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Most of the people in my life are heavily against the war and torture. Not all Americans support it. This should be obvious though.

It’s really depressing to see the country bashing going around all the time, especially on America. I want to be able to visit another country without getting glares shot at me. It just doesn’t seem possible though.

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    just because of this, I want Japan to win that robot battle

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    All these people are stupid. They mixed up about sports and military history. Ok, I can understand that Americans have a strong feeling about Pearl Habour… But the past is the past. That’s why there’s FIFA WC or Olympic. Sports should bring people, whoever they are, for a pleasant moment, not aliening them. Also wishing an another “Tsunami” for Japan…. totally DUMB. Are they aware that even USA can have tsunamis ? If a tsunami will hit Hawai or California, Japan will be one of the first …

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    Yes, please blame the American School System. As a high school teacher I could only stand the system for three years before finding another career. The students never learn to think for themselves or find their own answers, just parrot whatever their parents, teachers, rock stars, priests, and television says. The majority of these people don’t even know that the US wars are about stealing and controlling other countries natural resources. Their narcissistic elitism knows no bounds, they …

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    wow what poor losers

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    lol my ass

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