Comment on Catherine = 100% “Not Just A Weird Game, A Great One Too!” by Anonymous:

I found this game highly enjoyable. The game wasn’t too hard in the original Japanese version, though. I felt the patch was very stupid, since you basically got unlimited continues.

The difficulty level was just right until the last few stages, where I felt I was getting killed by pure randomness quite a few times (like the moving blocks moving away the second you try to jump to them).

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    You first, wannabe alpha male.

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    YES, model perfection fap pointage, especially her breasts! Costume sucks. Don’t understand why no one can make a convincing Inori costume?? Everyone keeps on going this baggy plastic route. Her outfit is supposed to be tight and revealing. Why not start from something tight?? Like a one piece swimsuit. Remove the front, add support to hold shape, BOOM, fapfap sexy!

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    and pasty

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    Don’t forgot the fanboys craving for his dick.

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    This set could’ve been so much better if the photographer could set up his shots and subject better; she’s got a gorgeous bod, amazing legs and their shots take little or no advantage of this at all – we don’t even get to see what her butt looks like! Shopped or not (which, let’s face it, almost all photos used for mass media are these days, to some extent), I can count on one hand how many of these images make the grade, imo. I’m not saying I could do better, but this is a good opportunity …


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