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and ranma 1/2 is there. lol, this brings back memory

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  • Comiket 80 = “Touhou vs Fujoshi”:
    Zun must be proud. :)

  • Top 20 Flat-Chested Anime Girls:
    Though a couple of character in my mind didn’t get into the list, I was satisfied with the list anyway. Now for the DFC national anthem, Tsurupettan.

  • Top 15 Anime You Can’t Understand The Popularity Of:
    *waiting for more people to trash one series that they don’t understand while being BS and fangirl-ing/fangboy-ing to another series* hmmm….

  • “Mind the Valentine’s Day Trap”:
    : Things only have meaning cause we give it meaning. I can take a rock, and convince everyone that its a god. A day is just a day. A month is just a month. Its us who give it meaning. What if, your celebrate valentines day, not cause of the some long dead priest, but just as a day to show love. Meaning can chance over time you see. Why so serious my friend? *Taken from a friend of mine. Just wanna share this.*

  • Court Bans Man from Having Sex – “He’s Too Stupid”:
    “Idiocracy” was the name. The idiot replace the plain water with energy drink, speeding up the rate of idiocracy among them if I’m mistaken.. a:/


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