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Mikan single-handedly made me a lolicon.

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  • Japanese Ambassador Attacked in China:
    China just doesn’t give a fuck. I mean, if I was Japanese or living in Japan, I’d wake up everyday and thank the shit out of the forces that be that the US was my ally and protecting my country. I mean there’s really nothing else stopping China from walking all over them at this point. And I really don’t think they would be very hesitant at all to unleash on the Japanese the same horrors they suffered from at their hands in WWII.

  • Outrage at “No Japs Allowed” Korean Cafe:
    These two countries have such rich and interesting cultures and histories, but man I tell ya, its getting harder and harder to take them seriously with each passing day. They’ve been reduced to throwing insults back and forth like school children. I can hear their ancestors turning over in their graves all the way from here. Holy crap you silly Asians, get your priorities straight. You’ve got a country in the hands of a madman’s (most likely) equally mad son right above you and China RIGHT …

  • Binbougami-ga! Parody Anime Par Excellence:
    There’s a black dude in my anime! Hellz to the yea, REPRESENT BROTHA

  • Newly Wed Teacher Jailed for Sex with 4 Pupils:
    That ‘thing’ is actually pretty damn good looking. I mean if you try to base someone’s attractiveness off of a mugshot, you’re just…not very smart. Her husband must have had like a 2 inch dick if she had to resort so rapidly to teenagers though. That poor bastard…

  • South Korea “Banning Evolution”:
    Well whatever else happens, at least China and Japan don’t put up with this Christian bullshit. At least not yet… Europe’s tolerance for their shenanigans has decreased quite a bit the last few decades as well. I haven’t heard of any Muslims trying to ban evolution either. I mean other than the extremists Muslims have generally been pretty forward thinking with education… So there is hope for humanity yet! Don’t give up!


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