Top 10 Anime Imouto You Can Count On


Anime imouto do not only come in the form of loveable moeblobs – they are also available in the form of (presumably equally loveable) responsible and supportive younger sisters who can be relied upon, the most promising of which have been ranked by anime fans below.

The ranking:

1. Mikan (To Love-Ru)

2. Chiaki (Minami-ke)

3. Ui (K-ON!)

4. Miya (Amagami SS)

5. Sakura (Card Captor Sakura)

6. Hitoha (Mitsudo Moe)

7. Nazuna (Working!!)

8. Dorami (Doraemon)

9. Miina (Please Twins)

10. Mei (Clannad)

See also the more conventional imouto moe ranking.

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