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Templar Related problem

*roll eyes*

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  • Uppers Possesses Punching & Pantsu:
    Chad simulator. I think I’ll pass.

  • Uppers Possesses Punching & Pantsu:
    At least the male protagonists looks cool though…

  • Re:Zero “Subaru Can’t Catch A Break!”:
    He’s giving his his best? Obviously not. He is selfish as Emilia said. Do you think his action is For Emilia? No, he did everything to make Emilia fall for him and use that reason to consul himself. Trying to look cool from his shit speech, while staying as brainless weakling. If this is normal story he will sure be an arrogant C-class villain. This event serve him right.

  • Rance 01: Hikari o Motomete Concludes Brutally:
    He totally rapes the shit out of that blue haired chick. Learn to love the depravity, don’t try and rationalize it like he didn’t actually rape her. Pussy.

  • King of Fighters XIV Gets Rough:
    haha, HAHAHAHAAHAHA, so by “cheap SF4 copy” you mean not awkwardly cell shaded with watercolors, and more than three moves per character?


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