“Delivery Health King” Busted – 1800 Girls, 62 Brothels



Japan’s top sex tycoon, said to employ 1800 girls in 62 brothels and operate a score of hotels and other companies, has been arrested after police caught him operating a brothel in a brothel-free zone.

The 47-year-old Korean man, a resident of Tokyo’s flashy Minato ward and director of dozens of shady companies, is said to run a sexual service empire spanning Tokyo and 4 prefectures.

According to police, his empire includes at least 62 delivery health shops and he employs 1800 girls, making him the biggest pimp in Japan and earning him the industry tag of “Delivery Health King.”

Alongside the brothels, he also manages a group of 32 companies (under “Amuse” corporation, a “consulting” company whose site promptly disappeared on the day of his arrest) involved in marketing, hotels and other such activities. Year-to-date revenues are said to be in excess of ¥270,000,000.

His undoing came when he was caught exploiting the wrong loopholes in the surreal quasi-legal framework surrounding Japan’s vast prostitution industry.

Police found he was secretly operating a camouflaged brothel in Tokyo’s Shinagawa ward; in an area where brothels were banned, he presided over a ruse intended to exploit the face that whilst brothels were illegal in the area, both delivery health and love hotels were not.

Thus he arranged a “massage” facility where male patrons would “hire a room” and then call a prostitute to the room themselves – in effect combining a love hotel and delivery health girl business in the same package.

This, it was thought, would escape the definition of brothel, although he still directly provided for the rental of both the room and the girl, in the same building.

Police seem to have disagreed with his novel interpretation of the law’s definition of “brothel” – they have charged him with operating a brothel in an unauthorised area, based on his facility providing sexual massages to male patrons.

He admits the charges, saying “I knew the operation of a full-service brothel was illegal. I operated an illegal massage booth operation in a forbidden area.”

Police are investigating to see whether he was secretly operating other such unauthorised brothels under their noses, as seems rather likely.

With his wealth and probable police and yakuza connections (ethnic Koreans are generally recognised as being heavily overrepresented in the ranks of yakuza and other Japanese underworld activities), it seems either police will either dig deeper and ruin him completely as an example, or else he will find the “registration” rates his enterprises pay to police increased and charges quietly dropped.

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