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The definition of overrated then would be based on opinions only. What does it mean that it’s more popular than it deserves to be.

I don’t know I just see it as if a lot of people loves one particular anime then those who are meh about it will call it overrated
Also I agree with the vote down system I really think it is just a poll with one choice “Yes”
Come to think of it how can it be considered a poll then?

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    I think it’s funny how the same exact ‘old’ shows get mentioned over and over too but you choose to overlook that. I enjoy most of the anime spectrum but I would rather rewatch most of the things on this list than have to rewatch Bebop let alone Shinji’s bitching.

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    I believe you missed the meaning of “overrated”. Overrated =/= bad. No one ever implied One Piece was a bad anime. So calm down before hating on people’s different opinions on the Internet, seeing how useful that usually is. A correct example of overrated would be… well, you. Fans/fanboys that claim something is “unquestioningly good” usually give the best reason for an anime to be seen as overrated, since saying something is good simply by quoting past feats is not a well-made argument. That …

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    Oh, but that is not always true… As a matter of fact, a lot of people watch some animes, namely those deemed as “mainstream”, simply because… well, they are mainstream. And they do so because, hey, everybody seems to do the same, so they want to see what all the ruckus is about. This, in turn, creates a “fake popularity” and, in most cases, said person will automatically like that anime since his initial thought of “this anime must be good if it is that popular” was very strong. And trust …

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    …not bad. But a few comments anyway. One Piece, definitely odd but not bad. I can see how it could be on this list. Dragon Ball, if they mean the original Dragon Ball, I could understand but if they mean DBZ then I don’t get why. Lucky Star, personally a fan( of the manga ) but nobody understands it. Strike Witches, again personally a fan, but my real surprise is that it was considered to be popular enough to be on a “don’t understand the popularity of” list. I always thought of it as a niche …

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    For some reason there are comments that have divided anime into two categories. Those that are like K-on, and the ones like GITS/Cowboy Bebop. So what about if your like me, and you hate both K-on and Cowboy Bebop.

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