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I played the demo and it was hard. There wasn’t much thinking it was just no thinking and just think as you go. The enemy hand just comes up way too fast for you to even think of how to place the blocks. If you see a bunch of blocks, start pulling and see how it goes. Also there are some that makes block impossible to move/climb that messed me up pretty badly also = =;;

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  • Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV Official Trailer Unleashed:
    They never went bankrupt in the first place. What have you been smoking anon?

  • Plastic Memories Game OP Truly Sad:
    This anime is awesome, but so sad.

  • Re:Zero “When Will It End!?”:
    Okay LN readers, how much longer is this cycle of torture going to continue before we start to get somewhere? I love this series but this is becoming hard to watch.

  • Re:Zero “When Will It End!?”:
    Supposedly next ep is titled “From Zero” and that corresponds to a major turnaround in the novels. We’ll see.

  • Macross Delta Shamelessly Sexy:
    Prob you kids never see the firts macross or only see in FAST MODE, and are only a hypster who never understand the plot of Macross the SPACE OPERA, who have various themes about culture shock, coming of age, technology, space fold, and other varios themes about, not only put Idols showing meat KIDS. This macross is the classic show who you say “change time” full of cliches, full of fanservice…bravo misters hypsters.


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