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I saw the title in my RSS feed and thought “Mikan better be on that list.”

Mikan imouto is best imouto.

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  • Hell’s Daughter Is A Flesh Onaho “Not For Vanilla Fans!”:
    @10:54 One drawback (besides compromise-grade caliber of animation) is that there seems to be a wide range of quality, due to talent/time/software used. A glut of published meh will drag down the perception and make 2.5D unappealing as a *concept*, such that the better cases are prejudged as “more junk”. Unpublished tinkering isn’t as bad, guys who fiddle with random people’s pixivs and stuff.

  • Top 20 Most Popular Anime Songs:
    As unto the fierce seraphs, boy, become legend.

  • Top 10 Worst Manga-to-Anime Adaptations:
    Since it wasn’t M->A I guess Tsukihime doesn’t qualify. Ridiculous that Negima isn’t here. Don’t touch the anime, manga only.

  • Pokemon X Y & Z “Satoshi Loses Again!?”:
    >he’s mystic >no he’s instinct if that’s still too fast for you ask someone to draw it

  • Pokemon X Y & Z “Satoshi Loses Again!?”:
    The leaders’ personalities are almost pure fanon, but they did give us some thin skeletons for team philosophies. Niantic’s official descriptions say Mystic is analytical and Instinct is intuitive. If you’re somehow unfamiliar with generic shonen protags, the anime’s 51st episode was about a set of written/practical tests that would award immediate league qualification. Ash enters. 9 minutes of episode in, he gets worst-in-class for the written portion. Eng script: “Pokemon isn’t about tests, …


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