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“Guy talks to child, he’s a pedophile?
Girl talks to child, she’s trying to help?

Congratulations feminists, you’ve won!”

How Bout this senario

Guy fell for girl on tv, she’s he’s girlfriend?
Girl saw guy in-love w/ her, she obigated to love him?

Congratulation Asshole, you’ve won!

Hirano Aya ain’t your chick, dude (Whoops sorry, she’s your IMAGINARY girlfriend?). if neither the 2 then why so Offended w/ her havin sexw/ who she wants, well that is ofcouse if she’s your IMAGINARY girl right?

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  • The Fall of Aya Hirano: “Fired For Sex With Her Band”:
    It’s pretty messed up when fans go ballistic when they find out their idol had sexual relations with her band members, but it’s equally messed up when fans make light of the scandal as “no big deal,” asserting “it’s her personal life.” I don’t care how many people she had sex with, but if she’s foolish enough to allow someone to get pictures catching her in the act out to the public, it is now no longer her personal life but also her business life that’s being affected. It’s not exactly …

  • The Fall of Aya Hirano: “Fired For Sex With Her Band”:
    Jealousy my friend. Hahahaha

  • The Fall of Aya Hirano: “Fired For Sex With Her Band”:
    You retarded children… you don’t fuck your coworkers. You don’t aggressively court your coworkers.

  • The Fall of Aya Hirano: “Fired For Sex With Her Band”:
    the stalker/paparazzi freaking damn pro, soo dat closed shot.

  • The Fall of Aya Hirano: “Fired For Sex With Her Band”:
    I ain’t A big fan of Hirano Aya, but how offended you pussy are just because your IMAGINARY girlfriend had sex w/ someone who isn’t you just sound like a little girl crying. I grew manly chest-hair after I watched Chuck Norris Saga so bring on all your whinnings pussy, I can dance w/ you all day!!!!!! And for those who supports Hirano for this, Thank you for protecting the REAL anime industry. May you see that Hirano Aya contributed for the sake of waht we grown to love. ~A.N.I.M.E.

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  • Pokken Tournament: “Pokémon x Tekken!?”:
    Why does that matter? No one asked for anything, they are being made. And I can’t speak for your tastes, but Tekken is a great game. Pokemon already fight each other. I’d hardly call a pokemon fighting game with a good engine “frankenstein’s monster.” Throwing in marketing is just as dumb. Guess what, it’s a market. marketing is part of a markets. Mashups are in everything. Should they not do it because the cynics will start crying “baw i didn’t want this”?

  • Pokken Tournament: “Pokémon x Tekken!?”:
    Well played Nintendo, you just sold me a Wii U.

  • Wake Up Girls Mend Their Ways:
    PROTIP: both of those are Shinkansen. Even the colours are mostly correct. So again, why the pointless redraw, unless someone put in the wrong train for the *location* or JR East/JR West lines, whereever the show actually takes place. Correcting THAT would be ridiculously anal but I wouldn’t put it past the Japanese.

  • Top 30 Anime That Got You Into Anime:
    What about Onegai Teacher? I haven’t seen anyone even mention that here… :(

  • Top 30 Anime That Got You Into Anime:
    I think DHY was actually ADV’s first licensed anime, actually.


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