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Kind of a double-edged sword. Touhou’s uncreative because it’s a colossal bandwagon. But being 90% artistic license, it conversely allows the most creativity. It gets impressive fan creations that can go head to head with the pros, but only because of this giant, all-consuming fandom to power it.

Personally I’m fine with it since unlike all the other series, Touhou doesn’t exist in the mainstream. You can’t just turn on the TV and get your fill of it supplied by a professional studio. The official creations don’t deliver what most non-hardcore fans are looking for. It’s the 1 in a 100 amateur creations that provide.

This is the process of how we get 28 chapters of Touhou.

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  • Comiket 80 = “Touhou vs Fujoshi”:
    Lol exactly, Day 1 and 2 are all rounders, day 3 is 99% Hentai.

  • Comiket 80 = “Touhou vs Fujoshi”:
    Who you’re lying to? Fujoshi comes last u prick.

  • Comiket 80 = “Touhou vs Fujoshi”:
    so it’s down to gay against gay…. how horrible has the world become that even holy events like the comiket have become overrun by those gay-fans… We need more originality, not more fags. God beware if fagism will become the only thing that will be published there one day. I demand more Shounenpower with the tengen-toppa spirit: “Your drill is one that pierces through heavens and fags! Let’s use it to bring peace and freedom to the world(and the comiket)!”

  • Comiket 80 = “Touhou vs Fujoshi”:
    Why does everyone assume that if you like hetalia you’re a yoai fangirl? wtf. I don’t even like yoai. I find it extremely insulting.

  • Comiket 80 = “Touhou vs Fujoshi”:
    You know some of the people selling Touhou items are girls same with ero material. It’s kind of annoying seeing people comment about fujoshi without really having experience going there. There’s some circles I’ve seen that make BL doujins and ero doujins so….. Also just saying as a fujoshi, I like most of the series up there and I don’t have a problem with erotic material I actually play some games guys do and I wouldn’t complain if comiket was mostly loli porn because it has something for …

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