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Mikan is win after all. I’m going to say I’d depend on Kirino after how she acted in Volume 8 of the light novel. It was a nice role reversal from the typical tsundere relationship. I guess not many people know how that actually went, though.

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  • School Milk Banned “For Destroying Japanese Culture”:
    I eat school lunches in Japan but I’m lactose intolerant, it’s actually quite annoying having to drink milk every time because I get the shits afterwards. Still, while the kids complain sometimes you can’t argue with the nutritional benefits, and milk’s good stuff! Also, I disagree that it’s so bad with white rice. Rice pudding’s milk based after all. That this was even considered, let alone got through, is pretty scary.

  • Japan Whaling Ban “An Attack on Japanese Culture!”:
    I’m glad to see it. I’ve had whale here though, it’s delicious. I may care about the health of the oceans (if for no other reason than ensuring the food supply into the future) but I don’t blame them for doing it. It’s like a slightly fishy beef, awesome.

  • Seitokai Yakuindomo Nipple Exposure Climax:
    I’m down for it getting a third myself, but personally I kinda got tired of the humor. After a while you can see exactly where the jokes are going for the most part and it stops being as funny. When it is funny, it is really funny though.

  • Fate/stay night 2014 PV Arrives:
    Here’s hoping it’s NOT heaven’s feel. That one’s too long, too grimdark, and Sakura’s just not a good heroine. I wouldn’t mind a new route altogether that picked and chose some from all 3 routes, since even HF has some awesome moments in it. I do think that although it was pretty decent, UBW got a bit hosed storyline wise with that movie.

  • Ufotable’s Fate/stay night “Best Fate Yet!?”:
    Hoping it’s not HF cuz, bleh Sakura. I’d love a full series version of UBW or a remake of Fate, since the original anime wasn’t exactly well produced. HF and it’s overlong melodrama can stay in the VN.


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