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japanese brothels are awful, the girls are usually chinese and about as sexy as a door mat and they just tell you to ‘hurry up’ all the time

don’t go to a brothel in japan, just order an escort instead

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  • “Delivery Health King” Busted – 1800 Girls, 62 Brothels:
    Wow Japan’s policies are really fucked up, their no-foreigner law is complete bullshit. So if you want to apply for citizenship “legally” you can’t but as long as you own a sex club empire or have underground connections you’re A-OK ?! damn, first Chinese criminals and now Korean yakuzza sex leaders……. Wonder if we can get a hold on a list of all his customers and the girls he employs, name / age / info and all =)

  • “Delivery Health King” Busted – 1800 Girls, 62 Brothels:
    I wish I owned the brothel take your pic and know in advance whos clean and not clean while training the new recurits Sim Brothel RPG anyone

  • “Delivery Health King” Busted – 1800 Girls, 62 Brothels:
    > Should’ve kept their jobs… In Korea, right? I assume most of his girs were on these videos.

  • “Delivery Health King” Busted – 1800 Girls, 62 Brothels:
    Maybe he just hired these bankrupt ex-hooker from korea.

  • “Delivery Health King” Busted – 1800 Girls, 62 Brothels:
    Yeah, the police must be investigating prime minister’s donation scandals now. Previously, they raid the office of the prime minister in Nov 2010 (That was an unheard-of story!); a security agent of the office of the prime minister got arrested for a trouble over Delivery Health business (this guy was running Delivery Health). Obviously prime minister Kan have a connection with pro-N.Korea activist group and his cabinet has been manipulating information though, it appears that the police are …

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    Tales of Shitting

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    So, when do the femenazi corps come to take this one down?

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    no, if shepard selected the blue color scheme, then the game ends well, because 4D beings to the 3D. then space travel. i hear it’s amazing when the famous stuffed purple worm in flap jaw space, with the tuning fork, does a raw blink on hara kiri rock… error. i don’t know what the hell i’m talking about.

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    Has he fucked them yet? If not then this stupid series continues to be the biggest fucking waste of animation and voice acting in the history of anime.

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    There comes a point where gore becomes so detailed that it’s no longer over-the-top and outrageously entertaining, and merely becomes sickening. I think Mortal Kombat has passed that point. Back in the day, Sub Zero ripping out someone’s spine together with their head was cool because it was so absurd. This is just gross.


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