealousy, there are other factors involved.

    Most importantly is the fact that many seiyuu ‘market’ themselves to the otaku audience by ‘appealing’ to them in various ways, often giving the impression that they’re…pure, for a lack of other words. These seiyuu are relatively unknown in the industry until they gather this rabid fanbase that actively buys their products and are prepared to lay down money for them. Otaku give seiyuu their priviliged social and financial status by spending money on what they believe to be a lovely, pure girl and fanboying over their crappy merchandise.
    If you consider this, it isn’t hard to imagine why a fan would feel betrayed when a supposed pure girl reveals that she likes having orgies with older men and she turns out to be what many might vulgarly refer to as ‘a slut’.
    As I said before, jealousy plays its part but isn’t as significant as you might think. I’m a perfectly straight male for example, but if my favorite actor turned out to to be complete manwhore/douche that makes a pass at every girl he sees even I’d rethink my ranking, regardless of how talented the guy is. I simply don’t want to root for a guy I’d hate in real life and goes against my ideals. Same thing goes for female seiyuu.

    Secondly, you have to take into account that Japan is a far more, prudent(using this correctly?) country than America. Relationships are very different in their culture and the same goes for how they generally look upon the act of sex. And they are perfectly entitled to these viewpoints, just like many Americans (just an example) see it as nothing more than recreation.

    • The fact that marketing yourself as ‘pure’ gets you as amazingly popular as it does is the problem. You did just paint an accurate picture of how this part of Japan’s culture works. What you neglected to mention is how fucking disturbing that is.

  • “Haruhi is not Aya Hirano. Who cares if she voices her. Stop making a fuss about it.”

    “What the hell do you retarded seiyuu fans expect from a seiyuu anyway…”

    Those two quotes sum things up perfectly. 😛

    Honestly, with all the hoopla going on about Aya Hirano, I actually find Haruhi Suzumiya slightly less annoying that her voice actress. Oh, how it pains me to say that… -_-;

  • UMmmmm… who here is under the impression that Haruhi is a virgin? I mean, she was always a weird slut right? So why do people care if the voice actress fucks around. Wait… who cares if the voice actress fucks around at all? It’s an actress’ job to ACT like other people.

  • If it was up to the SEXLESS members of 2ch, then ALL seiyuu would be subject to a virginal test before being hired to get voice work. Only then would the 2ch crowd understand the brutal fact that all seiyuu don’t live up to the UNREALISTIC demands that 2ch fans want them to live up to!!
    Aya should get ALL the d**k she can get her hands on…
    As all long as the men attached to them treat her with RESPECT, she has the right TO DO WHATEVER THE HELL SHE WANTS!!!

  • geez, these extreme fan are make me laught, what do they expect of a seiyuu? being virgin for the rest of her carrier? are you stupid? she is a human like everybody else, she can have all the sex that she wants as long as that she keep the good work with her incredible seiyuu skills

  • So they might have also thought Kikuko Inoue ruined the image of Belldany because she’s married and is already a mother…

    Silly japanese fans~ This just show how shallow most of these people are…

    Ideally, you would love a character because of the character himself or herself.~ Not the voice whatsoever~

    If you’re loving a character just because of the voice then you are indeed, not a true fan of him or her~!

  • This is stupid.

    Personally, i don’t like her too much as a person.

    Mostly because i don’t know her that much and because of all the downright weird news about her.

    On the other hand, she is a capable and potent seiyuu. I don’t think that her personal behavior should, in any way, be associated with her work as a seiyuu.

  • She hasnt twitter or anything for a few days hope shes okay 😐 All this bashing shes recieving can’t be healthy for her mentality… hopefully it blows over because she really is a great voice actress.

  • This is pathetic… getting laid is a natural part of life. If your not getting laid, dont hate the voice actress for not getting laid by you. So sad… No wander the gov keeps trying to pass stupid laws against 2d characters. No one knows how to parent in japan and seiyuus getting laid is controversial and brings hate and end to careers. Most have a career cause they need to eat or pay bills and some like doing their job, but to put up with this nonsense is beyond me. Just think, “Im getting laid so my “fans” now hate me.” But if you were getting laid by them nightly, all your magical hate wouldnt exist would it? Grow up. Get a girlfriend or buy one.

    The rest of the world would kill to have a japanese girl, maid cafes, companies that cared enough to promote anime, games, etc and take a Gundam to school, but NOOO! Not good enough for Japan! What? The Gundams a lie? Prove it! Ive seen the 00 at random sites in Japan, the electronic toilets, tubs, etc. You cant fool me Japan!

  • I LOVE how all the stupid Americans on here are dissing on the Japanese for glorifying virginity just because it’s a different social practice than slut-ville America.

    Not so long ago your country was just like that too until it lost all of its moral fortitude and sex became a hobby instead of a pinnacle romantic moment between two lovers.

    Just because all you pig Americans are dumbfounded at the thought of people admiring virginity, the rest of the world doesn’t all live down to your standards folks.

    • Um. It’s not all Japanese they are dissing. Those Japanese people who are *really* into wholesome morality would presumably not enjoy characters like Haruhi (Mikuru-molesting, bunny suit wearing etc) or Konata (eroge lover) anyway. And therefore they would not give a f**k about Aya Hirano one way or the other, just some singer out there or whatnot.

      It’s not like she voiced Unico you know. (Or, say, Madoka, to take a modern and less kid-oriented character who IS a proper virgin).

      Double standards are a proper target for dissing – in whatever culture.

    • “Morals” are a relative thing. People invent them and give them meaning with their individual thoughts and nothing more. Virginity should not be thrown away carelessly for reasons of emotional and physical safety, but that is as far as it goes.
      Responsible sex between consenting adults is good. Period. Gender, number, and which (if any) inanimate objects are involved are no one’s business. Sex can be for fun, for business, for romance, whatever. As long as people are responsible and all parties give informed consent, no one has the right to say anything about “morals”

    • To value virginity instead of the actual girl is really low. That’s like saying that if she loses her virginity she loses some of her value. I’m not saying sluts should be valued, but the opposite extreme is to say virgins should be valued just because they haven’t had sex. I’d rather value the person, not their sexual status. That’s more shallow and disgusting.

    • Have you ever been to Japan? OR America? Because you sound like a complete idiot who gets all his “facts” from the internet and bad tv.

      Japan does NOT view sex as some romantic moment between lovers. Many people here have sex early, they have more outrageous and degrading sexual tastes than any country I’ve ever seen, and the girls don’t put on the “pure” act as an act of nobility, but because the men there are so weak-willed and need some way to feel as though they are in control.

      Many Americans do admire virginity, and that’s usually for reasons of morality. It’s not done as an act to look good for other people, but for personal reasons. The fact that you don’t know the difference between that and the fake virgin culture of Japan just makes you look really ignorant.

    • So, basically you are saying for MEN to go out screw all the women around them, but if a WOMAN, god forbid, want to go out and have sex, then she is a SLUT, right?!
      The French, Brazilians, hell even the Russians look at us Americans as being puritanical when it comes to issues about sex. And, yet YOU wanna throw crap about how Americans are “dissing Japanese for glorifying virginity”? There are Japanese that DON’T buy the notion of virginity being admirable…just the “puritanical” members of 2ch and others like yourself that think WOMEN should do WHATEVER a man tells her to do. And by the way…I AM A MAN!!! SO F*** YOU!!

      • I’ve noticed that American girls are very picky about who they sleep with. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just what I’ve noticed. I don’t see this slut culture people complain about. Then again the people complaining have never stepped foot outside their own country so yeah.

  • Quite the enviable sense of self esteem these otaku have, complaining about who Aya Hirano screws as if she passed them over or something.

    Complain that she’s an attention-whoring troll, sure. But what she does in her private life is EXACTLY THAT; private.

    You’re not going to watch Haruhi if Aya Hirano’s still voicing her because she gets more sex than you?

    Oh no! She actually has sex! NEWSFLASH! She also shits, and puts her pantsu on one leg at a time just like everyone else.

    Japan really needs to stop treating idols and seiyuu like products instead of people. They don’t BELONG to you just because you’re their fans, and they have a right to a normal life just as much as anyone else.

    Sure, I mean, I get it. If you’re an idol, you basically ARE a product. But you fans should be open-minded and intelligent enough to divorce the person from the ‘image’ and let them live when they’re not ‘on the clock’!

  • Oh, for God’s sake.

    People have sex. Hirano is a human being, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to enjoy yourself. It’s sad that a seiyuu can’t do anything with being ripped apart. Hirano’s sex “scandal” doesn’t change my opinion of her.

  • I don’t get it. Do Japanese otaku actually expect their idols and seiyuu to all be virgins, or do they know sex happens but prefer it kept completely private, and just prefer living in feigned ignorance?

  • If they can’t watch The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya because of Aya Hirano then they weren’t fans of the show to begin with. If I can still watch The Road Warrior and like it even after Mel Gibson’s tirade of bigotry and racism, they can still watch The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya after Aya Hirano’s tirade of lunacy.

  • i know u otakus want to fuck her but too late suckers fuck ur haruhi dolls or stress toys cause some of you are fat,downsyndrome,Lunatic,crazy,lowlife virgin idiots,if u can’t accept Aya u better commit suicide cause she ain’t a virgin no more


  • They do realize she’s voicing HARUHI right? You know, the girl who regularly molests Mikuru and changes in front of guys. Although it shouldn’t matter what Aya does in her free times, the character she’s voicing isn’t even innocent so why should she be?

  • i dont care that she fucks, read any of my other posts about not caring.

    what pisses me off is that she in all likeyness fucked her way into the roll of anime characters like konota and haruhi.

    there may have been BETTER people they could have gotten, and not just voice wise, but people who dont turn their back on the industry, fuck their careers over, than when they fail at making it big on trash daytime tv, the equivilant of jerry springer, trys to come back… WELL FUCK HER.

    i honestly couldnt care less if she fucked everyone who asked, but fucking to get the job, than abandoning the industry… that i cant forgive.

  • Well, if Aya Hirano is fired for having sex, then they’re going to have to fire just about every other seiyuu in the industry as well. Really now, do these guys seriously think that all female seiyuu don’t have sex? The only difference between them and Aya Hirano is that they’re more quiet about it.

  • I’m a 33 year old American virgin who’s never even been on a date, and even *I* think these Japanese otaku are a bunch of wingnut idiots without any grasp of reality.

    “Fire a voice actress because she has SEX!!!” God-Damn. Even more moronic than hating on a fictional character (say, video game femme fatale Aya Brea) because “she’s a 30-something year old washed-up & loose-cunt hag, even if she has the body of a 19-year-old”.

    Maybe that’s it! Japanese dicks are, what, 4.5″? Yet the women can still push out a watermelon from between their legs. It must be that the second a Japanese woman has sex, she is immediately too loose for the majority of men to get any pleasure.

    Pro-Tip Otaku’s, something even I know about: Women can flex their muscles & tighten-up.


  • Why’s noone noticing she sexually harassed people? The articles says she clearly pressured her CO-WORKERS into it. That’s wrong on a wide variety of levels, both good and lawful.

  • There are fans, and there are rabid fans…I guess once you have a medium in which people can complain about anyone and anything, the crap can really start pouring out…let the people who directly affect the problem solve it. The ones who talk and complain about negative concerns…maybe should look for another medium for their gibberish?

  • The Seiyuu makes the Character..

    If you Japs want to change the Seiyuu.. then you guys are also changing the character..

    Haruhi wont be Haruhi if not for the voice of Aya..

    Oh and whoever said this “I’d rather they find a new producer…” ..thumbs up to you!

  • It’s been awhile since I watched Haruhi, but doesn’t she imply that she’s had sex before? At least I do remember her saying that she’s had a couple dozen boyfriends, and doesn’t mind girls either.
    I, personally, don’t like Hirano, but she is one of the best voice actresses of a generation, I hate to think that this will be the end of her career.

  • just because Aya as tainted herself does not, at least imo, affect the character at all. As kyon said, haruhi is haruhi. Aya is just her ambassador if you think about it. Anyways to me haruhi will not be ruined unless the makers do it themselves. As for others who forsake the God of Haruhi-ism, have fun alone in closed space for all eternity.

  • Hahaha! As if Haruhi is actually a virgin. The pretty and popular, super aggressive girl who has tried out every club in school, had numerous (short-lived) relationships, and takes whatever she wants by force.

    Besides, if you’re focusing on the voice actor behind a character whilst watching a cartoon, you aren’t getting into the show enough.

  • “Haruhi fans are angrily complaining that they can no longer imagine the eponymous egomaniac as being a virginal maiden,”

    Totally not an extremely biased statement that categorizes all of those concerned over Aya voicing Haruhi as total sex loathers / virgin fetishist.

    Totally will not trigger stream of as equally biased weeaboo posts thumbed up by equally biased readers.

    Said weeaboos will totally not link different nature Tokyo anime ban to this as if it’s a deeper rooted problem behind it all, which would be totally ironic because they, themselves, are shallow thinkers.

    There will totally will not be mass Japan loathing by self-labeled foreign otakus, simply because they’ve found out Japanese society isn’t as consistent with the ones portrayed in their loli comics and school girl rape novels

    Said Otakus will totally not loath the idea of Western hemisphere morals being pushed on Japan in a different article, because said morals are extremely different from their own. They won’t cry “Ishihara” and “totalitarianism” then hypocritically insist Japan pick up their system of morals instead, making them happy and their pedo-weeaboo world consistent with the real thing; all while disguising it under the biased opinion that “it’s better.”


  • thank god not everyone on this planet thinks this high of seiyuus. Imagine what cry babies, seiyuus are normal people. normal people have sex.
    Sorry if i catpulted anime back into the ages of silent movies, but i don’t care about the private live of celebs. All i want are characters with good, fitting and continually correct voices.

  • “Even if you hate the seiyuu, there’s no need to hate the work or the character.”

    “Haruhi is not Aya Hirano. Who cares if she voices her. Stop making a fuss about it.”

    “They can’t change the seiyuu now! What the hell do you retarded seiyuu fans expect from a seiyuu anyway…”

    “I like Haruhi and her voice. Who cares who plays her. I don’t know anything about any Aya Hirano.”

    I agree with all of the above.

    And that last comment I quote is how I am with most anime shows, I don’t have any idea who talks as who and I don’t care either, all that matter is that I enjoy the show.

    I am no fan of ishihara but you can see why this hypocritical man have something against them. Even I do after this, they make people who just simply enjoy an anime show look bad.

  • They should just replace Aya Hirano with Harumi Sakurai, who voices Yuri Nakamura from Angel Beats. The character of Yuri is a carbon copy of Haruhi Suzumiya, and their personality and voices are similar enough, that you wouldn’t even notice Aya Hirano getting replaced.

  • How about Who the Fuck Cares what Fans Think?

    Why do they have to bitch about everything about her personal life?

    Who cares she got laid, that’s her personal life.
    People should learn just to leave her alone.

    I bet Fans of her have done a Helluva a lot worse then she has ever done.

    As for me, I have no problem for her voice overs in Anime, before or after this.

    I’d just be happy for another Haruhi Season and/or Movie.

  • Funny how Aya became “the goddess” for Haruhi to “absolute trash” because her image is “unpure.” Kinda ironic that these are the people who will want to see pics of her naked or buy Haruhi doujins. Then again, they all just want to fuck her and no one else because she’s a virgin and so are they. Welcome to the world of being famous where if you are pretty and a star, then people will praise you and if paprazzi catches you doing something impure, people will throw you away.

    To a further extent of dissecting the “purity,” does it make her impure to voice for Kiddy Grade at a Young age? Ero anime like Queen’s Blade and Seikon no Qwaser?

    If them otakus want to still believe the “pure Hirano Aya,” they should bump their head in the wall numerous times until they forget that such news existed.

    On a business sense, however, that’s all on her, whether she gets dropped from labels and agencies and whatnot.

    Oh wait, this is SanCom. What am I saying? For others obsessed with Hirano Aya, move on. LOL

  • It’s a culture thing. I understand both sides of the argument but I think there has to be a point made. I think if people have noticed that its not so much her sex life that is the problem it is her attitude and behavior. She’s more like a delinquent. She’s even breaking rules in her job and I think that affects her acting ability. If you compare her acting from season 1 of Haruhi all the way up to the movie, or if you look at any other anime she’s done, you’ll notice something. Even if you don’t know a thing about Aya Hirano you’ll notice that there is something that doesn’t bring as much life into her characters as when she first started. I think all the scandals are causing her to do a poor acting performance. Though if you see her delinquent characters they seem sharper than any of the rest.

    Simple as this. Aya’s sex life does not affect her voice at all, but I think negative behavior will have a negative impact on acting. Anyone can see that the way Aya went about this was creating a negative atmosphere. I mean she was creating trouble for her co-workers. A stressful environment will only lead to poor performance. Anyone with half a brain can realize that. I don’t think 2ch has gotten to that realization yet.

  • she used the otaku fanbase to get her singing career started
    after that she abandoned them and officially quit the business

    that alone should be more than enough to change the seiyuu

  • Honestly,i couldn’t care less.
    The only thing why i dislike Aya Hirano is because of all the attention whoring that dumb broad is doing.
    And i wish Artefact would be less of an online Aya stalker.

  • Man, Japanese Otaku really raise my self-confidence, as their levels of pathetic makes me look like a stud by comparison.

    Seriously, she’s an adult woman, she’s gonna fuck. Just get over it already.

    Their lack of a sex life doesn’t mean she has to lack one as well.

  • Carrot_Glace says:

    This is plainly stupid. I don’t ask those guys get a life (that would be too much asking), just get three or four more hobbies so they can release the extra energy they have. So they can stop bitching so much.

  • The babble from 2ch’s idol hater camp and the media that try to tear her down, means nothing.

    What a person does in their private life is irrelevant to the talent the person possesses. It does not change the fact she is a competent seiyuu that has moved away from being an otaku idol to a television personality with a music career.

    The problem is the idol worshiping camp who have a locked in perception of their favorite poster girl, and expect her to remain that way her entire career- pure wishful thinking.

    But let’s face it, she is 22yos, her fanbase is mostly male- not teenage girls- so she isn’t some kind of role model. She probably isn’t allowed to date or have a boyfriend(on record) by contract, but no where does it say she has to wear a Chastity ring. This new revelation only confirms what we already know. Thus, this “scandal” is only a scandal to those who wish to make it so.

    So if you guys want to believe this hitpiece, go right ahead and join in the fun of tearing a person apart. As for me, my view of Aya has not changed and I still like her. Furthermore, I am looking forward to her many future anime roles, especially my goddess, Haruhi. <33

  • Wow, Japanese fans are fucking pathetic.

    I don’t even know what to say.

    The more I hear about Aya Hirano being a real person and having an actual life, the more I seem to enjoy her.

    The “pure maiden” bullshit marketing that we all know is fake anyways doesn’t do anything for a true fan.

  • Seriously? This has got to be the most fucking ridiculous logic these guys come up with.

    I don’t know much about Aya Hirano except she has a pretty damn good voice and a lot of haters who think she’s “not pure” for having sex.

    Get the fuck over it. Not like any of these fanboys would have got a chance with her anyway.

  • As people have been saying, Hirano didn’t ruined the anime franchise, Endless Shit did. Oh and I hope they don’t get rid of her as the VA, cuz I do really like her voice skills. Good VAs is what make anime awesome too you know.

  • Stupid otaku. What more is there to say other than “otaku like this are why outsiders look down on everyone who enjoys anime.” They can go to hell for all I care.

    Just as hearing a dub after hearing the original is weird, it would be too odd for anyone but Aya Hirano to voice Haruhi. Hopefully KyoAni will stand by her, and also have a third season without a retarded franchise killing gimmick like Endless Eight.

  • they mad because she wont fuck them/ she’s not a virgin so they cant fuck her.

    screwing virgins is overrated anyway. they dont know shit and use their teeth on your cock. and they bleed when you fuck them.

    I didnt even get off when this one girl I screwed (friend with benefits at the time) did everything, horribly.

    Otaku have it in their heads that virgins are good and that they are the ones that will be special in that girls’ life, when in reality, it often ends with regret and they move on to someone else, and the otaku ends up alone. If that ever happens.

    Another thing holding otaku back, they think they can be slobs, creepy, and mal-adjusted and yet deserve only the hottest women.

    Sorry, hot women will go for guys with personality and are socially strong. Screw the otaku chick you see at the con, screw her rotten.

  • ITS VOICE ACTING! ITS A CARTOON, NOT THE PERSON VOICING IT! 😐 People need to understand the difference between 3D and 2D. A voice actor can play a little girl then an old lady the next second and say the little girl is a sex fiend while the old hag is someone who has never had sex in her life. Sheesh. And the little girl is a fuckin’ brat while the old lady is a saint. Two different characters. You can’t take someone with a voice and say that their character reflects who they act. You just can’t. Is Hirano was the old lady then would everyone be disappointed? I wouldn’t? What about the little girl? Would they say she fit the character well? Probably, but what if the anime sucked, so no one watched it still? 😐 Its about the story itself, not the voice actor.

  • These people who worship idols must be extremely delirious if they think a woman her age and with her popularity isn’t going to have sex. Not saying all girls like that are sluts, but of course men are going to hit on her and such and eventually she will put out. 😐 Thats how grown up women are who are popular you silly stay at home otakus in Japan or rather on 2ch. Since she isn’t extremely ugly or anything or course she’ll get laid.

  • Damn you freakz, what’s wrong when she has some sex? I mean yeah she is some questionable person because of her doing but at this point to just have sex is nothing wrong… she’s not in a church or fucking thing like that. Get real!

  • aya hirano sex scandal who cares!! iam still waiting for a Mamiko Noto or Rie Kugimiya sex pics/naked pics. could you guys imagine how the japanese otakus will react. ippen, shinde miru?

  • i think 2chan, or rather all of the lifer’s that are strung to hirano’s pure image, need to chill out…
    she’s human and her having a life outside of what they hope her to have is actually making her more interesting in my eyes…
    personally… i kinda wish i was in her band
    but i don’t think she has any less talent for her having a life

  • Why not also tar and feather her while you’re at it, maybe even shave her head and make her leave the village? MAYBE SHE’S A WITCH?!

    Japan, it’s friggin’ 2011 now. Deal with it.

  • Who cares if Aya has sex isn’t it normal?
    The Japanese and their hypocrite idea that virgin means good. Aya is a good seiyuu but living in a country where a woman having sex life is dangerous for her career will certanly affects her work.

  • RANT TIME (and since some 2ch’ers also read Sankaku, I feel like I should do this; this rant is for you).

    To all you seiyuu-stalking idiots who claim that Haruhi is ruined over this “scandal”, because you believe that all seiyuu should be virginal maidens or they’re no good at all, are you possibly forgetting that seiyuu are human beings too? You people want to have girlfriends, have sex, and maybe get married one day too. Why should seiyuu sacrifice their own lives just because of their voice? Your voice or personality don’t change when you have sex, do they?

    Besides, you’re the same guys who constantly harassed her over Twitter and complained about everything about her that made news, even if it was just her trying new things, doing live TV, or even talking about her personal life (especially this last one, because no one forced you to read her Twitter). So if you complained so much already, why is THIS the one thing that “ruined her” for you? I mean, fuck, everyone knew she had boyfriends and wasn’t a virgin anymore. Not to mention that, like someone else here already mentioned, you guys already fap to Haruhi doujinshi anyway. You can’t have an anime character with a “clean” image when the internet and Rule 34 exist. Deal with it.

    Hirano Aya is still Hirano Aya. Who the fuck cares if she has a sex life, or who she has sex with? She’s not YOUR freaking spouse. Don’t go saying that she should be sacked because she’s a human being and has a life. If that bothers you so much, stick to Vocaloids. As for me, I’d rather have Hirano Aya still do Haruhi’s voice, because no two seiyuu are alike, and the show would only suffer from the change.

    • Oh boy.

      Hirano is certainly not the cause for Haruhi’s demise. (Restructured) KyoAni and Kadokawa caused most of the harm because of their stupid, bullheaded attempt at being “artsy” with Endless Eight and a sub-optimal interpretation of the other 5 episodes for season 2.

      Disappearance was quite remarkable and worthy of a reconciliation. If they ever produce a third season, i’d advice them to to NOT go the “artsy” route of season three and stick close to the source.

    • im actually annoyed of aya hirano not because of the scandals but because shes in the news all the time. just like that godamn bieber its annoying already

      but then again if i look really hard its those stalkers’ fault for making small stuff “news” just because they havent experienced it or since they think they own everything and everyone in their little 2d world. oh wait, aya hirano is 3d so why do you guys even care?

    • I completely agree. It’s disgusting that they actually think that anyone who’s got an actual job, is at least slightly attractive and has their own personality is going to sit around quietly at home, reading books and thinking “oh no! I can’t do anything perverted, or people will hate me!”
      All the while, they go off and jerk to whatever hentai doujin they can find of the characters that person voices, being violated and taken advantage of, no doubt imagining the voices the entire time.

      I say good for Aya Hirano. She got laid, she probably enjoyed it, and she’s probably still going to have a long career, because in the end any publicity is good publicity.

  • Tbh, i doont know why anyone is surprised… anyone in the role of idol is bound to go down this route, such is the curse of the title… unless ur Miku who i suppose cant fail due to human means aside clerical error or computer fail. *shrugs*

    • The worst part is, every one of these moron’s would “defile” a virginal Aya Hirano if given the chance. They’re all a bunch of hippocrites, have probably never had sex so they don’t realize its a normal thing that people tend to enjoy.

      Another thing I wonder, is this just because its Aya Hirano? I’m sure there are TONS of other Idol Seiyuu who have sex, I don’t see them complaining about that.

      • And no doubt they eagerly devour Haruhi raep doujin where their goddess services numerous anonymous cocks attached to generic faceless bodies.

        New theory: It’s okay for pure/virginal characters to have sexual associations, as long as it’s with somebody who can act as a “blank slate” audience surrogate. But involve the character or the VA with a named character or known RL person, then they’re tainted.

    • The more popular type of person you are the must you hide the fact that you like anime and manga even though you just like them, not obsessed with. It’s sad but you don’t wanna get thrown together with those bunch of scum.

  • these retards are really pathetic….
    for me it was endless 8 that killed Haruhi and nothing to do with the aya.

    to the people out there that think that aya and other seiyuu have some sort of obligation to tell you everything about there personal life…..


    • Everyone is allowed to live the live they choose, and everyone is allowed to voice their opinion.



      and she has the choice to go into AV.

        Endless Eight anyone?

  • wtf? Get real!
    Haruhi is Haruhi because of her voice. What the hell matters what the Seyuu does? If they give Haruhi another voice I’m going to kill them all!
    Aya did not ruin anything.
    Damn stupids, let me tell you something: Most of your Moeblub voice actresses had SEX!!! OH NO, PLEASE DONT KILL YOURSELF…


    • Its not about the sex retard, its about the “how” and if you do not understand why she should be removed as a seiyuu or believe is because she had sex you should not be very intelligent.

      One think is having sex with your lover and another is fucking almost your entire coworkers and reveling the slut nympho you are, revel yourself as a attention whore, raise popularity with nothing but scandals.

      • go back to japan. Seriously why do you care about her sex life.
        Yes, she can be considered a slut if she fucked like all her co workers, but that should not affect her working life in that way

      • Man seriously you don’t seem to be very different from this pathetic otakus “WHY I MUST CARE IF THE SEIYU HAVE FCK 5,10 OR 15 MAN? SHE MAY BE A JAV ACTRESS AND MAKE A BUKAKE SCENE THAT 50 MAN CUM IN HER FACE WHY THIS MUST BOTHER ME IF THAT PERSON IS MY FAVORITE SEIYU AND HER VOICE IS AWESOME?” get a life seriously all of you that continue this farce you r more than pathetic what a Seiyu does out of her job is his/her prob they r human beings and we r talking for their lives they r free to do w/e they want if you cant understand this then you need mental treatment and fast.

  • jamesownsall says:

    What the…

    Being a slut doesn’t mean that you have to tan your skin, get a tramp stamp and dye your hair bright, no matter what Jersey Shore would want you to believe. Though, the speed of this drawn reaction to Hirano’s fling news is astounding, lol.

    But damn… why so much fuss? I imagined more fuckers would go crazy if Kikuko Inoue(Kasumi-nee, Belldandy) gets married but no one said anything. Is it because older otakus from 90s anime are the saner bunch?

    Anyway, this circus is starting to go out of hand, it’s too amusing to miss out!

  • Translation: “I can’t furiously masturbate to Haruhi if her voice actress isn’t a pure, untouched virgin, because that takes all the fun out of imagining myself defiling her! RAGERAGERAGE!!1”

    • This is why Japan is getting hit by so many censorship laws. They see sex as being dirty and disgusting, something worth ruining someone’s career over even if it was consensual sex.

      If someone’s career will be ruined of something like this then I don’t blame the country for having millions of censorship laws.

      No wonder Ishihara is still in office. The Otaku secretly agree with some of his backwards logic.

      • Only Japan?

        Please remind me how having a sex life automatically ruins your political career in so many countries. Even unmarried politicians are not supposed to f*ck, sext or flirt like normal humans.

        I’d say that’s way more stupid than these Japanese otaku do.

        • Politicians decide the goings-on of cities/countries/etc. Voice actors entertain the public with their voices, without even being seen in the entertainment they are part of. I wouldn’t compare the two in this context. Although from my point of view, they can do whatever the hell they want with their own lives, so long as they don’t mess with mine.

        • Well there was that whole thing with Anthony Weiner not too long ago…

          And while there is no reason at all to hold it against him, the American public is grossed out and probably wouldn’t vote him into office ever again.

      • I know the reaction is rather exaggerated, but i won’t deny that at some level i understand them. i had nothing against Aya, but all this scandals she create in order to maintain herself on the spotlight have made me despise her. i am not sure if i would care or not hearing her voice, but i do know i can no longer stand her face.

      • @ 06:20
        “This is why Japan is getting hit by so many censorship laws. They see sex as being dirty and disgusting”

        Though the last line was completely biased, who in the fuck are YOU, someone posting on a site such as Sankaku Complex, to judge Japanese people on such views?

        Not even going to take half of the posts here serious. SanCommers seem to have an extremely different view on sex than the majority of folk.

        • How does someone saying that someone has the right as a human being to make judgements on their own equate to an argument that they should be able to murder and rape? What fucking lines are there that you read between that imply that? I really REALLY want to know. Please tell me what kind of fucking backwards reverse bullshit logic you used to infer/imply that. I would REALLY like to understand your thought process in case I come across somebody else who’s batshit fucking insane in the future, on the off chance it’s in real life and it will help me.

        • @ 08:52
          “It’s his right as a Human Being to be able to judge whatever the hell he/she wants. You can’t stop them from doing it, and you sure as hell, aren’t in any position to tell him to not be able to judge either.”

          That argument justifies him being able to murder and rape your family, simply because he’s a “Human Being.”

          I’m saying he has no right to pass his judgement on such an issue because it’ll be completely fueled by bias and extreme misconception (and guess what? it was!).

          “yet so long as people think differently, shit like this will happen.”
          He wasn’t stating an opinion…?

        • @ 大和魂

          It’s his right as a Human Being to be able to judge whatever the hell he/she wants. You can’t stop them from doing it, and you sure as hell, aren’t in any position to tell him to not be able to judge either.

          Either way, status quo is bullshit, yet so long as people think differently, shit like this will happen.

    • I COMPLETELY FUCKING AGREE! What the hell is the problem of japanese people who and us? We’re just like FUCK IT, she tapped some dude in her band, HELL are most popular idol can lipsync and fall off stage and STILL be HELLA popular afterwards. She can’t have some privacy and fuck a dude without completely ruining her career, and the japanese people are completely being ELITIST PRICKS ABOUT IT!

      • i don’t know if japanese are just whiny or completely stupid.

        i mean, i’d love to have these comments replied by 2ch, so i could see all the “f*cking hairy americans don’t understand” and “all gaijin women are whores” and the likes. so predictable

  • These posts make me like Aya Hirano more. Then again I seem to naturally be attracted to drama laden women. Still, I’d rather her be the way she is than another soft-spoken ultra-conservative seiyuu afraid to turn the wrong direction or threaten the wrath of their ‘fans’. Then again I don’t like Haruhi.

  • I cant believe this Otakus this ppl r out of this world altho I watch a ton of anime and read a lot of manga I don’t want to have any relation with this sick bastards they r not humans I don’t know what the fck r they but one thing is certain they r sick beyond any measure, if we lived in the Dark Ages of middle Europe I would love to watch them die in a fire for witchcraft.
    Other than that I dont fcking care if Aya have fcked already or how many times she did it and with how many mans, she will always be my favorite Seiyu and this is not gonna change even if I see her in a JAV some time in the future, I love her voice and her talent I don’t care what shes doing out of Anime industry shes a 23 years old woman most girls loose their virginity between 14-16 what they expect seriously to stay mother virgin 4life? retards…

  • Pic is pretty hot, but I borderline ABHOR tribal tats. In this case, because of the shape of the character’s body, the hair color and the style and amount of clothing in certain places, it slightly works.

    Just remember, tribal does NOT make you a badass motherfucker, or even a tough guy.

    Does this mean that this girl is too “intimidating” to go to beaches? A GUY HAS TO KNOW!

  • “If they change Haruhi they had better change the whole cast.”

    I guess they could change Haruhi, but they should at least keep the voice actor for kyon. Having a high pitch whiny voice (typical male japanese voice actor of a main character) of kyon would kind of throw everything off.

  • This site should just rename itself to Hirano Complex, or something similar.

    Although I suppose I should hold a modicum of appreciation towards the obsessive nature of these articles, it somehow makes me care even less, rage can’t be good for the heart.

  • Fucking moron fans only succeed in making anime seem like a hobby for fucking losers.

    I was vaguely aware the voice was the same in a few shows, but to be honest, I had never heard of Hirano till I came to Sankaku and read about the no life wankers that worship seiyuu only so long as they have hopelessly non existent sex lives like themselves.

    If they do any more shows with Hirano it won’t bother me in the slightest. Won’t bother me if they use a different voice for Haruhi either. I usually watch anime shows for the situational context, not to follow a seiyuu around.

    • And you make yourself look like another loser with a slightly different attitude !
      It’s another culture, so bare with it !

      Theres no problem in liking a seiyuu. In the West a lot of people do like/love certain actors.
      But I guess this is something completely different to you, because most of them are females, huh ?

      The only problem here, is that those fools got crazy about her doing totally normal things.

  • Damn nympho slut, hopefully she is finished for good, or at least we do not have to hear her slutty voice anymore in anime.

    On the positive side she is perfect to voice, bitches, sluts, prostitutes.

    Like the bitch of Kurumi in Kimi ni todoke, her voice for that bitch was perfect I may say, everyone hated her and she did sound as the bitch Kurumi was.