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En-Masse publisher did that. Stupid bastards never saw diseaga and hyper dimension 3 but decided to cut elin because their asshats.

Fail. I hope NA Tera rots and burns.

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  • FF14 vs Tera Online:
    EME is doing a fine job of butchering the game for hairlips. Elin players will look forward to the ugly censored shorts they called art for elin for every armor upgrade. Pets have been removed box of mischeft gone because an EME employee lost to it and BoP has been restricted at early level. I dropped my CE immediatly after the shit-level excuse EME charbroiled out. Will not support such a weak company that rather butcher their game then stand by it.

  • FF14 vs Tera Online:
    I’m looking for PS server as well. Or I will try JP/K-Tera. EME has shown themselves to be generic assholes to their own game. I don’t care for this company after the slop and trolling they’ve given to players.

  • FF14 vs Tera Online:
    fat chicks, vs mimi lolis…..i think this battle just finished before it started

  • FF14 vs Tera Online:
    well, that just made me not buy the game….yup

  • FF14 vs Tera Online:
    fukkin pedos

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